New Logitech Wireless Drum Controller for PS3

Today we introduced the Logitech® Wireless Drum Controller for the PLAYSTATION 3 system. Licensed by Activision Publishing, Inc. for the award-winning Guitar Hero franchise, the Wireless Drum Controller features premium drum heads with recessed rims. The product is expected to be available in the U.S. beginning in July and in Europe beginning in August for a suggested retail price of $229.99 (U.S.).

Wireless Drum Controller for PS3


Director of Product Marketing, Gaming Business Unit


  • wow very cool, very expensive. anyway <3 Logitech!
    looks really amazing and high quality but it costs more then the entire game heh

  • Finally! I do like the look of this set and how easy it will fold flat. Nice feature. The only issue I have with this is that it looks like they just took the cymbal head off the original set by redoctane and attached them to their new set. But again, I said “looks” like. It’s probably better material but they could have wasted some extra plastic like mad catz did and make a round cymbal.

    The question is, is this set upgradable? I waited quite a long time for this to come out and when pics of it leaked 4 weeks ago, I decided to just get the Ion set. I’ve got 3 cymbals, 4 drum pads and a double bass kick pedal. It came along with a drum brain so I could hook it up to my receiver and play real drums as well.

    Is Logitech planning on working with any other company to try and make this set upgradable in the same type of way? Inquiring minds…

    With all that said I think this is a very nice drum set. And for the money you can’t beat it. (ha! drum pun) It’s very affordable for what you get.

    • Hi Ben,

      The cymbals are very different in construction to the ones on the standard Guitar Hero drum set. The Logitech cymbals are slightly bigger in size, giving a wider striking area, and have an adjustable tilt angle. They are covered in an elastomer compound which dampens the noise.

      Although we don\’t have any plans for the kit to be used as a stand-alone drum set, the Logitech Drum Controller is designed to be modular. Each head, cymbal and pedal has a standard (3.5 mm) connector to the game-console-specific \”brain\” unit – so there is potential for future expansion as the game features evolve.

      Cheers, Ruben

    • Hi shnydi and joe,

      Unfortunately, I\’m not at liberty to reveal information about our future plans with regard to products.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben,

    When will this be released on the PS3. Right now the website says “Pre-order.”

  • Actually looks like the site has changed to “Add to Cart,” however, they appear to be out-of stock. What retailers will be selling the drums?

    • Hi Eric,

      The drums are available for purchase now on

      Cheers, Ruben

  • What kind of drum heads does it have, is it a mesh head like a training drum or rubber heads with foam under like “ION Drum Rocker”?

    Is there a release date set for Europe?


    • Hi Jonas,

      Many aftermarket electronic drum kits and game controllers source their drum heads. However, we developed our own using a synthetic elastomer surface for the drum heads. We tuned the feel to give a more realistic bounce with the stick, and to dampen noise.

      As far as European availability, they are currently scheduled to be in store in October.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • “As far as European availability, they are currently scheduled to be in store in October.”

    In October??? Are you sure?

    “The product is expected to be available in the U.S. beginning in July and in Europe beginning in August for a suggested retail price of $229.99 (U.S.).”

    • Hi Cybo,

      You are right – good catch – my apology. The first units will reach the Logitech warehouse at the end of August, so they should be shipping by the first week of September.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben

    How is the compatibility to the Rock Band Series on the PS3?
    And if it is, its the same layout pattern as the original GH:WT Drum Kit on Rock Band?
    And if yes, is the layout pattern changeable? Because i would like to use the right cymbal instead of the left (if i play rock band).


    ps: I really have a look on this Kit because the ION seems not to be compatible with both games on PS3

    • Hi SoniX,

      On the PS3 Platform, the Logitech Drum Controller works great with Rock Band 2, and because of the individually adjustable heads and cymbals, you can set the layout however you prefer – so swapping cymbals over is no problem.

      However, the Logitech Drum Controller (like the Guitar Hero World Tour Drums) are not currently supported by the original Rock Band game on PS3. I am not sure whether this will (can) change in the future.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Will this drum set support a second kick pedal? If so, availability and price?

    Thanks for help.

    • Hi Chad and Jason,

      Yes, the Logitech Drum Controller does support a second kick drum pedal. However, right now I do not have a price or date for availability for the separate pedal unit. I hope to be able to get back to you with that soon – I\’m sorry don\’t have the answer yet.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • HI!
    when will be the drums avaible in stores in europe
    august or october

    can i buy the drums online earlier then october ??

    • Hi Victor,

      The first units will reach the Logitech warehouse at the end of August, so they should be shipping by the first week of September.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • that means i can buy them in stores at the end of august

    and buy them online in the beginning of september

  • will there be a seperate kick pedal for sale. if so what will the cost be and when will it be avalible

  • Hi Chad,

    The drums should be available to order online from Best and Future Shops at the end of August.

    Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben

    How big are the drums.
    In my livingroom there are a spot on ca 1m2 that I have to put the drums on, is that enough?

