New: Logitech Wireless Desktop MK 700

If you spend hours in front of your computer each week and are looking for a way to be more comfortable and productive, you should consider the newly announced Logitech Wireless Desktop MK 700 mouse-and-keyboard combination.


The MK 700 keyboard features Logitech Incurve keys that cradle your fingers for greater comfort, as well as an integrated LCD dashboard to keep you in touch with the status of important keyboard functions, including:

      1. Battery status


      2. Caps lock


      3. FN


      4. Scroll lock


      5. Num lock


    6. Mute

The MX 700’s mouse is gently contoured for a natural fit and has a scroll wheel that gives you a choice between hyper-fast and traditional “ratchet-mode” scrolling.

Both the mouse and keyboard feature Logitech’s powerful 2.4 GHz wireless technology, which virtually eliminates delays and dropouts. And an impressive battery life – up to three years for the keyboard and one year for the mouse – will help you stay focused on the tasks at hand instead of searching for batteries.


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  • I really love the Logitech products but can’t understand why you’re not building devices (mostly mouses) for left handed people like me. Everithing in my desk is Logitech except my mouse…

  • While I really love the look and features of the MK700 keyboard, I already own a small pile of modern Logitech mice. I am really longing for you guys to start selling your nicer wireless keyboards separately. You sell all your mice by themselves, why not the keyboards? I’d probably go for this one if you did!

    As it is, I’ll probably buy this one and resell the mouse…

    • Hi Lev,

      We\’ve actually moved in that direction in the past year (and will continue to do so). Check out the list of standalone, high-end keyboards we offer here.

      Best, Rory

  • Agreed with Manuel. Where is a wireless keyboard with illuminated keys? THAT’s what I would buy.

    • Hi Kevin and Manuel,

      For now, the only limitation to a wireless illuminated keyboard is battery consumption, but it\’s a great idea!

      Best, Rory

    • Hi Sebastian and Carla,

      This set will have basic functionality when used with a Mac, but in the past year or so, we\’ve separated development of keyboards for Mac and PC so that people can purchase a keyboard with the correct layout (relevant shortcut and functional keys).

      Best, Rory

  • Are the keys on the keyboard similar to the ones one the Illuminated Keyboard? I’ve grown very fond of the Perfect Stroke keys on my Illuminated but this setup looks like it would suit me better than using my Illuminated+VX Revolution combo.

  • Could you please tell me what is FN and how much will cost here in Argentina? Sorry for my english.

    • Hi Fede,

      FN stands for \”Function\” key for launch hot key applications or functions.

      As for a price and availability in Argentina, are hoping to offer it in the coming months although we don\’t have any information today regarding pricing.

      Best, Rory

  • Thanks, Rory. It’s good to see that’s being considered, now, but what I was really hoping for was a standalone version of the MX5500 keyboard. I love the LCD on that one.

    I just want you to be aware of my sentiment on the matter, as I’m surely not alone in my desire to see all your nice keyboards offered separately.

  • YES, YES, YES!! Finally a good keyboard with the OLD style layout.
    No big Enter button, no weird delete,insert layout, no weird cropping of the layout width.
    The perfect keyboard!

    Hope it will soon be released in The Netherlands.

    One question.
    Is the fly wheel, the same as in the revolution? So the hyperfast and normal scrolling is handeld by software and not via a button on the bottom of the mouse.

    One advice, make more keyboards with the old key layout. I hate most of the new keyboards. Who gives a damn if the keyboard is a couple of inch shorter…?!
    And the enoyingly large delete button.

  • Is this combo keyboard + mice shipped with the new single receiver (where one receiver can connect to multiple devices?)

  • ___________________________________________________________________
    YES, YES, YES!! Finally a good keyboard with the OLD style layout.
    No big Enter button, no weird delete,insert layout, no weird cropping of the layout width.
    The perfect keyboard!

    Hope it will soon be released in The Netherlands.

    One question.
    Is the fly wheel, the same as in the revolution? So the hyperfast and normal scrolling is handeld by software and not via a button on the bottom of the mouse.

    One advice, make more keyboards with the old key layout. I hate most of the new keyboards. Who gives a damn if the keyboard is a couple of inch shorter…?!
    And the enoyingly large delete button.

    Couldn’t agree more with this reply!!!

    • The mouse included in the MK700 desktop does feature hyper-fast scrolling like the MX Revolution. Hyper-fast scrolling lets you comfortably fly through long documents with the nearly frictionless scroll wheel, or shift to precise click-to-click scrolling to navigate lists, slides, and image collections.

