New Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller for Xbox 360

Our new Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 was designed to make games like Guitar Hero World Tour even more enjoyable. Learn more about it by watching this video:

Wireless Guitar Controller for Xbox 360 by Logitech

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Director of Product Marketing, Gaming Business Unit


  • Finally a wood, well-crafted guitar controller for the Xbox 360. I was hoping for a full size replica, but I do appreciate the well-thought out layout and construction. I am mainly a Rock Band player by choice but this is playable on Activision’s rival’s software.

    I am interested in finding out more about the price and would love a chance to test it out for a review on our website and podcast: The Married Gamers.

    So nice to see more companies making this controller after being let down by the craftsmanship and durability of other companies ending in “Z” let’s say.

  • Well I am certainly getting one, but – orange – really? No red or black like the ps3 one?

  • Wondering if it suffers the same problem that the normal world tour guitars have, I always hit the little Start buttons when trying to press the “back-Star power button”? Where is the start button on that guitar? Also back version coming?


  • Found the Start button in the Huge Picture by zooming in. Wondering if it will work in Rock Band 2?

    • Hi Jeff,

      Yes, it works just great on Rock Band 2 on the Xbox 360. There is a pretty comprehensive compatibility matrix posted on Joystiq that is a useful reference on this subject. As an official licensed Guitar Hero controller, the Logitech guitars have the same compatibility as the Guitar Hero World Tour controller. And the Start button, as you have spotted, is in the \”tail piece\” section of the whammy bar – hopefully far enough back so you don\’t accidentally activate it (and avoid you suffering the abuse of your other band members!).

      Cheers, Ruben

  • No, no, no! Annoying clicking sound!? That’s the best part about the Red Octane guitars…

  • I was just about to buy one of the Peak PS3 guitars and try to mod it for the 360! My big question is “when is this coming out”?

    I’m still playing on my original Rock Band guitar and it’s finally starting to show its age (and the hours upon hours of use!) I need a replacement soon and really wanted to step up to a high-quality controller, but really don’t want to wait until next year. (It sounds like this is imminent for release, but that’s hardly a given.)

    Can you give us any idea about a release date?

    • Hi Chris,

      The guitar is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe in August.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hey Ruben,

    What about Canada, Anyone in Canada gonna be stocking them?

    Why ORANGE?


    • Hi again, Jeff,

      Why orange? Well, we will be adding and updating finishes on our guitar controllers periodically, and around the office in California, we have a number of bodies shot up in all sorts of colors and patterns for consideration. For the launch color of the Xbox guitar, we were looking for something eye-catching and unique, and I could give you the psychobabble about the power of orange in contemporary youth culture, blah, blah… However, the truth is, we just liked it! We tried orange with a black pick guard, but that made it look a bit too \”Halloween pumpkin\”.

      What other finishes/pick guard combos would you guys like us to do? I\’m looking into Canadian availability, but in general, it lags a month or two behind the U.S.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Thank, Ruben, Let me know when you find out how a CDN can get one. Wasn’t there supposed to a CDN Logitech Store opening? I got about 5 guys lined up and wanting to buy. I LOVED the black PS3 one. Also H20CENA would be the guy if you where gonna let anyone review your guitar, he has a massive following, if he likes a product he tends to put every company on backorder once he give it his 2 thumbs up. Happened with almost every after market pedal and drumkit for RB2 and Guitar Hero.

    If you have the time have a look here and skip to 3:10 into the video Might help you sell a whack of guitars


  • We’ve had many issues with the quality of the drum kits for Rockband and just finished returning our third set for Best Buy credit. We didn’t want to get any more Harmonix plastic drums so bought a Roland drum kit with TD-3 brain and an EDrums midi controller so we can use the drums for Rockband 1 & 2. You can’t buy the games with just the guitars so are now looking for the missing pieces. I got a wireless Fender replica bass and a generic USB mic.

    Now I’m searching for a good guitar specifically for Rockband 2 on the XBox 360. Most of the posts refer to Guitar Hero so wasn’t positive as I didn’t see a definitive post that said “Yes, the Logitech guitar will work with RB 1 and 2” What’s the offical word?


    P.S. I’m in Canada but as soon as this was available in the US, I’d order one. What is the expected price?

    • Hi Randy,

      Yes, I can confirm that this guitar controller will work on both Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2 on the Xbox 360.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Nice. Now to the real job, get us new trackballs. This is bit insulting product considering all trackball feedback you get from the users.

  • Hi Ruben,

    If you released the Xbox 360 guitar in a yellow/black color scheme, I would pre-order it on day one for $199 with no hesitation. I love the way the original red PS3 guitar feels, and would love to get a really nice guitar for the 360, but I’m not too keen on the orange color shown above.

  • Make it without the ugly Guitar Hero logo (my wife and all my friends are strictly Rock Band players now) and we will buy at least 3 of them…Just put the Logitech logo on it and you have a winner.

