Logitech G35 Headset: Under the Hood

As G35 shipments begin arriving around the world in the next month, I wanted to take this opportunity to tackle some common questions we’ve been asked about our new headset (e.g. console compatibility, audio latency, and what in the world we mean by “laser-tuner” speaker drivers). Also, does 7.1 surround sound work or is it all marketing hype? I’ll try my best to demystify the surround-sound technology used in the G35 and compare it to other options on the market.

How does G35 surround sound work?
Creating an enveloping surround sound experience with G35 starts with accurately reproducing in-game sound effects, music, and movie soundtracks through its laser-tuned speaker drivers. While most headsets are designed using only traditional acoustic measurements to optimize their performance, G35 drivers are designed using the latest laser measurement technology that helps us analyze the physics behind the mechanical motion of the driver and pinpoint areas creating unwanted distortion so G35 can reproduce your multimedia content in high fidelity.

Another way G35 enhances the listening experience is through its unique circumaural (around-the-ear) design that features a closed-back acoustic chamber to both increase low frequency (bass) response and improve noise isolation. Strong noise isolation minimizes both ambient noises from entering the ear cup and headset audio from leaking out.

With a great acoustic system in place, G35 is primed for surround sound. The headset captures up to seven discrete channels of audio data plus the Low Frequency Effects (LFE) channel—a combination otherwise known as 7.1 surround sound—from games and movies. Embedded in the G35 PC software is Dolby Headphone, an advanced psychoacoustic algorithm that perceptually positions each surround sound channel in the correct location. As a result, G35 users hear multi-channel content the way game developers and movie producers intended it to be heard.

For content that is not multi-channel, such as MP3 files and YouTube videos, G35 can add listening depth by first decoding the audio with Dolby Pro Logic II, a technology that detects the directional cues that occur naturally in stereo content to create a surround sound playback experience. Users most commonly describe this listening experience as sounding more natural because the audio seems to emanate from around your head instead of right on top of your ears.

G35 also includes a switch on the headset to turn off surround sound technologies for when standard stereo output is desired. This is particularly useful when talking in a game lobby or on a Skype call because without background music or sound effects, voices by themselves can become victim to too much reverberation (echo) applied by the surround sound technology.

Will G35 surround sound work for everyone?
Not quite everyone. There is a small slice of users who won’t hear the full effect of surround sound. Despite what other companies may claim, any technology trying to recreate surround sound in small enclosures like headsets or headphones will always face the fundamental limitation that no two people hear sounds in the same way. The reason for this is that each person’s auditory system is specially trained to localize sound waves bouncing off the unique shape of his or her ear, head, and torso; this is known as the head-related transfer function (HRTF).

A surround sound technology for headsets and headphones that accounts for all HRTF variations is not available today, but with G35, we address the vast majority of users. In fact, in our recent G35 beta test*, 96% of the participants (all of whom extensively played PC games) scored the G35 surround sound performance highly.

*Beta test conducted among PC gamers in January 2009.

How does G35 surround sound differ from other headsets with Dolby technology?
G35 is the first computer headset powered by second-generation Dolby Headphone technology that processes 7.1 surround sound. Some other computer headsets on the market use Dolby technologies only to interpolate surround sound from stereo (2-channel) content—a process called upmixing. Other headsets with an optical (TOSLINK) connection are limited in bandwidth to 5.1 and are not typically supported by soundcards, particularly on laptop computers.

How does G35 differ from other types of surround sound headsets?
The Dolby technologies embedded in G35 employ psychoacoustics—the science of how humans perceive sound—to position audio elements around the user’s head. Psychoacoustic algorithms work best when fed complete, discrete surround sound audio data. By capturing and processing more channels of audio, G35 can produce a more accurate and detailed soundfield than other headsets.

Other types of surround sound headsets that don’t use psycoacoustic algorithms contain multiple speaker drivers in each ear cup to try to recreate a surround sound speaker system on top of the ears. But because each speaker is only millimeters apart, the ears (and subsequently the brain) can have difficulty discerning between audio originating from in front, to the side, and behind the user. And people perceive directionality of audio by the slight difference in time it takes sound to reach one ear versus the other, an effect G35 accounts for but multi-driver headsets typically do not. Lastly, with such small drivers packed into a relatively tight space, the overall audio quality is often compromised with multi-driver headsets.

How do I set up G35 on my computer?
With G35, all you need to do is install the G35 PC software and plug in G35 to a USB port. No special sound cards, adapters or other hardware is required.

Most action games released today support surround sound output. After plugging in G35, start the game and select the 7.1 or 5.1 option if available in the game audio settings menu. Some games will detect the capabilities of the active audio device and automatically configure the audio output to the maximum number of channels supported.

Blu-ray Disc or DVD movies may require third-party movie playback applications with additional Dolby or DTS decoders necessary for a complete surround sound experience. Check the application developer’s website to find out if the version of your movie player includes multi-channel Dolby or DTS decoders for your movie.

Does the surround sound processing cause any audio latency?
No. The processing is virtually instantaneous. In our test labs**, surround sound processing occurred in less than 1 millisecond. Most people can only begin to detect audio latency when the delay is greater than 125 milliseconds***.

**Tested on computers with an Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66 GHz processor. 2 GB RAM, nVidiaGeForce 8600 GTS, and Windows Vista 32-bit Ultimate edition.