      Best, Rory

  • The weird (for me) layout is the only thing that’s keeping me from buying Logitech keyboard. And when you finally make a normal keyboard, which is almost perfect, you sell it in bundle only…
    Right now I’m using G5 mouse, and I plan to switch to G500 when it’s out, so I think I’ll pass on the keyboard, and stick to my old non-Logitech one.

  • I prefer the double-line Enter key instead… it’s the de facto standard from ages and it’s more confortable. However, nice to see the Insert, Delete etc. keys group has a more conventional layout. This is what I’d call a good layout:

    In my opinion, the future of keyboards is:

    – Illuminated with laser-etched keys (like the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard)
    – Thin design (like the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard)
    – PerfectStroke is a nice addition (like the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard) and it should be silent… the Space bar too!
    – Don’t exaggerate with multimedia/special keys (never used them in my life)
    – Wireless wireless wireless
    – Rechargeable
    – Elegant design

  • Hi Rory,

    Congrats on the launch. Great to see a company engaging with its customers. I’ve been a Logitech customer for many years. I’ve been using the MX 3200 for the past couple of years. I love the mouse curvature, back/forward side buttons, and rubberized grip. Keyboard was great out of the box; quiet and had a nice tactile response. Unfortunately, it grew annoyingly louder over time such that I could not use it for nighttime computing.

    I started using the MX 5500 a year ago and the keyboard was perfect out of the box, similar to the MX 3200. After a few months of use, the keyboard lost its soft feedback and began trekking down the same noisy path as the MX 3200. I prefer the MX 3200 mouse over the Revolution mouse as there’s less clicking pressure. I hope the MX700 keyboard is much improved (i.e., remains quiet) and it sounds like you’re addressing the poor battery life of the MX 3200 mouse.

    A few comments/suggestions. Can you advise if there are plans to introduce mice with dedicated left/right-click buttons as opposed to one-piece levers? I have a Microsoft notebook mouse (Model: 1020) and it has dedicated buttons and the same rubberized grip surface as the MX 3200. The buttons are soft and less painful than the ‘clicky’ resonance of the MX 3200 mouse button/lever. Recently, I purchased a Notebook VX Revolution (perfect size for me for either desktop or notebook use); however, the clicky feedback was too painful and I had to return it. Is there an industry movement to provide some standardized measurements on keyboard key, mouse button pressure, noise levels? IME, I’ve seen considerable variability across OEMs, models, and even same model units on store shelves. Lastly, the rubberized coatings on the mice need to be thicker. If you can launch a smaller version of the MX 3200 mouse (similar in size to the Notebook VX Revolution) with quiet, dedicated buttons, I’ll be a Logitech customer for life!

    Thanks for listening.


    P.S. As for a wireless keyboard with backlit keys, may want to explore using LEDs, lithium battery, on/off backlight button or ambient-light sensor. This would be perfect for nighttime computing, either on my desk or on the couch.

  • hhhm…i have found something disturbing about the mouse.
    Is it true that it is the MX620?

    So you can only switch between hyperfast scroll en normal scroll via the button on the bottom of the mouse?

    I have bought the MX620 for my sister, but it’s so annoying that you can’t switch the scroll on the fly.

  • As soon as you make a logitech illuminated keyboard, (but wireless/bluetooth!!!), i’d buy one. im sure theyd sell like hotcakes. if they were rechargeable, the battery problem with powering the illuminated keys wouldnt be such an issue. microsoft seem to have solved it with their wireless entertainment dekstop 8000, but it has no number pad, which i want. and your keyboards tend to be better anyway. so please make a wireless/bluetooth version of your illuminated keyboard!!!

  • Wonderful!!! No double size delete keys for the blind anymore!!! This is the first wireless keyboard with a standard keyboard layout since the Logitech Cordless MX Duo, right?

    And to whom it may concern:
    I have spent thousands (!) of Euros to find the ideal keyboard/mouse. The quest started with a wireless replacement of a Cherry G80-3000 keyboard (the “clicking” one) and has led me over Microsoft, Keysonic – and of course Logitech. Keyboards, mice, tracking balls, BT. I virtually have bought ’em all only to give the stuff to my employees who probably are in total despair with those many keyboards/mice accumulating on their desks.

    The MK 700 keyboard sounds good to me. Will I finally find my peace of mind so that I can start to look for a mouse replacement? Apart from its bulky design, the “Performance Mouse MX,” which hopefully it’s not creaking like the predecessor, seems great. If not, I need to reactivate my handy MX-1000.

    Anyway, my wife is also looking for a successor to her Cordless MX Duo for years now. Hope this one will do it, too.

