Calling Queen Fans in Europe

For some weeks now, Logitech has been working with the legendary rock brand Queen. We brought their new album – Absolute Greatest – exclusively through our new Squeezebox Radio Wi-Fi music player before it hit the shops. Squeezebox Radio owners can still experience a series of unique Queen photos and track-by-track audio commentaries recorded by the band on the Squeezebox Radio, as well as enjoy Queen music streams through (US, UK & Germany) and Deezer (Europe-wide). Today, we’re bringing something new to our collaboration:

Queen’s “We Will Rock You” with its famous “stomp stomp clap” beat is one of the greatest songs of all time. Now, if you’re reading this somewhere in Europe, you can take part. We’re asking you to create your own piece of rock history with our tribute to Queen by going here. There you will join Queen and friends in making the world’s longest “We Will Rock You”. Be as creative as you dare!


Corporate Communications Manager, EMEA

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