Video Calling Etiquette

We’ve all had one (or more) of those moments captured on film that we wish would just go away. If you aren’t careful, video calling has the potential to add to this list of embarrassments, as it introduces a tricky new twist – it can be incredibly easy to forget you’re on video. Here are some tips that will help you avoid those embarrassing video moments when using Logitech Vid.

1. They can see you too. Bed head, spinach in your teeth, last night’s leftover makeup – with today’s webcams (especially the QuickCam Pro 9000) they can see it all too clearly.

2. Pay attention. If you’re on Facebook or IMing during a video call, it will be obvious, so keep the video call window front and center. Pretend you’re typing some notes if you really need to multi-task.

3. Lie to me. Remember, you’re on video, so body language and facial expressions will tell the story. No eye-rolling, nervous fidgeting, hair twisting or snickering.

4. Not the time for a snack. No one wants to see you inhale an entire bag of Doritos during a call – not even your mother.

5. Eye contact. Look directly at the webcam every now and then especially if you’re expressing your undying love – it’s the same as looking into her eyes.

6. Wear pants. Decided to fool the boss by wearing a shirt and tie? Make sure you don’t stand up if you’ve decided to wear board shorts instead of pants. True story!

7. Close the windows. Trust me, the minute you get on a video call your neighbor will mow the lawn or turn up the music.

8. Clean it up. Make sure your dirty clothes or last night’s dishes aren’t making a video appearance with you. Webcams often have wide angle lenses that can show off you and your room.

9. Can I take your order? I know wearing headsets can make you feel dorky but there are good, sleek options from Logitech available. Your audio quality will be better with a headset.

10. Invest in great equipment. Make sure you’re using a high quality webcam and encourage your friends to do the same. If the video calls are important to you, then go with the best you can afford.

11. Check the lighting. Webcams need good lighting to perform their best. Turn on the lights, open the shades and never sit with your back to a window during daylight hours – you’ll show up very dark with an amazing bright halo around you. Cool for about one second.

All kidding aside, video calling is like being there, so if you wouldn’t do it in person, don’t do it when video calling.


Vice President, Internet Communications