    When will the MK 700 be available in Germany? Please don’t treat the European market too stepmotherly. I often have my brother send me the stuff from the US. As for myself I don’t mind, but I can’t expect my wife and employees to use an QWERTY keyboard.

    Thank you!

  • PS: I am typing more than 12 hrs a day on that keyboard, so I don’t really care about the price. Just make a REAL GOOD keyboard (aluminium?). And a handy, nifty mouse. And don’t forget the German market. 🙂

    Thank you!

  • Another good addition would be “island-style” keys, like in the new Apple and Sony Vaio keyboards, they stay much more CLEAN.

  • I’ve been waiting for a solid standalone cordless keyboard to replace my Cordless Elite Duo (the mouse has changed already, if not twice) for easily five years, but once again my hopes have been dashed by the dreaded Keyboard+Mouse comob.

    Time and time again I pass on combos because I refuse to pay the premium for a mouse I neither need nor want. The only standalone cordless keyboard currently offered by Logitech for less than $130 is the K340 – a cramped little number not appropriate for many user’s needs. By contrast, there are currently 17 cordless mice sold outside of combo packages, covering a wide range of costs and features.

    Logitech must realize that keyboards and mice are a very personal thing for many users. We all have our own preferences, and the combination that works for one person may not work for the next. In my case, the MK 700 is almost exactly what I’m looking for in a keyboard, from the battery life to the key layout.

    Please, Logitech.. Stop making it so difficult for me to give you my money! Offer this or other cordless keyboards outside of combos!

    • Hello,

      We hear you! If you are looking to put together your own \’desktop\’ solution, Logitech introduced the Logitech Unifying receiver with a few new products this year. The Logitech Unifying receiver is a unique wireless receiver that can stay plugged into a laptop while in transit and controls up to six compatible Logitech mice and keyboards. This allows you to pick and choose the keyboard and mouse combination that fits your needs, lets you free up valuable USB ports on your computer and, at the same time, gives you the freedom to move from place to place without having to plug, unplug and keep track of the receivers from their peripherals each time.

      The Logitech Unifying receiver debuted with five new products: the Logitech® Keyboard K350, Logitech® Keyboard K340, Logitech® Wireless Mouse M505, Logitech® Performance Mouse MX and Logitech® Anywhere Mouse MX . Logitech Unifying products are easily identified by the Unifying icon, which appears on the products themselves, as well as on the pre-paired, bundled receiver.
      Best, Rory

  • Has the availability of this been announced yet? I’m hoping to hear something more specific than “September”. I would also like to see Logitech do more to assist the Linux community with product support.

  • Hi Rory,

    I am craving for the MK700, as it does not have the “odd” delete key like the keyboards you have mentioned above. Can you tell me when the MK700 will be available in Germany?

    Kind regards,


  • l wait for this product to buy ,but there is a problem for me .has the mouse laser technology or not , l saw it when l looked at the comparision part ,there is no mark near teh laser technology .( sorry for my english )

  • how about Wireless Illuminated Keyboard? I read Battery Life reason given above

    but there are work arounds
    1. optional usb connector to charge the keyboards..[MS has done this but expensive at 299]
    2. Ambient sensor to switch off LED’s during day

    come on guys. i’ve waiting for wireless backlit keyboard like forever.

  • It would be great if you guys offered a keyboard like this that uses the standard keyboard layout like the MK700, but with a curved form factor.

    Was surprised to see that the new Wireless K350 has the non-standard keys again (F-keys grouped in 3s, large delete key, insert key in wrong spot etc.).

    A wireless wave/comfort keyboard using standard keys (like the MK700) is sorely missing from any of the major keyboard vendors line-ups these days.

  • recently purchased and have problem with print screen not working. either out of memory error or pastes into document in all black. corded keyboard works fine when replaced back and forth. Help?

  • Hi Eric,

    I’m sorry to hear about your issues. I can’t immediately tell what the problem is basd on the information you’ve provided. I recommend that you contact support ( for further assistance.


  • Hello,

    I’m waiting for the MK700 here in Germany. Do you know when German people also benefit from this great product?

    Best Regards,

  • Hi,

    when does the MK700 comes to europe? i life in The Netherlands and i want the MK700 very much.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hiyaa Rory.. I would like to know, where can I get the receiver for MX 610 mouse..? My receiver already broken but my mouse is still in good condition..Hope you can help me with this..Thanks a lot…

  • PLEASE Rory!

    Could you give us some hints when the MK700 will be available in Germany?



  • When will Logitech be introducing keyboard and mouse sets with Unifying feature?

    Also, will there be new Unifying keyboards other than the Wireless K340 and K350?

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