Nyee Moses Gets the Right Fit with Ultimate Ears

My name is Sophie Le Guen and I’ve been at Logitech for almost five years, in a number of different roles. I’m currently a senior manager of global product marketing for Ultimate Ears. I hope you see that my enthusiasm and passion for products in all of the Ultimate Ears products that I bring to the consumer.

A few months back, we introduced the Ultimate Ears 700 earphones. The Ultimate Ears 700 earphones – as well as the rest of the Ultimate Ears Universal Fit earphone products – include an assortment of ear cushions so you can choose the fit that’s best for you. You can choose between small, medium and large soft-silicone ear cushions or use the included Comply foam cushions for optimum comfort, fit and seal. The custom fit provides passive noise-isolation of up to 26 dB, allowing you to get fully immersed in your tunes.

Since getting the right fit with earphones is crucial to the customer experience, we’ve made a video that demonstrates some key tips on how to get the best fit with your Ultimate Ears Earphones. Some of our Custom Monitor clients recently shared their experiences with our earphones, including recording artist Nyee Moses (her music plays in the background of the video) and professional sound engineer James McCullagh (currently on tour with Journey). Check out this video to hear their thoughts on Ultimate Ears.


Director of Product Marketing