Access BBC on your Squeezebox

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Did you know that the BBC is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world? And with a Logitech Squeezebox, you can access all of that content in any room of your home. With BBC and Squeezebox you can:

  • Explore the BBC World Service channel where you get hundreds of reporters and specialist correspondents bringing you impartial news reports and more
  • Choose between nine different BBC stations on your Squeezebox
  • Listen to sports, international news, comedy and drama throughout your home

BBC on Squeezebox is currently available worldwide.


Director of Business Development


  • Can the Logitech Squeezebox Radio give me access to BBC Listen Again (on iPlayer)? What about the Squeezebox Boom?

  • I have been unable to receive the BBC World Service on my Squeezebox Boom since the major software update last fall. When I contact support during that time and again in January 2010 I received the response that they were aware of the problem, but there was no timetable for this to be corrected. Is there a plan to bring the BBC-WS to those that have lost access? Can we rollback the software to a much earlier release to regain access???

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