Logitech in the News

We took a short break, but we came back last week with two new announcements!

As a follow-up to our G11 gaming keyboard, we bring you the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110. “Dare I call it sexy? It’s sleek, clean, and thin. Logitech has finally made a gaming keyboard that can easily blend into a work environment,” says CrunchGear. The G110 is full of cool personalized features, such as customizable backlighting, which Gearlog enjoys: “I love the customizable backlighting on the G110: you can make it red, blue, or any shade of purple…that’s something I’d love in my regular keyboard.”

Also announced, for all of you stuck on your laptops with sore backs and necks, the Notebook Kit MK605 is here to relieve your discomfort. CrunchGear says, “Logitech has the right idea here.”

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