    • Hi Kim,

      This is not very scientific, but I just sat down in our testing room with the drum kit and (including clearance for swinging elbows and flailing sticks) I think I\’d need a minimum space of 1m x 1m. If you have longer legs than me (or if your style is more like Keith Moon) you might need to sit a few cms further back. The drum kit itself has a footprint of about 76cm x 50cm in the ready-to-play position.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi, are the pedal designed so that I will be able to use it with heel-toe (hitting it first with my heel and then with my toe for fast hits) and will other aftermarket pedals be compatible like the destroyer-D or Roadie pedal?

    • Hi Jacop,

      Although I cannot say that we optimized the pedal action for the heel-toe technique, I can say that our adjustable spring tension and wider base make it easier to achieve than with the regular GH World Tour pedal. There\’s a cool YouTube tutorial by \”deathsketch\” ( ) that shows how it\’s done on a standard GH drum set. BTW, I personally don\’t think that the Ion/Roadie pedal is any better optimized for this – though I haven\’t yet used the Destroyer product.

      I believe that both the Roadie and Destroyer pedals include a 1/4\” mono jack to jack cable, so to use them with the Logitech Drum Controller, you would need a 1/4\” socket to 3.5mm (1/8\”) jack plug converter. A headphone adapter like this ( would work.

      Cheers, Ruben

    • Hi Glen,

      The drum heads are slightly larger than the original GHWT kit. Overall, the Logitech Drum Controller is 3 inches wider and taller than the original. The support legs are spaced 28\” wide, almost twice that of the original\’s 16\” supports.

      Overall dimensions can vary, since the drum heads and cymbal pads can be adjusted to various heights and angles.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben

    Would you say that the drums are like the Ion drums for Rock Band, or do you mean that they are totaly different from the Ion drums?

  • Hi Kim,

    The Ion drum set is marketed exclusively for the Rock Band game, and although cross-compatibility is improving (see my reply to SoniX’s post), our product targets the Guitar Hero game. However, I guess our Drum Controller is “like” the Ion in that it uses premium materials and construction, although I don’t think that the Ion kit solves the ease-of-storage or ease-of-construction problems that we’ve solved.

    Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi, Ruben. Great customer service you’re giving up there. : )

    Now, a couple of questions regarding the pedal:

    1. Is there anything on the pedal to prevent it from sliding around?

    2. Is the Logitech drumkit compatible with the regular GHWT pedals?

    • Hi deafdani,

      The answers are: 1 – Yes! The pedal has soft rubber feet (for hard/polished surfaces) and also we provide an optional Velcro patch in the box, for better adherence to carpet
      and 2: Yes – it shares the same 3.5mm plug (aka 1/8\”) connections.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • i only have a couple easy questions… i play rock band 2, not guitar hero…

    will the drums work with velocity sensitivity on rock band?
    will the orange cymbal work as the green pad or blue pad on rock band?
    will this be sold at FYE stores? (i have store credit there)


    • Hi dRuEFFECT

      The Logitech Drum Set has velocity sensitive heads, however, the PS3 version of Rock Band 2 does not detect them as Velocity Sensitive. I believe this is also an issue for other 3rd party drum kits, and I do not know if this will be changed. The Orange Cymbal can be exchanged with the blue or green heads by switching over the respective plugs on the controller \”brain\” unit. As for FYE, I know that they do sell Logitech gaming products, so I think you should ask at your local store about availability.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi again, Ruben! I have some other questions:

    1. Why aren’t there any reviews on the Logitech Drum Kit, if it’s been out on the market in the USA since July?

    2. I’ve had a terrible experience with the stock GHWT drums (they were faulty out of the box), and I even went and bought Goodwood Mods for them, and even those were faulty out of the box as well (way too sensitive, they kept overhitting even AFTER I dialed down the sensitivity of them all the way to zero with Red Octane’s calibration software).

    And I don’t live in the U.S. That means I have to pay a fair amount of money just to get anything shipped to my country.

    So, my question is this: what warranty do I have that Logitech’s drums will work properly out of the box and that they will last me, unlike the stock GHWT drums, or the goodwoods?

    I don’t pound on the drums like a gorilla or anything, I just had really bad luck, and I’d hate it if the Logitech drums came faulty out of the box, too, seeing as I have to pay $230 plus international shipping… So, how does your warranty covers the product if it comes faulty out of the box and not because of user abuse? Is there any replacement plan, or money-back-guarantee, or what? Do you guys cover shipping back?

    3. Will you sell replacement pads and cymbals, for when the time comes when they inevitable wear out after a lot of use?

    4. I’ve seen in photos that the Logitech drums have 2 exra ports unused. One of them looked like a MIDI port, like the one present in the GHWT stock kit, am I correct?

    Then what’s the other port left for? Is it the same kind as the ports for the pads / cymbals? Did you guys put it there for possible expansions in the future (for example, putting an extra cymbal?)

    Wow. A lot of questions in here. Please answer them as best as you can, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks again!

    • Hi again deafdani,

      I am expecting you\’ll see reviews soon – we wanted to get units in peoples hands as soon as possible, so the first units went straight onto for sale the same time the first review units were sent out. Hearing your experience with the GH WT drums, I can understand your frustration. All I can promise is that our customer support team will strive to help you and treat you fairly – not that I expect you to have issues with the product. I think the original sensitivity problem you experienced was solved by Activision with their PC-based \”tuning\” application through the midi port – at least that was my experience (and what I read on forums). Through our work with Activision (and with the benefit of a later launch date) I believe Logitech\’s drums are less subject to these \”teething\” problems. We don\’t currently plan on selling parts separately, however, if there is demand we will consider it. And yes, the additional sockets you see are there for future expansion of the game features 😉

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben!

