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Last week we had some great reviews come in. CNET gave the Logitech Harmony 700 a 4/5 star rating and said it’s a “powerful universal remote with great ergonomics” with “excellent button layout and overall design.” Moving on to mice, the Logitech Performance Mouse MX “tracks movement across almost anything — glass tables, carpet, bedsheets, your head,” according to Wired. They also said, “Logitech has accomplished the equivalent of Nobel Prize-worthy work, unleashing a mouse that can track just about anything (including glass).”

Pocket-link listed the Logitech Comfort Lapdesk in their “10 perfect Christmas presents for…laptop addicts” article. They said “plenty have USB powered fans and some can get quite expensive but the only one we’d really recommend at the moment is the cheap, simple and, best of all, most comfortable.”


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  • The Performance MX is a nice mouse… I just wish you’d be planning a version 2, one where the micro-USB also acts as a signal cable so the mouse could be used as a gaming mouse without the wireless lag. Then, when it’s time for work… people that game also have to work, you know… can just unplug it and go wireless.

    That would be an idea, huh?

    The only downside for which I’m not prepared to shell out 100 eu for a mouse.

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