New Ultimate Ears UE 4 Pro Custom Monitors Designed for Emerging Artists

Hi, I’m Paul. I’ve been working at Ultimate Ears for three years and am responsible for product marketing of the UE custom products. I have a passion for music and play in a 3-piece band with some original songs and some covers — mostly do a lot of gigs for various charities and causes.

Today we announced the UE 4 Pro, an affordable custom product that I recommend for any emerging artist who might be a first timer on in-ear monitors. Our monitors have helped countless singers and musicians stay on key vocally and musically and are considered by many artists to be the secret to delivering fantastic performances. But you don’t have to take my word for it… Mark McGrath and the rest of Sugar Ray recently stopped by our Irvine, California office to jam in our music studio. I think their enthusiasm for the product is evident (and no, we did not pay them). 🙂


Director of Product Development, Ultimate Ears

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  • Hey Paul, congratulations on your recent acquisition. I sincerely hope you do not destroy Ultimate Ears like you did Harmony. I really appreciate spending $350 on a universal remote only to be told that I’m entitled to a 90-day support window.

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