    I’m really interested in these drums. They look awesome.

    I just wanted to know if you can play with them on the PC version of Guitar Hero World Tour (as this version is sold with the PS3-version drum kit).

    And has it be tested with Frets on Fire?

    Thanks a lot from Switzerland!

    • Hi mimiju,

      I have not tested them on the PC version yet, however, if the developer (Aspyr) were using the PS3 version of the Activision GH WT drum set, I am pretty confident that the Logitech drum set will work exactly the same way. If I get any other info I will post it here. And no, we have not (yet) tested it with FoF – though I am interested in hearing the experiences of anyone who has!

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben,

    First of all, make sure your superiors see this blog. It’s very rare to see committed support like this from major vendors.

    Compliments aside, I was wondering if you could explain to us newbies if/how the sensitivity can be adjusted for each of the drums.
    I’ve read there is software available for the GH:WT that does this, would it be the same process for the Logitech kit or possibly adjusted via the PS3 menu?

    • Hi Luke,

      The drums sensitivity is not something that will need to be user tuned – we have set the Logitech drums to perform exactly to the game\’s specification. I think the tuning you are referring to was a PC SW tool released by Activision to adjust the sensitivity of some of their initial production units that had drifted from their spec (here is an article about it) Having said that, our engineers were very aware of this issue during the design of our drum set, and they wrote in an adaptive noise-reduction algorithm which gives it a high sensitivity to light drum strokes, while eliminating \”ghost\” double-hits when you hit hard. It\’s totally transparent to you the player – it just works!

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben! Thanks for the answer.

    I had just another small question: Will it be possible in the future to use the drum kit as a real electronic drum kit (like the Ion)?

    • Hi mimiju,

      No I\’m sorry, we have no plans to create PC emulation SW for use as a PC drum kit. For what it\’s worth, my personal experience of PC-based e-drums is very frustrating (too much lag). If you enjoy GH or RB drumming, I think you\’ll have much more fun playing a real acoustic kit, or if your friends/family can\’t take the noise 🙂 try an e-drum kit that has its own midi HW module (not relying on the PC to be the \”brain\”).

      Cheers, Ruben

  • hi ruben
    i searched the drums in
    i found them
    i tried to buy them
    but it doenst work
    because im from germany
    so i searched in
    and i didnt found it
    and i dont know
    when the drums will be released in my neighbor store
    please help me

  • Hi Ruben!

    My question is about the package size, because I will travel to USA next week, and I’m really cosidering to buy one, but I can’t find in any size or vendor its dimmensions and weight. This is important to me because it will be part of my luggage, so it must fits in International Airline specs.

    Thank you very much!

    Best Regards,

    Marcos Igutti

    • Marcos,
      I am sorry to say that the box is large (31W x 6D x 25h) and would not fit in a suitcase.

    • Hi Daniel,
      The drums will work with both Guitar Hero and Rock Band games.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Rubed, it’s me again. Nice customer support you got here but I have another question. How is the rebound of the pads and will they wear out and get sloppy over time?

    Also will the drumkits be shipped to stores or will they be sold only through you’r website?


    • Hi Jacop,

      The elastomer material has been developed with a drum-like bounce to the stick. We have not seen any physical degradation with our life testing.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hello, i need to know if a pc computer recognize this device, and if it works with GH 3 and GH World Tour, PC version.

    Thank You

    (For example, i have a logitech driving force pro in my computer, and it works great!, the best ever driving simulation. And i know that this device is for ps3, but, for pc works too, perfectly)

    • Hi Fernando,
      As with all PS3 \”usb\” peripherals, it complies with the USB HID spec, so it does enumerate as a generic gamepad (called Drum Kit). See my earlier post to mimiju about compatibility (note that it won\’t work with GH3 in any case – since that game has no drummer!!).


    • Hi Kathy,
      We have not tested with Konami Drummania – and I am not familiar with the game, however, I am sure that the PS2 version uses a PS2-port controller – not a USB-port controller drum set like this one. So I am sure the answer is no. Sorry.


  • Sorry I have to bother you again Ruben, but could you make a video review for them and post it on the Logitech youtube channel? I’m really waiting for a review/show off video and I would love to see it in action.

  • Thanks Ruben for your answer, i forget to ask you, if the guitar hero world tour (pc version, this game have the drum option) will recognize the logitech drum kit
    Thank YOU man

    • Hi Fernando,

      The drums should work with Guitar Hero World Tour for PC, as they function identically to the Guitar Hero drum set.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • It actually looks cheap…. with ION Pads with logitech logos… The ION rack is nicer… This looks like a pared down ion rack with roadie wedge cymbals and a home made GHWT controller box Ill stick with my ions… The wedge cymbals were loud just as loud as the stock ion cymbals (I have pintech TC cymbals now which are MUCH quieter) Logitech I love ya but ya should have done a better drum kit than the IONs and sold it for cheaper… this looks to be only mildly better than the stock RB2 drum kit…

    But I still <3 ya Logitech

  • Hello

    Thanks for this blog and your customer service, it’s very impressive!

