Squeezebox App of the Month: radioio

Did you know that radioio was one of the Internet’s first music webcasters dedicated to Internet-only and mobile music streaming? Each radioio music stream channel is an independent, original creation that you won’t find anywhere else, featuring handpicked playlists. All music sets are handcrafted by stream hosts, the real people behind the music.

With radioio and a Logitech Squeezebox you can:

  • Hear pre-releases of new songs from your favorite bands in every room of your home
  • Be introduced to some of the newest and exciting sounds by independent artists
  • Enjoy the “deepcuts” that have disappeared from corporate radio airwaves everyday through your Squeezebox

radioio on Squeezebox is currently available worldwide (features may vary by country). Add it to your Squeezebox now from the ‘Apps Gallery’ menu.



Director of Business Development

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  • hello, when is the battery pack available in the uk – just got the squeezebox radio but need the battery pack

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