Logitech in the News

Fans of the Squeezebox and Queen were excited by our announcement last week! We’re offering the new Queen Absolute Greatest album exclusively on the new Logitech Squeezebox Radio before the album even hits shelves in November. This is the first time in record-label history anyone has released an album this way and — to quote Queen (and ZDNet‘s response to our announcement!) — we ask, is this “the real life, or if it’s just fantasy?” In SlashGear‘s coverage, they also mention that on top of the early access to the album, you’ll also enjoy “a series of unique band photos and track-by-track audio commentary recorded by the band.”

Check out more coverage below:

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  • Why on your new website you removed possibility to buy keyboards with international layouts? It was so convenient!

  • You might want to link to some of the stories about how Logitech has been completely ignoring their customer support channels for months now. With so many upset customers unable to get warranty replacements it’s a wonder Logitech is still in business.

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