    Do you have a release date for Europe, France especially?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Mamouchi,

      The Wireless Drum Controller for PS3 is expected to be available in Europe beginning in mid-September.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi!

    Will this work with the accents GH has where you have to hit a little harder sometimes?
    Also im not sure if you answered this already but is there double bass support?

    • Hi Tonkeli,

      The Logitech drum pads, cymbal pads and bass pedal are all velocity-sensing, so the Logitech Wireless Drum Controller allows you to hit harder and score the points for accented notes. Add-on second bass pedals for Guitar Hero are also compatible with the Drum controller. There isn\’t an extra connection port; add-on pedals come with a special splitter connector so that both pedals connect to the same (purple) port.

      Hope this helps, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben,

    You have already answered part of my question. It is related about the size of the box AND the weight. Could you provide some details about it? How many pounds?


  • Another size question– can you provide the dimensions of the unit in the “stowed” position (when it’s folded flat)? I’d like to know if it will fit under my couch. Thanks!

    • Hi Jordan,

      The dimensions are:
      42”h x 31”w x 22”d (assembled)
      25”h x 31”w x 5”d (folded)

      Cheers, Ruben

  • I was wondering will best buy or any other retailers be carrying the drums? I live in CA and the best buy i called didn’t know, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hello~!. Is it possible to buy extra pad and change the position of YELLOW from cymble to pad between RED and BLUE…………….?

    …………yes… i mean modify it look like for Rock Band……. thank you~!.

    • Hi Sky,

      I\’m afraid we don\’t have plans to sell the drum heads or cymbals as individual items, however, the pads and cymbals all plug into colour-coded sockets at the rear of a \”brain\” unit. So for playing Rock Band you can swap the signal inputs (and reposition them) in any combination you prefer.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • OH MY GOD~~~~~~~~~~~.
    I connect Logitech drum with PS2 … the ROCK BAND 2 cannot use the drum at all.
    The receiver cannot connect with the drum and keep flashing.
    While PS2 Guitar Hero WT have no problem… @@………..
    Any solution ???? Really need this drum to work with BOTH PS2 and PS3.

    ps… The box shown support Playstation 2 and PLaystation 3.~!!!!!

    • Hi Sky,

      I’m afraid that our drum set (like the Activision Guitar Hero drum set) does not work with Rock Band 2 on the PS2 (although it will work with the PS3 version of that game). I’m sorry, but the PS2 compatibility we specify is only with Guitar Hero games. Rock Band game compatibility (for all platforms) is an area of confusion for all users, and is unfortunately outside our direct influence.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi
    Will it work with Guitar Hero World tour and with Guitar Hero Metallica. Also will you be adding in a second bass pedal for expert plus.

    • Hi Josh,

      Yes, it does work with both GH WT and Metallica on both PS2 and PS3. Although we do not supply the second pedal, you can use a splitter to add one.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Continue my question about this drum, thats a midi port at the back of transmit box, what is that for..? Can it add extra midi box to play as real drum.?? Thx.

    • Hi again Sky,

      The midi port is for possibly future expansion to the game. No, we do not plan to make them usable with a PC (see my reply to Mimiju on 8/11 about PC drum sets).

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben !

    I’m from Germany and I think I’m one of the 1st here in Europe 2 purchase 1 of ure exellent product, but… Im I having a problem with the cymbals !
    They are 2 less sensitiv. Compared 2 the other drums (red, blue, green) I had 2 hit them very hard 2 recognize all of my strokes. And even that doesn’t always work, if I don’t hit the cymbals right in the middle.

    I phoned the Logitech-Customer-Support here in Germany yesterday (Ref-NR: 090917-003198) but unfortunally they could not help because the product is also really new 2 them.
    So…. Im here right now 2 ask for help…


    • Hi Rudi,

      I’ve confirmed with customer support that they’ve been in contact with you, so hopefully you’re all set.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • In general it would be nice 2 have a tool 2 adjust senitivity, so everyone can setup drums as they like.
    I’ve used the PC-Tool Activision released with the original drum-set and i was very pleased 2 find me own settings.


  • Hi Rudi
    Could you please update us about your case with Logitech Support? I also plan to buy the drum but for the Xbox360 System. Is there a way to adjust the less sensitive cymbals? Or advised Logitech you to replace the complete drum? I had the same problem with the Activision Drum and don’t want the same story again. Kind Regards Daniel

  • If I want to use this kit on PC which is better to buy for compatibilty the xbox 360 version or the PS3 version?

    Surely if the Kit is recognised by the PC then there must be a program to emulate it as a real e-drum kit or is this completely impossible? I know that people have done this with the rock band drum kit.

  • Can you use something such as Alesis DM5 Drum Module to turn this into an electronic drum kit ? If so what would you recommend ? And are there any necessary accessories I would need ?

    • Hi Dan and Martin,

      I’m sorry but the Logitech drum kit is only designed for use with console music games, and not as a musical drum set. PC-based electronic drums have too much lag in our opinion, and we have not designed our drum set to trigger hardware drum processors.


  • I’m having trouble with my drums. Their inaccurately recording hits, but I’m unable to determine which drum if in fact, it is just one. All I can see is that the hit count scoring goes back to zero as if a drum had been hit.

