Logitech in the News

Great week in gaming product announcements! We introduced you to the Wireless Guitar Controller and Wireless Drum Controller for Wii and a Wireless Drum Controller for Xbox 360.

Blast Magazine provides a description for the Wii Wireless Guitar: “a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and full-on metal frets. Aesthetically, the guitar has a white body with a black pickguard with realistic looking humbuckers and whammy bar.” The Wii Drum Controller, mentioned in SlashGear‘s coverage, is equipped with “to slot in your Wiimote, together with an analog stick for navigating through menus.” Destructoid says these controllers “look like pretty solid offerings”

As for the Xbox Wirless Drum Controller, CrunchGear says it’s “just what the doctor ordered.”

Another Harmony 900 review also came in last week, and Premiere.com says the “Harmony 900 continues Logitech’s dominance of easy-to-use universal remotes.”

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