Windows SideShow Now Available for Logitech G15 and G19 Keyboards

One of the most frequently requested features for our GamePanel-enabled devices is support for Windows SideShow. In particular, Windows Vista users have identified the G19 keyboard’s vibrant color screen as an ideal display for the numerous SideShow gadgets available from Microsoft and other companies. Now, thanks to a collaborative effort with Microsoft’s Windows SideShow team, we are announcing support for this feature.

Yesterday, we launched the new 3.02 software to enable Windows SideShow to work on G-series keyboards and gameboards. This software supports both monochrome and color GamePanel devices, including the G13 gameboard, G15 and G19 keyboards, as well as the Logitech Z-10 speakers and the new SpacePilot PRO from 3DConnexion.

Head on over to Microsoft’s Windows SideShow page for more information on SideShow, as well as access to gadget downloads. Or, if you’re a developer who wants to code your own SideShow gadgets, click here.


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