Local Music, Sports and News on Squeezebox Music Players

You can listen to Internet radio from around the globe on a Logitech Squeezebox player, but did you know that you can also access all of your favorite local stations, as well? Watch the demo below to find out how easy it is to access everything from your favorite morning show to your local NPR station.


Director of Business Development


  • Having access to radio stations across the country has been great for catching football games that are not being broadcast locally. Nice addition.

  • I want to listen to local stations and set a few up as favorites, however, my Squeezebox thinks my location is in Grand Junction, rather than Denver. How do you change the location the unit uses for Local Stations?

    • Hi John P,

      We use a widely shared geo-location table that maps IP addresses to locales. As you’ve discovered (and I’ve encountered myself at my office) sometimes the table gives strange results. However, you can create an account with Radiotime (www.radiotime.com) and give them your zip code. Add your radiotime account credentials to mysqueezebox.com and you’ll always get the stations that match your zip code. Of course you can use the search feature to find your city or zip code and then use the presets to save your favorite local stations.


  • I live in Lima, Peru and listen to NPR on my computer at their website. I just learned about Logitch Squeezebox Radio and am thinking of getting one. I also see, however, that NPR has an NPR Livio radio with NPR preset. Why should I get Logitech instead of the NPR radio?

    • Hi Lane,

      Thank you for considering the Logitech Squeezebox Radio. If you are looking to access more than just NPR, the Squeezebox gives you access to virtually unlimited Internet radio stations. The Squeezebox can also give you access to your personal music collection and any subscription music services you subscribe to at no extra cost. The system is completely expandable so you can add Squeezeboxes throughout your home or office. And finally, Logitech has a history of delivering quality audio product for all platforms so you know it will sound great.

      Hope that helps.


  • I just got a Squeezebox radio and listened to WFMT in Chicago for several days. All of a sudden the URL does not work. I even went to Radiotime.com and could not access it there either. I was also not able to add a URL manually to the radio. Any suggestions?

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