New Logitech PC Speaker Systems with 360-Degree Sound

Today we announced the expansion of our line of multimedia speakers to include four new systems with 360-Degree Sound: Logitech® Speaker System Z320, Logitech® Speaker System Z323, Logitech® Speaker System Z520 and Logitech® Speaker System Z523. Unlike standard PC speakers that use forward-firing drivers, these four new speaker systems feature 360-Degree Sound, which creates a substantially wider sweet spot – an especially helpful feature if you often move your computer around your home or office. With speaker drivers that face forward and backward in each satellite, these four speakers are designed to transmit sound more consistently over a wider range of space so you never miss a beat no matter where you are in the room. For more information about how 360-degree sound works, see my earlier blog post on omnidirectional acoustics.

I’m currently using the Z520 Speaker System in my kitchen at home (connected to my iMac).It always amazes me how rich they sound–even while I’m washing the dishes and not standing directly in front of the speakers (yes, I do dishes!).Even right now as I type, I’m blasting the latest Green Day album on my Z323 Speaker System. 360-Degree Sound, plus a subwoofer is an awesome audio experience!

The multimedia speakers are compatible with Macs and PCs and include a 3.5 mm jack so you can connect headphones or iPod®. Watch for our new speakers to begin hitting stores in July and August.


Director of Product Marketing, Video


  • is there a product upgrade for z5500 also on the cards? I want to buy a set, but the product now seems dated with these new release – so i’m wondering if it’s prudent to wait.


  • hi tim,

    i’m looking forward to buying either the z520 or the z523, i dont need such a loud system nor do i need a subwoofer but i dont want the bass to be unfelt either. so which of the two has better sound quality? (size of unit doesn’t really matter either)


    • Hi Stu

      Both speakers will deliver nice, even sound. The Z523 is a little more powerful and having a separate subwoofer always adds a little more bass.

      Best, Tim

  • hi tim,

    thanks for your previous reply, but it didnt answer the question which one has better sound. i’ve read reviews that the z520’s lacked punch, but with that said, why is it more expensive than the z523’s which has a subwoofer and higher powered and with a larger response range?

    looking to buy either one soon so would love some help on which one to buy


    • Stu,

      Building a woofer into a speaker cabinet of the Z520 (compared to building a seperate subwoofer) is a very difficult challenge and added some cost. I personally prefer the Z323 because it has a bit more power and strong bass response.

      Best, Tim

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