Logitech in the News

We continue to announce new products at Logitech and this week we brought you four more!

We introduced the new Harmony 900, Wireless Desktop MK 700, Rechargeable Speaker S315i and Portable Speaker S125i.

CNET reviewed the new Harmony 900 and said it’s “hands down, the best universal remote control we’ve ever tested” and Gizmodo says the remote’s “form factor, plus the included charging dock and the RF to IR blasters make this the best remote package Logitech has right now.”

The Wireless Desktop MK 700 is a mouse-and-keyboard combination and has a three-year keyboard and one-year battery life – CrunchGear says this is “impressive, folks.” In Gadgetizer‘s coverage on the S315i and S125i iPod/iPhone docks they say, “Logitech always manages to stay on top with the best reliable sound.”

Check out full coverage below:

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