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New Harmony Remote reviews are in! Electronic House tried out our Harmony 900 and said it “retains the best attributes of the One, namely the comfortable ergonomics, light weight and ease of setup.” Another review came in on the 900 from PC Authority, who says “Design-wise the 900 is exquisite – moulded to fit your hand and perfectly balanced with the most commonly used buttons resting right under your thumb.”

The Gadgeteer found the Logitech Portable Speaker S125i “a good value” and “light and small enough to easily pick up and take with you!”

More coverage below:

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  • Wish Logitech would come out with a successor to the Dinovo Edge which has Unifying tech. My Dinovo Edge just died (more accurately, only the #1 key is dead) and I’m forced to use a MS wired keyboard in the meantime.

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