  • I am an avid guitar hero player and a HUGE fan of logitech computer accessories… so in short I think this is just wonderful, though I do see a couple of things that trouble me: the headphone jack is flush without the slot for the older style headsets, to follow up on that i personally believe that the headset jack should be higher up so when the guitar is being played while sitting down it doesn’t interfere with the headset, and finally it doesn’t appear that the neck is removable… though with a wood neck i dont think that would be wise anyway. Those are just my complaints though, and they’re small ones, otherwise the work on the touch pad looks much better than the world tour guitar, the button placement is brilliant, as is the wammy bar, and the overall attention to detail is beautiful! I am very much looking forward to this product’s release

  • Hey ruben, just wanted to say it looks great! I would try a gloss black one with a white pick guard. It might help you sell a few more.(quite a few people don’t like the orange). Anyways, if you have some time could you check the availablity in Canada. Thanks!

  • I want to pre order this guitar but I’d like to know the release date so I know when I might get it. Can you please let me know. Thank you.

    • Hi Nick,

      The guitar is expected to be available in Europe in August.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • What will the warranty be like on this thing? I may not mind spending $200 on a controller this sweet if I can be sure it’ll work a few years from now. I’ve spent way to much on other controllers only to have them brake prematurely. I’ve probably had to return 5 or 6 guitar hero/rock band peripherals through the years.

  • Hi Ruben,

    it´s a great looking and guess well done guitar. Sure…orange might be not the best colour….but who cares….just hit the beat… I´´m in Germany and am wondering when I can order it overhere? Or maybe possible in any other part of the world?

    Would appreciate if you could say some…

    Best regards


    • Hi Nick,

      We will have inventory arriving in our European distribution center during August. However it is very difficult for me to predict precisely when you will be able to order in Germany. My expectation is that you will be able to buy through retail before the end of August.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Greetings Ruben,

    As July comes to an end, and with August only days away, are there any chances of a solid (or semi-solid) release date? I’ve noticed that orders (not pre-orders) are currently being taken on Amazon. Is that legitimate? Thanks for your time, and your long list of splendid products (of which I own many).


    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the compliments, and we are still on track for in-store availability in August in the US. As of this afternoon, Amazon is quoting 2 to 4 weeks for shipment, which is very feasible.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • I really like what I’ve seen with this controller. What will this peripheral retail for?

  • Ruben,

    I assume the US edition guitar would work in Europe? [XBOX 360]
    Would prefer to pick one up at $199 (£118GBP at current exchange rate) than fork out £180 from A*azon or the like here in the UK.

    I do not believe it costs company X,Y or Z, over £60 to import each smaller than real size guitar from the US to Europe.

    I guess Europeans just being ripped off as per usual?

    Looks a great guitar though, any plans of a Les Paul ?! …
    Now a (Gold or White) Les Paul on the other hand.. that i would happily pay £180+ for 😉

  • Got mine yesterday. Absolutely love it. It is heavier than I originally thought it would be, but the weight actually feels good.

    Between this and my ION Drums, I am ready for Guitar Hero 5!

  • Hi Ruben,

    I’m am 100% positive there are many Canadians lined up for this, I know I have been anxiously waiting. Any word on how/when we might be able to get our hands on this. As of today, the Canadian Logitech site doesn’t have it listed.

  • WHY do PS3 owners get rewarded by getting the black or red color options? Why does the xbox360 owner only get the fruity orange and white color scheme?? ARGH!!!

    We should have an all black version, an all red version, a dark purple version with the flakes in the paint, all that good stuff! COME ON, RUBEN!

  • Ruben,

    I have had it preordered there for several weeks. I was just curious if there was an actual release date set. Amazon just says it ships in 2-4 weeks, but it has been saying that for several weeks.

  • Pretty sweet controller you’ve got there.
    any idea on when other colors will be available? I wanna get one asap when its available here (Europe), but orange really isn’t my thing.

  • I’m searching for the guitar for Xbox 360… but on you’r store there’s only the play station 3 edition….. i’m a italian guy and my question is:
    Where i can buy this item?


  • Well, thanks for releasing an Xbox version – we could certainly do with a high quality guitar controller to go with the decent drums on the market. However, I have to echo many people’s posts here : WHY THE COLOUR? (UK spelling :-P).

    Did you even bother to do market testing on this? If I were of a cynical slant I’d think you deliberately released a duff colour first in order to catch those who can’t wait, knowing you can get them to buy a 2nd guitar in a cooler colour later….hmm!

    Also not liking the GH logo – wonder if I’ll just be able to sand it off or it’s indented into the wood? I’ve played both games but stuck with Rockband due to the infinitely superior downloadable content.

    Lastly, full size version please! Who cares if it’s a little more difficult to play (I find that weird if it’s true?) – it’ll look way cooler! I assume the real reasons are that you don’t want to alienate those damnable kiddies or increase the unit price.

