Logitech Nano-Receiver: Plug It and Forget It

Do you ever wish that taking your mouse from place to place with your laptop wasn’t such a hassle? Perhaps you’ve experienced the dreaded “snap” when you’ve forgotten to unplug your mouse’s receiver before tossing your computer into your bag? Well, we just might have the solution you need.

Since its introduction in the Logitech VX Nano mouse almost two years ago, Logitech’s nano-reciever has become quite popular. In fact, in response to all the positive feedback we’ve received, we’ve added this feature to a number of our mice, including the V550 Nano and V450 Nano. When plugged into a laptop, the nano-receiver is nearly flush against the notebook – protruding just 8 mm from the edge of the computer – so you don’t have to hassle with unplugging and plugging in the receiver for fear that it will snap off during transport. And despite its small size, the nano-receiver supports robust wireless performance, offering a 2.4 GHz connection for great wireless freedom.

If for some reason you do want to unplug your receiver, our nano mice offer a convenient storage compartment inside the body of the mouse. As an added bonus, inserting the receiver into its storage compartment triggers the Power Off switch. Oh, and if for some reason, you ever lose your nano-receiver (it’s been known to happen), you can buy a replacement part at www.logitech.com/support.


Senior Global Product Marketing Manager


  • probably the next thing would be that laptops would have built-in logitech wireless mouse module. The transmission protocol would have to be standardised to have compatibility with different brands. This is a million dollar idea & I hope i get some token for suggesting it !

  • So will one of these be developed for the Trackman Wheel? I still have the 2002 version from above.

  • How about getting some of these on your trackballs, instead of the 2002 receivers they have now?

  • Logitech has always been a great “mouse” company, hopefully Logitech is able to transform its image to a high-end product company in the near future.

  • Yeah, I still look at the one from 2002 EVERY DAY because its attached to my Trackman mouse THAT YOU WILL NOT UPDATE. 🙁

  • I have broken my receiver and can’t find it. What am i going to do now? I called the customer support and they said that i have to find it myself. But i can’t. I can’t say that logitech care their customers.

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