Bear on Porch – A Logitech Digital Video Surveillance Customer Story

Congratulations goes out to August’s customer story winner, Amy K. This is one of those videos that just makes your jaw drop when you see it. If I had visitors like this on my front porch, I would check the last three days of stored video footage before leaving the house to make sure it was safe. You just don’t see wildlife like this at your front door often.

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Hello, I thought this video was pretty cool. We purchased the Wilife system because we wanted to see what wildlife lived in the area. Also, we wanted to know if there were any endangered animals that lived in our woods. We have 4 camaras that are installed around the outside of our front porch. They are amazing at catching the slightest movements of the smallest animals, even in low light. Because of the Wilife system, we now know that we have mink, fox, raccoon, bear, dear, skunk, and many birds and other small mammels that visit our yard. These camaras are great for wildlife watchers or bird watchers.

The video was shot with my Logitech Wilife security cameras. The bear seems to have no fear of humans or dogs. It keeps sneaking up and looking in my windows. This is the second time that night he was on my porch, at first he poured over an old cup of coffee and laid on the steps for awhile, then he tore open a small bag of garbage (from my car) on the porch and didn’t like anything he found. He just kind of wanders around there until he got tired and leaves. He will also go into my garage if we forget to shut the doors. There are about 4 other bears, 2 look like they are yearlings and 2 are older, they come into the yard and play or lounge around for a few hours at night. I never intentionally feed the bears, I can’t even put bird feeders outside. They just seem to like my yard and the woods that I live in.

Also, after this video was posted on YouTube, MSNBC, the Today Show, and MANY local news stations were calling. We were interviewed by Tamron Hall on MSNBC and the story appeared on many national news channels. So because of this bear, we had our five minutes of fame.

Thanks, Amy


Chief Product Officer, WiLife