Logitech Products Support iPhone OS 3.0

Last week, Logitech completed testing of its iPod® and iPhone™ speakers docks with the new iPhone OS 3.0, including the new iPhone 3G S. We are pleased to let you know that Logitech’s iPod / iPhone Speaker Dock products produced during the past four years all are compatible with the new iPhone OS 3.0. These products include: Pure-Fi Anywhere, Pure-Fi Anywhere 2, Pure-Fi Anytime, Pure-Fi Elite, Pure-Fi Dream, Pure-Fi Express Plus, Pure-Fi Mobile, and mm50.

We are also pleased to say that the voice control on the new iPhone 3G S works great on any Ultimate Ears ‘vi’ models including the new MetroFi 220vi and MetroFi 170vi earphones.


Director of Product Marketing, Video


  • Hi Tim,

    I have the old Logitech Pure-Fi Elite. After updating to 3.0 on my iPhone 3G, I plug in the phone to the speakers and the sound plays out fine. However, it does not recharge the battery even though it says it’s being recharged. When I leave the music on the play all night, by morning, the iPhone battery is at less than 20%. This has never happened with OS 2.2 on the iPhone.

    Please advise.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Stephen,

      Please verify that the iPhone charges with a your iPhone charging cable (independent of the speaker). If that doesn\’t work either, then there\’s a problem with the iPhone battery. If that works, then the docking mechanism may not be connecting fully. Try docking the iPhone in the speaker with no iPod tray installed to ensure a good dock connection. If that still doesn\’t work, then your dock may be damaged and I\’d recommend contacting Logitech customer support (www.logitech.com/support).

      Hope that helps, Tim

  • I have the first and oldest model of the I phone that is in fine condition and has worked with my logitech speakers since I have had it until two days ago. Nothing has happened that I know to either, bit when I go to use the iPod my phone says this iPhone was not made for this device do you want to put in airplane mode. Thespeakers will not play the music bit they will charge the battery. How can i fix this or what is wrong.

  • Hi,

    I have Pure-Fi Anywhere 2, my iphone 3G (os 3.1) is not recognised since the 3.0 … the iphone charged, that’s ok. But the remote do not works, and once in a while a message told me that the device is incompatible with the hardware. Speakers works too but manually.

    Please advise.
    Thank you,

    DIDIER (France)

  • Once I upgraded to the 3.1 when I plug my iphone into the Pure-Fi Dream in the time resets and asks me for a language. This sometimes happens a minute after I plug it in and I’ve come pretty close to being late for work since the alarm won’t go off if it doesn’t know what time it is. It did this sporadically before, but now it’s EVERYTIME! It’s getting annoying and old. The batteries on the Dream were replaced not too long ago.

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