Logitech in the News

Two exciting announcement this week at Logitech! We expanded our line of multimedia speakers – four new systems now include 360-Degree Sound, including the Logitech Speaker System Z320, Z323, Z520 and Z523. The 360-Degree Sound technology “creates a wider ‘sweet spot’ for the listener.”

For you Guitar Hero fans out there, we introduced our new Wireless Drum Controller for PlayStation 3. Gizmodo says it’s “more like an electric drum kit you’d buy at a real music store rather than a big toy like the regular drums.” Plenty more coverage below as well!

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  • Hi there! Just wondering when the m555b mouse will be available on Amazon (they list it as not yet released), or at any retail stores.

  • Also, just wondering why you chose to offer it without a carrying pouch, as that would have been very useful.

    • Hi Max,

      Amazon sold through their initial inventory, but the M555b should be available again on Tuesday or Wednesday. Not sure about the carrying pouch question – sorry!

      Best, Kate

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