New Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M555b

A number of you have been asking for an updated Bluetooth mouse from Logitech, so I’m very excited to announce our newest mouse, the Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M555b. The M555b joins the V470 mouse in our lineup, so we now have two options for Bluetooth lovers. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the M555b mouse features hyper-fast scrolling, laser tracking and a low-battery indicator. It should be available in the next two weeks.

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    • Hi bbcy,

      Hyperfast -fast scrolling is a feature we introduced with the MX Revolution mouse. Basically, this scroll mode allows you to fly through long documents and Web pages with the flick of the finger (the wheel spins freely for up to seven seconds — until you put your finger back on it to stop it). If you prefer, you can switch modes back to the traditional \”ratchet\” mode by pushing down on the wheel. More information about hyper-fast scrolling is available here:

      Cheers, Delphine

  • Why can’t logitech release a bluetooth mouse with a thumb/back button?

    Great, it’s a new mouse, same as the usb version with a bluetooth transmitter shoved in.

    Where’s my back button? Are you really going to keep me looking at a microsoft mouse as the only decent bluetooth mouse for a mac? (You’re just lucky that you can’t push the left and right mouse buttons at the same time on the mighty mouse or i’d just stick with that nice shiny thing).

    c’mon guys….. get it together. give us an actual “range” of mouses, not two virtually identical models.

  • I held back from buying the v740 because it had no back / side buttons. I have like 10 logitech mice and love them all, between my home and my work. When I saw the m555b announced I was super psyched until I saw that it also has no back / side buttons?!?! What’s the deal? It’s the same exact mouse as the v470 in a slightly different format.

    • Hi step and spinedoc,

      With our software installed, you can program the tilt wheel to function as a forward/back button. You can also assign a command to the button below the scroll wheel.

      Cheers, Delphine

  • Hello,
    Does M555b will be available in different colors like the V550?
    Or simply in black (Macbook unibody user 🙂
    Thank you

  • Still waiting for new trackballs. Enough with the mice already, how many different kinds do you need?

  • We are in 2009, all mouses have back / forward buttons even the cheaper ones

    Sorry but this model is totally nonsense for me.

  • @Delphine

    Yes, I know you can “reprogram” the tilt controls (and that is what i usually do) – but considering the back buttons integration into so many games, this is a poor substitute (you run the risk of switching weapons while trying to perform some other important skill).

    Equally this is at the expense of the tilt controls, i know that it can be reprogrammed. It still feels like an amazing oversight on logitech’s part not to include a back button on it’s entire range of bluetoogh mice.

    (in fact as a retailer, i’ve had many customers decline many of logitech’s range, both bluetooth and usb, because of the lack of dedicated (or oddly placed) back buttons.

    I’ve had many customers (including myself) express remorse at the lack of a G7 or G9 like bluetooth mouse.

    I did in fact have one of the original logitech bluetooth mouses that lacked an on off button – but included a perfect feel, and a back button. All this mouse needed was an on/off switch, and it would be superior to every current logitech (or it’s competitors) bluetooth mouse.

  • Please point-out all 5 programmable buttons documented in your spec sheet, or correct it. I only “see” 3 possible (jump button, re-programming the left & right side-side tilt of the scroll wheel)

  • 1. Left button
    2. Right button
    3. button below scroll wheel
    4. left tilt
    5. right tilt

    Though I don’t really believe that tilt should be referred to as a button. This means you can’t side scroll, so the Apple BT mighty mouse is still more functional.

    Why doesn’t logitech make a competitor the Apple BT Mighty Mouse? It’s a huge market share with lots of customers that are happy to spend a lot on their equipment.

    • Hi Gigi,

      Different Logitech mice offer different features. If you are looking for a mouse with Bluetooth and Forward/Back buttons (and the option of reprogramming the tilt wheel is not ideal for you), you might want to consider our MX 5500 keyboard-and-mouse combination, which includes a Bluetooth version of the MX Revolution mouse.


  • i have a feeling the designers didn’t want the extra forward/back buttons to disrupt their minimalist design – which so many popular gadgets are moving towards..ok its just apple. but all the blatant branding on the mouse kind of defeats that. maybe they can take a leaf out of apples book of the mighty mouse and subtly include the forward and back buttons. apart from the very visually distracting logitech logo everything else looks pretty sweet.

    currently using the vx nano – its a great mouse apart from one thing, the document flip button sits behind the scroll wheel is very hard to press in terms of ergonomics, either have to move entire hand off and hold the mouse by my fingertips to press it or curl a finger back painfully – what if they placed it infront of the wheel?

  • I know about G7 , but its a somewhat old mouse ( Released almost 2 years ago ) and it has some problems because of it being that old.

  • Sorry Delphine but “buy MX5500” is not an answer.

    If I’m looking for a BT mini-mouse to use with my Notebook, it’s a nonsense to suggest to buy a complete desktop set.
    They are completely different products.

