One Million Logitech Vid Customers and Counting…

Just three months after the launch of our new video-calling software, Logitech Vid, we’re very excited that we’ve reached a notable milestone: one million registered customer accounts! If you haven’t tried Vid yet, visit to find out why so many people are enjoying this free, fast and easy video-calling software. Happy Vidding!


Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Video Business


  • Congratulations, seems to be another successful story for Logitech. – Still, I’m waiting for a new Trackball to be announced, you should really hurry up.
    There’s still a part missing between 3D mouse and conventional mouse.

  • Logitech Vid.
    Outstanding anyone can use it in a mater of seconds. I have family all over the world and use vid currently on a one to one. Can you tell me if you can or you are going to be able to use vid so you can call and see more than one family member or friend at the same time! I believe this would be great for all more so us older members of Vid

    Thank you for your time on this.

  • Hi, Logitech has me both excited and disappointed with this new software:

    First I am excited, that there is a new competitor in the market of video chat with a good product – hopefully challenging everyone in the business to improve their software and bring new innovations.

    Second, I am disappointed because the software does not deliver. I tried Sightspeed before – which the software must be based on after Logitech acquisition a while back – and the current software is an improvement from what I saw then, but it does not excel in an way compared to what other messengers deliver.
    Here would be my wish list:
    – full screen support – 640×480@30fps is enough to justify full screen support
    – keyboard support – the current layout requires the user to use a mouse, on a PC that is usually not bad, but think of remote controls
    – an developer API – every software can grow by expanding the footprint, SightSpeed was actually good at this, because as far as I know it was also used to power dedicated devices like a standalone video phone
    – perfect would be: Windows Media Center support … a full screen TV to TV video call from living room to living room

    Well… I hope these posts are not unread and that Logitech will be successful in the video chat software market and probably will even create some dedicated devices (TV settop boxes?).


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