    I’ve called your helpline twice, and sat on hold for upwards of 40 minutes without so much as a notification of how much longer it would be or how many people were ahead of me in the cue.

    I’d love to keep the drums if I could get them to work, but at $300 (including shipping), I’m actually considering returning them and getting the lame Activision ones that I;ve already gone through 2 of… at that price, I can have 3 of them one after another, and at least I’d be able to play for a little while before they break.

    Can SOMEONE please help me or I’m going to return these.


  • I just received mine and im having problems with the cymbals/green pad registering hits. Hitting them is really unreliable and i guess i have to return the kit and get a basic GH 5 one. Shame i was waiting really long for these and then they fail..

    • Hi Adam and Tonkeli,

      Sorry to hear you are having issues – a support representative with follow up with you by email.


  • Hi Ruben!

    I am interested in purchasing this drum … my experience with the drums, Activision is not very good, and in Spain the parts and the attention of the technical service / customer service are harmful.

    I wonder if the drum loguitech will be much more reliable than Orijinal Activision.

    That guarantee gives Loguitech?

    Personally would be very interesting and would welcome him to see the videos go up operation of the drum in his maxim splendor!

    When goes on sale in Spain? That price in € will be the recommended?

    Thank you very much Ruben!

    PS: Sorry about my English .. google translator .. : P

    • Hi Paulinyus,

      The drum set has a recommended retail price of €199.99 in Europe, and the PS3 version should be available already (with Xbox and Wii versions within the next few weeks). I’ll see if we can put together an “unpacking” video for you soon (… if someone out there doesn’t beat me to it).


  • On what date and at what retail stores will the drums (PS3 version) be available in CANADA ??? Thank you for your help and keep up the gr8 work on the forum !!!

  • Hi Ruben

    I received my logitech drum kit for PS3.
    The pads have a really great quality and are much better than the original GHWT drum kit.
    But i have a question/problem with my kick pedal:
    Every time when kick, the pedal make a loud annoying clacking noise. This noise causes from one of the two round bumper on the downside of the foot pedal part. One of them is rubber, the other is plastic. And the plastic one makes the noise -> simple, plastic hit plastic = noise.

    Now my question: Should both bumper to be rubber? Has my foot pedal a manufacturing error?
    It seems that other user have the same problem:

    To reduce the noise, i put a felt between -> noise is now much better, but then the pedal has problem to recognize the kick hit. Half time i miss the kick note and must kick really hard that it work.

    Thanks for Help.


    • Hi Sonix,

      No – I’m afraid it is not a manufacturing error – the bottom “bumper” on the side that has the sensor is a harder material than the other side. After much testing, we had to use the harder material to get consistent and accurate “hit” registration, and consequently it ended up no quieter than the Guitar Hero or Rock Band original drum pedals. Dampening the noise using padding (as you have found) results in reduced sensitivity, and if we turned up the piezo sensor signal in our firmware, it would cause too many false hits to register.


  • Still no contact from anyone at logitech support and ive tried to contact you myself as well..
    Sending the kit back to the store i bought it from and hope they replace it with a working one.

  • My new Logitech Wireless Drum not work with PS3. I make a following steps:

    – Connect the wireless receiver dongle to USB port 1 on the front of the Playstation 3.
    – Turn on the controller by pressing the PS button on the front panel of the drum set.
    – Press and hold the connect button on the top of the wireless receiver dongle.
    – Press the PS button one more time to complete the syncing process.
    I try this on the Guitar Hero World Tour, Metallica and GH5. Inside the drum there are a new batteries.

    Please help.
    Bart from Poland

    PS. Sorry for my English

    • Hi fred,

      Please contact customer support so they can troubleshoot with you (

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi again Ruben. So a store near me confirmed to me that they could get the drums for me so I could buy it from them. But I need you to tell me one thing. If the modell works as it’s supposed to, will it register my hit’s flawlessly? this is really important for me cause of the fact that I’m going for FC’s and have already gone through 7 GH:WT stock kits. Hope for fast response.

    • Hi Jacop,
      We have done extensive testing during development, and I am confident that if you use our drums and are still not getting the scores you want – it’s not the equipment. 🙂 Seriously though, we developed an adaptive noise-reduction algorithm in the drum’s firmware that means it has a high sensitivity with light strokes, but eliminates ghost notes and double-hits with hard strokes. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


  • Is it possible to hook the PS3-Version of this up on a PC like the GH:WT-Drums?
    I will probably get a PS3+GH5 around february, but I’d like those drums for christmas to play Frets on Fire until I can afford the ps3.

    (if dbl post sry for that – it would’nt show the 1st try to post)

    • Hi Marc,

      The Logitech Wireless Drum Controller for PS3 functions identically to the Guitar Hero drum controller, so it should work in the same way if connected to a PC.


  • Hello,
    When I use it in rock band 2 (ps3) it reconized it as a microphone, this is the only device connect to the ps3. Is there any Solution?
    It works perfectly on GH World Tour

    • Hi Aimji,

      Although the Wireless Drum Controller is designed for use with Guitar Hero: World Tour and later games, it should be detected by and work with Rock Band 2. Check to see what controller number the PS3 has assigned it. You may need to change it to controller 1, 2, 3, or 4.