    Sorry but this time I’ll go for Trust mouse MI-8700Rp.
    It offers BT connectivity, back / next buttons, 1600dpi resolutions and costs less than 20 Euros.


  • Everyone seems to be crying about a “back button”, but I personally have a strong distaste for it. When I was looking into bluetooth mouse an year ago, I bought the V470 because I loved to use the tilt buttons for back and forward instead of a dedicated side button for back. It just feels more natural to use the tilt buttons.

    I’m not much of a gamer anymore, but I can understand if you need that dedicated “back button” for some serious gaming. If you are a serious gamer, you should probably be looking into a different mouse though, since bluetooth mouse are usually geared toward the laptop users.

    This new M555b looks very different from the V470 (and its similar/variants). I would love to give it a try. The one big complaint I have is that similar to the V470, the price for it is just so expensive. The v470’s build quality was not too great, I hope that’s not the case for the M555b. (If by any chance you would like to send me one for free, feel free to contact me Delphine 😛 )

  • Any news on when / if this will be available in the UK? I notice it’s not listed on the UK section of your website nor does it appear for sale on Amazon.

    • Hi Pete,

      This mouse should be available mid-July. I\’ll look into why it isn\’t listed on the UK site.

      Cheers, Delphine

  • This mouse blows. Why not come out with a bluetooth version of your VX Revolution? Why rehash a dead mouse? I agree with everyone else; add two thumb buttons. Programming the scroll wheel is not a viable alternative, it is a stupid one. Fire who ever designed this and the guy that said Yea, what a great design. This is just your 470 in black…ooooooo.

    @ Sherwin: Some of us do have gaming laptops.

  • Hi,
    When this mouse will be available in France?
    There is no mention about this mouse on the Logitech French website

    Thanks to Logitech to made this bluetooth mouse.

  • This looks like what I was looking for!

    Was looking to get a mouse for new mac, and I wanted bluetooth and hyperscrolling as I loved my VX Nano. Now I could have that!

    Just waiting for the UK release… already been out a couple of weeks in US.

  • What are the actual dimensions? I had LCC on my macbook pro but it didn’t recognize the mouse. I tried two different mice and neither one worked. I took both of them back to the store. Will this software work better for mac?

    • Hi Rick,

      Dimensions (L x W x H): 99.4 x 57.9 x 34.0 mm
      Weight: 68 grams without batteries (116 grams with 2 AA batteries)

      I\’m not sure what the situation was with the other mice, but the M555b is definitely compatible with Mac computers (with Mac OS® X10.3.9 or later)

      Cheers, Delphine

  • Thank you for responding Delphine. I want to purchase one but I have not seen any available yet. All of the web sites I visit say it is not available. Do you have an idea when it will be available?

    • Hi Rick,

      Assuming you\’re based in the U.S., it\’s available on and

      Cheers, Delphine

  • You mentioned that we were able to program the tilt buttons on the M555b bluetooth mouse to “Forward and Back” for an internet browser. The software included with the mouse I bought does not have “Back and Forward”. I have another Logitech Mouse on My PC at home and it can be programed with back and forward but it uses “Set Point” as software. Do I have to load this software as well as the software that came with my M555b? Or am I just not seeing the option on the dropdown menu? I am using a Macbook Pro running OS X.


    • Hi Bradley,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. To assign Back and Forward to tilt left/right or any other button, you need to install Logitech Control Center software (our Mac software, which can be accessed at You can then assign these keystrokes:
      -Back: \”left arrow\” + choose \”command\” as the modifier
      -Forward: \”right arrow\” + choose \”command\” as the modifier

      Hope this helps, Delphine

      P.S. If you\’d like me to email you a screen shot, I\’d be happy to do so.

  • I’m having trouble finding this mouse in Canada. Even the Canadian Logitech website doesn’t list the m555b, and none of the stores I’ve checked have-it either. Do you know where and/or when it’ll be available in Canada?


    • Hi Ricardo,

      With up to three months of battery life, the Bluetooth Mouse M555b minimizes the hassle of changing batteries. In addition, the low-battery indicator-light eliminates surprises by letting you know when it’s time to change batteries before they run out. To further maximize power, a smart Sleep mode turns the mouse off automatically after a period of non-use, and an On/Off switch helps to extend battery life.

      Cheers, Delphine

  • Delphine, with all due respect, the M555b is not really a good full-featured bluetooth mouse with features people want. People want dedicated “back” and “forward” buttons, and the “hyper-scrolling” feature is fantastic too.

    I’ve been using the MX Revolution, and it is terrific, but it’s not bluetooth (a major drawback for notebooks with very limited USB ports – I have a Macbook Pro). All Logitech needs to do is produce a bluetooth version of the MX Revolution as a stand-alone mouse, and you’ve addressed the gapping hole in the marketplace. Your suggestion to buy the MX5500 is sold as a set that includes an extended keyboard and mouse which is impractical, pricer than it needs to be, and overkill for users who want just a decent mouse.

