Logitech in the News

After a product announcement-filled August, we’re seeing more and more reviews coming in. Our Logitech Performance Mouse MX received a 9/10 rating from I4U and 4.5/5 stars from CNET and they say “Logitech has met and surpassed Microsoft’s recent mouse technology innovations by introducing the most versatile mouse sensor on the market.” The Performance Mouse MX features Logitech Darkfield Laser Tracking, which allows you to use your mouse virtually anywhere you want and after The New York Times tested it out they said “fancy name or not, the technology works.”

Check back next week for more Logitech news!

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  • Unrelated rant: I just spent 20 damn minutes trying to download the drivers for one of your webcams. Look at the webcam! All that is on it is a tag that says the following:

    M/N: V-UU22A
    P/N: 8611116-0050
    S/N: [serial number]

    Neither the MN or the PN are referenced anywhere on your god damned stupid website! Hello? All you have are a bunch of pictures that are indistinguishable and a bunch of product names that are not on the product.

    Finally by using google search I was able to find a forum post that makes me strongly suspect that this is an Orbit [plain]. I’ll try those drivers now…. *Sigh*

    Logitech makes the best products in their class, BY FAR! The website is crap! Get it together!!!

  • just complted free trial of Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX. as soon as i hooked it up, it worked like magic. big improvment, worked with ease even without pad. i reccommend it and plan to buy one for all my 6 other computers. THANK YOU, I never thought I would receive anything when I signed up.

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