  • I have posted an extensive review of these drums on Amazon. I would recommend using a Rockband pedal with the GH drumset and purchasing an Omega Twin Rocker adapter. I use the Rockpedal from rockpedaldotcom. The difference between the GH pedal and this one is night and day. Because they dont use a piezo sensor and you dont have to slam the pedal to the floor to register a hit.

  • I’ve tried to change the number that the PS3 has assigne it but it steel reconize it as a microphone. Other solutions ?

    • Hi Aimji,

      I recommend that you contact Logitech support ( if you’re still having problems with this.


  • I’m having problems with double hits and a little bit of cross talk with my cymbals. I’ve verified this using the Guitar Hero Music Studio to show the hits being registered. It’s mostly a problem during fast rhythms, but might just show up more because there are more hits. The Music Studio clearly shows an evenly spaces set of notes, bet every once in a while a double set of notes is registered, plus the occasional orange note while only hitting the yellow cymbal or vice versa. Hitting closer to the edges of the cymbals greatly increase the number of double hits. The drum pads seem fine, but I did once see a green hit also register while playing only the orange cymbal. I’m not hitting excessively hard either. In fact I’ve tired single harder than normal hits and they usually register fine.

    I’m posting here because email support submissions appear to be out and this blog seems to be well maintained.

    • Hi Scott,

      Thanks for the detailed diagnosis. The cross talk you are experiencing is caused by either a faulty cymbal or a faulty brain unit. A support representative will be in touch to help you.


  • Hi Amji. Are you sure you have you’r ps3 connected to the internett so you have downloaded the patch/update that is required. The GH drums didn’t get compatible with rock band until they released a patch for it.

  • Hi,

    I received these drums yesterday (I am in the UK) and also found that the cymbals are not regitering hits and I have to hit them quite hard in order to do so. I tried to use the midi cable and calibration program that Activision supplied for the original World Tour drums but it doesnt’ seem to have any effect on the Logitech ones.

    Is there anything I can do other than send them back? Is there a calibration program available for these drums? I would also love to use them with my Roland KD-8 and Pearl kick pedal but again, there seems to be sensitivity issues and it only registers if I kick really hard.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Paul,

      The firmware and sensors are designed so that they do not need calibration, so it sounds like you have either a faulty cymbal or “brain” unit. I will pass on your details to a support representative and have them contact you directly.

      We did not design our drum set to work with any other brand of heads/pedals, and the Roland KD-8 is tuned to trigger Roland’s own sound modules. I have not personally tried it with our drum set, but I believe that the KD-8 has a logarithmic output curve (to mimic a real kick pedal response) and from your description, it does not cleanly match the trigger threshold we preset in our control unit. I am afraid I don’t have any good suggestions for a fix – except to try with a harder beater head on your Pearl pedal?


  • Hi Ruben,

    I have been waiting, and waiting for the drums to become available at Futureshop but to no avail. I signed up on the Logitech website to be contacted when they become available. Do you have a date when they will be available?


  • Hi!

    I was just wondering if I could use my old kick pedals (for the Standard World Tour Kit) for this drum set? And the splitter that came along with the secondary pedal…

    • Hi Antonio,

      The GH World Tour pedal should work fine, along with the splitter for two pedal use.


  • Hi,

    I’m writing in because i think one of my cymbals if faulty. The yellow one. When i hit it, it constantly kills the hit count, as if it is registering two hits. Like a false positive.
    I wish i could describe more. Any help would be appreciated


    • Hi Tim,

      That shouldn’t happen – you may want to contact support ( with this issue.


  • I forgot to mention that I am interested in the xbox version of the drum controller.


  • Can we purchase just a drum brain for a console. I have the PS3 version of this and want to know if I could get just the brain for the Xbox. If not, will a GH drum brain work with this set ?

    • Hi Bervick,

      We are looking into making the three wireless brain units (PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii) available as stand alone items. I am afraid I do not have more information to share at this point. Also, the Activision GH drum brain is not compatible with our drum set (physically nor electrically).

      BTW, thanks for your thorough and constructive feedback on the drums (on this blog and other forums). It really is valuable to us, and even if we can’t act on all your points immediately (noise etc..) we are incorporating your inputs in future designs.


  • I would just like some clarification on the drums…

    It’s not a good idea to use them as e-drums, but I would be able to use the drums on PC via the USB interface if playing the PC version of Guitar Hero World Tour.

    Is that correct?

    • Hi Joahn,

      The Logitech Wireless Drum controller for PS3 should be compatible with the PC version of Guitar Hero World Tour and other Guitar Hero games with drum controller support.


  • Hi,

    I am experiencing similar problems like Scott (October 12th, 2009 at 9:45 am) with PS3 drum kit. I had problems with double hits on cymbals with my GHWT drum kit, so I bought this one and there are problems too 🙁 It registers a lot of double hits on cymbals (when in straight position, which allows you to play accents). When I set up cymbal position like WT drum kit, it is a lot better, but not so comfortable to play. And also double hits occurs mostly when playing fast rhythms (medium or hard difficulty) and hitting other drum pads too. So I have to focus on how not to making double hits instead of just how to play. There is very little crosstalk sometimes too (red drum when playing yellow, or sudden star power activation without hitting orange during the game), but that is probably minor problem. Anyway it is very difficult to recognize, what was the problem during play. But I can confirm double hits in Music Studio.