    • Robert,

      Thank you for your feedback. One other option Logitech has that would help with the \’not enough USB ports issue\’ is our new Logitech Unifying technology. The Logitech Unifying receiver is a unique wireless receiver that can stay plugged into a laptop while in transit and controls up to six compatible Logitech mice and keyboards. This allows you to pick and choose the keyboard and mouse combination that fits your needs, lets you free up valuable USB ports on your computer and, at the same time, gives you the freedom to move from place to place without having to plug, unplug and keep track of the receivers from their peripherals each time. The Logitech Unifying receiver debuted with five new products: the Logitech® Keyboard K350, Logitech® Keyboard K340, Logitech® Wireless Mouse M505, Logitech® Performance Mouse MX and Logitech® Anywhere Mouse MX. Logitech Unifying products are easily identified by the Unifying icon, which appears on the products themselves, as well as on the pre-paired, bundled receiver.

      Cheers, Delphine

    • Hannibal and JR,

      Unfortunately at this time we do not plan to have this mouse available in Canada.

      Cheers, Delphine

  • Hi Delphine,

    the uniboard receiver can’t be the solution for users with a laptop with a low number of usb ports. If that was the solution we would just be using usb-hubs.
    What we really want (since long) is a full featured bluetooth mouse that isn’t either mini or too big. We have bought laptops to carry with, but we’d like to use a mouse when possible instead of our trackpads. So we need bluetooth, most of us want real 5 buttons, we like the fast scroll feature and for the price a loading craddle for at home would be very nice. I know I am describing the VX, but who is going to buy a 5500set and drop the ugly keyboard just to get a mouse?
    The m555b looks interesting I think, but reading the comments here doesn’t surprise me at all. The lack of a decent bluetooth mouse by logitech has been a topic since long and I wonder why logitech won’t listen.

  • What I want, and I suspect many others do, is a full-size, full feature Bluetooth mouse to use with my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro at home. It doesn’t have to be compact because it’s not the mouse I’d take when I travel anyway. I’d rather it be full-size or at least almost full-size so it fills my hand and has room for the features. But I am willing to buy to get Bluetooth and, like others, I’m wondering why Logitech isn’t listening. If you tell us you recognize the need for a full-featured Bluetooth mouse and it’s on the way, I’ll wait. But I don’t NEED another mouse so I won’t spend money on a compromise like the M555b and your suggestion about the 5500 is insulting. Good grief, if you can bundle that mouse in a set, why can’t you sell it separately? I’m a long-time fan but if I can’t buy what I want from Logitech, I’ll simply stay with the MX620 and two VXs I have or reluctantly, buy from another manufacturer.

  • PS – Sorry, meant to ask this in my post above. I note that your “Logitech Control Center for Macintosh® OS X” won’t install on machines that have upgraded to Snow Leopard (10.6) even though Logitech mice specs say “Mac OS® X 10.3.9 or later” is supported. When the installation fails, the error message says to go to but there’s nothing there about this. I know Snow Leopard is brand new but do you have any idea when a new Control Center will be released? Until then, I’m having to use third-party drivers to control the Logitech mice I have.

  • My favorite is the mouseman dual optical. Back in 2002 it is selling for $50 and is the equivalent to the G5 that we have today. 3 buttons and the back button is located just at the perfect location which is below your thumb. Nowadays you have to reach up to use the back button. If I have known that logitech is going to change the design, I would have bought 10 of them and stored it. FYI I’m still using mine even though the rubber at the bottom and around the thumb areas have peel off.

  • I’ve been using the M555b with my Macbook Pro for about a month now and there are things I really like about it. However, I seem to be having a problem with the cursor jumping or floating. It happens fairly often, like every 5-10 min or so and lasts for only a second or two but it’s really annoying. I tried using the steermouse driver and I had the same problem. Is this typical of BT mice? Any suggestions on how this can be resolved? Thanks.

  • I already own three bluetooth keyboards but have only on bluetooth mouse. I lost the other on. It would be nice to have a newer version of the MX Laser bluetooth mouse. And no I will not buy another keyboard mouse combo just to have the bluetooth mouse. I guess since logitech does not carry the product I want, then I just will not buy their products. This is most unfortunate because I hate Microsft mice.

  • The best design i think for a Laptop bluetooth mouse is:
    1. has thumb back/forward
    2. tilt-wheel
    3. smaller size, because its for a laptop
    4. and most importantly for power:
    a. should use rechargeable AAA instead of non-rech. AA (same reason as #3)
    b. this 1 is tricky- has a usb slot to accept standard usb cables for charging the battery from a laptop because i cant imagine changing/buying battery every 3 months. Putting in a charging dock instead would be dumb because mouse shld be self-contained.

    If Logitech is really a smart mice then should have no problem manufacuring what is sensible.

  • Hi!

    Just out of curiosity: Why has the clip-and-go feature seen in the logitech v550 been removed? I consider this one of the most useful features of a laptop mouse I’ve ever seen. And quite a few of my colleagues have been so impressed by this that it actually made them buy the v550.


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