  • Hi Ruben,

    I’m very excited about this product, but I’ve a few questions if I may ask:

    1. I worried if the gloss finish of this guitar is nitrocellulose because it may react with my Stagg Guitar Stand. Can you say whether it reacts or not?

    2. Does this guitar have a motion tilt sensor for Star Power?

    3. Will the Xbox 360 model come to the stores of the Netherlands?

    Thank you for your time.


    • Hi Pieter,

      The finish is not a nitrocellulose or lacquer – we use a non-reactive (and nonflammable!) poly finish. So there is no risk of it reacting to the plastics on your guitar stand, or furniture. And yes, it does have the tilt sensor (as well as a manual switch) for engaging Star Power.

      The Xbox 360 version should be available in NL this month (I just checked, and there is inventory available in the Logitech distribution center now).

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben,

    its now september, thought this was due a european release in august?
    when is this going to be released in the UK?

    People with money to burn dont generally like to be left waiting.
    At this rate i’ll have to go old school with a (Beatles) Gretsch Duo.


  • Strong vote for either of the ps3 (black/black, red/white) color schemes. I’d love to buy a couple of these but I just can’t spend $400 for orange.

  • Hi, last Friday I got my brand new Logitech Guitar for the Xbox over here in Switzerland. The guitar looks great, I like the orange. The strum bar works perfect and the fret buttons too. I love to play with that guitar. But I have problem with the Whammy Bar. The Whammy Bar is too loose and is always slipping down and pointing to the ground by the end of a fast strumming song. I would like that the Bar stays in place near the strum bar; I expect this from an expensive Guitar.
    How loose is your Logitech’s Whammy Bar? Is mine an exception or are all Logitech Guitar Whammy Bar so lose? Is this a reason to exchange the Guitar or is there way to fix it by myself. I know ways to fix the cheap Word Tour guitar. But I think I will lose the Warranty If I open the Logitech Guitar. What should I do?
    Kind Regards Daniel

  • I have my Guitar and love it – is there a guitar bag I can buy for this thing? Either something manufactured by Logitech or some other bag that will fit this thing?

  • Hi from france !
    I wait during long time the xbox version of that guitar !
    today, i see it on local online stores… in orange !
    orange color is flashy, i agree… but we are not japanese guys !
    it will be awful near my ion drums and the blackness of my room…
    for europeen people, when will the black lovely model ?

    thanks !
    (and how is the strum bar in comparison of a redoctane guitar ?)

    • Hi HerveRV,

      The strum bar we designed uses optical technology — which means it has fewer moving parts, it feels smoother and it’s relatively quiet compared with standard guitar controllers. As for colors, we appreciate the feedback and will consider it for future editions. 🙂


  • Hi Jeff
    I will be waiting for another color for is just not my cup of tea!
    The black one is a stunner 😉

  • Thanks for your answer, Ruben !

    you said :
    “Why orange? Well, we will be adding and updating finishes on our guitar controllers periodically, and around the office in California, we have a number of bodies shot up in all sorts of colors and patterns for consideration. For the launch color of the Xbox guitar, we were looking for something eye-catching and unique, and I could give you the psychobabble about the power of orange in contemporary youth culture, blah, blah…”

    I totaly agree with the idea, the design must be done for the main client. (i hope my english is understandable…)
    if guitar hero is like many video games for young people, i am 26 years old, and many of my friend of this age play guitar hero too. we work, and the high price is not a real probleme for us. but it can be very high for a student. My vision of the clients spotted by this high end guitar is quite rich people. not sure we totaly are in love with flashy design.

    the last week end, i move into an other land to see the 2 days ‘metal females voices festival’, i see one very red et one very green flashy guitars on the same band. else are wood, or mostly dark glossy or mate guitars. sometimes they are a little colored, but mosly dark color.
    my feeling about that : with an flashy orange guitar, i do not look like my favorites bands ! i suppose it was your obective, or one of them.

    i hope my little story help you to see my vision of logitech products, i really like them. I try to make them “better” 😉

  • if look for the black edition for the ps3
    and it find that the frets color are not homogenous with the rest !
    ok, it’s only a game controller, but people who will buy the logitech guitar already have one or two guitars (4 for me…)
    i suppose we all know how playing, and the color of the frets are useless for us. why not design black frets, and just keep a little color circle viewable from the top of each fret will be sufficent 🙂

    message of a friend : “what about left handed players ?”

    thanks again for your answer !

    • Hi Dave,

      You’ll want to check out the black edition guitar for PS3. That will work with Rock Band.


  • Hello, Ruben! I have only one question. Is it possible to buy your wonderful music controllers in Russia?

    • Hi Dmitry,

      Unfortunately, our music controllers are currently not available in Russia. We will let you know if this changes in the future.


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