    In conclusion this drum kit is a lot better than WT (construction is perfect), but it still producing double hits and there is no way how to set sensitivity.


  • Hi again Ruben. I have just recieved your drum controller today and I have to tell you that for me it has worked almost flawlessly. Now it’s that little flaw I have to ask about. I have a hard time hitting accent notes. You know those notes who you get more points if you hit the drum head harder. At times they register as accent but far from always.
    Another thing, my yellow cymbal have been dropping a handfull og notes. Not many but one every once and a while, enough to fuck up and FC. If it get’s too bad. Is it possible to have only the part you need sent in the mail? I really don’t want to return the kit. I ordered it over the web and it’s alot of work to return it. but My question is simple, Can I fix the accents? and is there a way to have only a new yellow cymbal sent to me in the mail? Plzz help me with this.

    • Hi Shawn,

      I’ve been checking on availability in Canada, and the latest information is that Best Buy and Futureshop should have it the week of November 16th – at least in their online stores.


  • Just bought a set today to replace the crappy GHWT ones with two busted symbals. Was working perfectly for about 3 hours. Love it.

    All of a sudden the yellow cymbal starts putting out double hits and going off randomly sometimes (as proven by star power being activated when I’m just hitting an orange). It’s lessens a little if I loosen the screw a little at the top. This is a weird, flimsy design for the top of the cymbals.

    How do I fix this problem? It just cost me $399 Australian and I’m REALLY not keen on shipping it off and having no drum kit for God knows how long. It really needs a new yello cymbal I guess. Lucky it’s got a long warranty because it didn’t make it past 3 hours.

    • Hi ferzal,

      It sounds like you might have a faulty cymbal on your hands. Assuming that you are in Australia, you can contact Logitech Australia support at,en. Or, if you’re still under warranty, you can follow the warranty path in your country for a replacement — and as I understand for Australia, you can do that through your point of purchase.


  • Hi !

    Is it possible to buy an additional Logitech drum pedal to add to my set in order to play to GH Metallica ?


  • Dude those cymbals don’t look nice at all! they look like crap if you ask me. but the pads are really great I think

  • Hi Ruben!

    Do you know if this drum kit will be available in Portugal?

    If not and buy it online, do I still have the support and warranty from Logitech?



  • Hi Jeremy, Jacop, Jeff and Anton,

    We are not currently able to sell a second pedal as a standalone product, but we hope to solve that soon. In the meantime, you can use the standard GHWT or RB drum kick pedal as a second pedal, using a 3.5mm headphone Y-adapter (splitter).


  • I just don’t understand. Look how many people have posted regarding problems with crosstalk, double-hits, and sensitivity issues (not to mention, you can already find posts in other forums and youtube videos complaining about the same). How many of these units could have possibly been shipped at this point, and all we hear is “looks like you have a faulty cymbal or faulty brain unit on your hands…?” Hmm… I’m thinking it looks more like a faulty design. If there are already this many “faulty units,” then I’m definitely not interested in rolling the dice.

    Sure the casual player just mashing through songs for fun will certainly not notice problems like crosstalk and double-hits. They barely know when they’re hitting the right notes anyway. But this product is clearly marketed towards the expert players. These players are trying to full-combo songs on expert. A single double-hit or false hit blows it. Not to mention the fact that you need a splitter for double bass? Are you kidding? This “premium” drum kit is DESIGNED FOR guitar hero, but doesn’t natively support expert+ by providing TWO input jacks for pedals (and maybe even a second pedal in the box for goodness’ sake). Who are you kidding Logitech? At this price point, a “premium” drum kit simply CANNOT allow cross-talk or double-hits. This MUST be priority number one. I don’t care how great the pads are or anything else for that matter if I get double hits EVER. And no user-calibration? Because your “algorithm” is so perfect? Please. At least with the GHWT drums, crap though they may be, I can perfectly calibrate the sensitivity to my normal striking force, and completely eliminate crosstalk.

    Nice try Logitech, but I’ll stick with the stock kit for now. There is a real cash cow out there for a company that can nail a “premium” drum kit at this price point. It can’t be that freaking hard. All you have to do is beat the GHWT kit and keep it around $250-$300 and I’m in, along with the thousands of other expert+ players.

  • Hi Ruben.

    I played on the logitech drumset at a gaming expo and was very dissapointed as the yellow cymbal dropped frequently. I play Guitar Hero drums on expert and expert+ and I cant afford to be worrying about cymbals not working. My GHWT set is doing just fine, its got a few dents in the pads but the responsive is there. Your drumset was a pleasure to play until every second yellow cymbal were double registers occured. Was this an issue with previous sets or are alot of them still faulty with faulty cymbals or “brain” units.

    I live in South Africa, so to send them back and forth if they faulty would be one huge nightmare.

    Thanks for your time.

  • I noticed an earlier post that mentioned that the MIDI jack on the back of the controller box is intended for future expansion. On the PS3 version at least, I also notice that there is an extra pad or symbol jack, between the MIDI jack and the red input jack. This jack has a black ring. Is this also for future expansion?

    Although I can understand why you don’t have them available at this time, I would like to say that I’d like to see the separate PS3, X-Box and Wii control boxes made available separately. If possible, I’d like to be able to buy extra pads and symbols too. Just letting you know I’d be interested in that, and likely others would be too. 🙂

  • The pedal that ships with these is horrible, its the loudest thing ever and really poorly designed, songs i used to miss few notes on i now cant even hold a 4x multiplier if theres a lot of bass.
    So i tried to use my old WT stock pedal, i have two, one i got with the stock kit and one i bought for GH metallica. This kit doesnt support either one of them. I tried using it single and with headphone splitter for double bass and it didnt work either way. To get one hit to register i had to kick down ridiculously hard.

    I doubt it will work with any third party pedal either, you have any info on this Ruben? If i just could get a proper kick pedal i could try live with the poorly registering on cymbals.

    • Hi ronron,

      The experience you describe isn’t normal. The bass pedal should register light to heavy hits without problem. The pedal should work interchangeably with original GHWT pedals. I’ve used the drums with both pedals together and separately with no problems. I suggest you contact support ( for assistance.


  • Logitech had better be prepared to have every one of these units sold to come back to them. Maybe they should have considered just one expert player’s assessment of their product before they put it on the market.

    Ruben has already said that any other pedal should work fine (including the stock WT pedal). This is clearly not the case, as I’ve seen SEVERAL posts already to the effect that people are not getting them to register except by kicking down extremely hard. Clearly the sensitivity calibration for the Logitech pedal is different, and of course it cannot be changed.

    The people who are willing to shell out $250 for a game controller are not casual players… they are serious players who are looking for a superior controller to improve their scores. They are very competitive and they care about every single missed note due to a less-than-perfect controller.

    Someone please tell me why ION has had over a year now to produce an ION Rocker with 5 pad inputs that would allow the 5-lane highway in GH? I just don’t understand. The expert drummers should be preferring GH over RB, because of the challenge of 5 pads over 4. I know I do. There is an underground community of users modding their ION Rocker to recognize 5 pads. How hard could it be for ION to make that? I’m starting to think Logitech is paying them off not to so they can sell their crap.

  • Your comments are spot on, jbag. They have obviously not let a single expert-player tried their drums before the release. I was planning on getting one, but made some research first on whether an extra drum pedal could be bought separately, and saw this. I just find it shockingly incompetent.

  • I am really pissed off at logitech for wasting my money on a product of this poor quality.
    In a nutshell;

    – The kit is anyhing but quiet like it says on your product page, bass pedal is the worst followed by the cymbals
    – Only bass pedal you can use with them is logitechs own, so theres no way use double bass.And when they do start selling seperate pedals, its still their own terrible bass pedal and you have no other option.
    – Cymbals drop hits and require a too hard hit in the first place, it really makes you hate any song with a lot of hi-hat like everlong because you just cant hold a combo.. (And yeah i can on a WT kit but not on this one)
    – The height adjustment thing was loose out of the box and i had to ducktape it so it wouldnt fall on itself while playing..

    I am amazed how logitech put this kit on the market for about 200€.. There are a lot of issues with it and it feels like an alpha version of a product, nothing really works right. Im avoiding logitech from now on, it was a lot of money for me and ive never been this frustrated about anything ive bought in my life. I hope anyone thinking about buying these reads this blog first and saves their money. Also anyone whos bought these should go write some reviews on scorehero and amazon etc, i know i will.

    • Hi,

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience. From your comments, it appears that your controller may have a defective cymbal. All the pads are designed to be responsive to a wide range of hits, from soft to hard. If you have to hit it hard, it is not functioning correctly. Customer support can help you get a replacement.

      The Logitech Wireless Drum Controller is compatible with original Guitar Hero Drum kick pedals, and can accommodate two pedals, when used with a 3mm mono splitter. We will soon offer a replacement pedal which will include a splitter for expansion. The Logitech pedal does sound different than the stock pedal. It has a more realistic mechanism inside to feel more like a real kick pedal, and to be adjustable.

      The height adjustment lock may have loosened during shipping. It can be tightened with an Allen key and will lock solidly in place without tape.


  • Hello.

    I am considering purchasing one of these but the only bit I am unsure about is adding a second kick pedal to the unit for GH Metallica. This is only site that seems to mention adding a second kick pedal.

    Unfortunately, I emailed Logitech Customer Care before finding this site and asked them the question – can I add a second kick pedal to this unit. The cut down version of their reply being – No, it is only designed for one kick pedal. After finding this site, I pointed Customer Care in the direction of this site and Ruben’s comments asking them to double check their response to me. Their reply being, ‘I would like to clarify that the stated on the forum was a replacement piece not for an extra pedal.’

    Very confusing, so, the answer is…..? I don’t want to buy the kit and find out that it can’t be done.


    • Hi Chris,

      Sorry for the confusion. The drum controller has a single kick pedal connection, but more than one pedal can be connected using a splitter connector. We expect to offer a replacement pedal kit soon, and the replacement kit will include the splitter. So if you order a replacement pedal, it can be used as a second pedal. The Wireless Drum Controller is also compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour Bass Kick Pedals, using a 3.5 mm mono or stereo male to two female splitter.

      Hope that helps.


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