Will the G35 PC software affect my computer’s performance?
No. The G35 PC software and Dolby technologies are extremely efficient. Measurements taken in our test labs* conclude that there is no noticeable change in frame rate when surround sound processing is turned on. The G35 implementation of surround sound processing makes expensive external Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) completely unnecessary.

*Tested on computers with an Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66 GHz processor. 2 GB RAM, nVidiaGeForce 8600 GTS, and Windows Vista 32-bit Ultimate edition.

What else can the G35 PC software do?
In addition surround sound processing, G35 PC software includes real-time voice morphing. Change the pitch and timbre of your voice using one of six presets that can morph your voice to a Troll, Mutant, Alien, Giant, Cyborg, or the always-popular Space Squirrel.

G35 PC software allows you to customize the actions of the three G-keys located on the headset. You can control popular media players such as iTunes and Windows Media Player, send commands to chat applications like Ventrilo, tweak your microphone gain level, or enable voice morphing on the fly – all without leaving the game.

Audio parameters, including master volume, bass, treble, and microphone gain, can also be controlled in the G35 PC software.

What game audio technologies does G35 work with?
The G35 is compatible with all common audio APIs used by game developers, including OpenAL and DirectSound. EAX, a proprietary set of hardware-resident libraries is not supported by G35, however, for years now, games that include support for EAX also support one of the common audio APIs, and so G35 won’t miss a beat with surround sound playback.

What operating systems does G35 support?
G35 is fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Does G35 work with video game consoles?
Consoles like Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 do not output in-game audio through their USB ports, therefore G35 is not compatible with those consoles.


Director of Product Marketing, Gaming Business Unit


  • I’ve been using the G35’s for awhile now, and I must say they are exceptional. I wish there was the option to use it for console gaming as well, though obviously they are dolby digital and decode, not connect to an optical and read 5.1+ audio straight through.

    What I have found annoying is that when unplugging the headset, the software starts to steal RAM. Considering my current machine has 8GB, it takes awhile to notice any slowdown, but for whatever reason it hogs resources when unplugged.

    I also found the majority of the applications for the buttons on the G35 to be useless. I never, ever use them. If they had some real functionality, like allowing users to assign any function they wanted, that would be great. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

    The surround switch is also frustrating, mainly because it is impossible to know if you switched to surround or to stereo unless you’ve memorized the placement or if you are looking at the taskbar, which if you’re in a game is not the best thing be required to do.

    Aside from that, it’s an exceptional set of headphones. The audio quality is very good…I mistook them for my Razer Mako’s, which are excellent audiophile-quality speakers, when I forgot to switch over to my headphones. They have very deep audio, which is incredible. Good read to explain how it all works.

    • James,

      Thanks for letting us know what\’s working and what we could improve on G35. It\’s feedback from you and others that helps us continually improve our products.

      We are in the final stages of qualifying a patch for the Vista memory leak you mentioned. Check for a software update next week that fixes that issue.

      You\’re not the first to request that we expand the capabilities of the G-keys on G35. We\’ll certainly consider this when discussing future upgrades.

      Hopefully not before too long it becomes second nature to flip the surround sound switch up for stereo and down for surround sound. We did try giving some sort of audible notification when activating surround sound, but it ended up being more distracting than helpful.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Thx James for your user review. Gives the effort Ruben (thank you to, ofcourse) put into this article some essential “street cred”. I’m getting one for sure. If only -and here we go again- they finaly become available in the rest of the world!!! 🙁

  • I’ve been itching to get these for a while now. I finally am putting together a new gaming PC and need a headset so I can play and not bother the misses. I’ve always loved Logitech products so I can’t wait to get mine. Can we get a real release date???

    • @Teo and Donald,

      We\’ve already sold through our initial units in the U.S. (both on Logitech.com and Amazon). The next shipment arrives at our distribution center the week of May 22 and we’ll be shipping to Amazon as well as other retailers that week.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Thanks for providing this more in depth look at what is shaping up to be a great headset! I was wondering if Logitech has done any investigation on utilization of the G35 under the Linux operating system. As a Linux user, I tend to make purchasing decisions upon compatibility. While I would love if Logitech would provide a driver for the full feature set under Linux at launch, I would be interested to know if without any specialized driver the G35 will work as a standard USB stereo audio device? While Linux users are a small but growing market share, we take great pride in recommending companies that make supported hardware (Like the G15’s SDK for development of LCD apps!), and continue to hope the G35 follows this trend. Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Blackstone,

      I remember you asking a similar question on the original G35 thread, and I remember writing a reply – but clearly I didn\’t actually post it (sorry – brain fade!). Although I have not personally tested the G35 on Linux, I am told that the performance is mixed – and without the Logitech software installed, you would lose the advanced features of the G35 anyway (Dolby Headphone 7.1, voice morphing, mic mute, G button functions, etc..). So unfortunately we can\’t recommend the G35 today as a Linux product.

      I\’m sorry because in general, our philosophy with all the G-Series products is to enable continual upgrades over the product lifetime – e.g. if you bought the original G15 keyboard in September 2005, you\’ll still find us today adding/exposing new features, applets and compatibility through regular driver updates.

      Thanks for your positive feedback on our work on releasing user SDKs – as a result, there are some outstanding community-created applications available for the other G-Series products. However, the effort in maintaining and distributing SDKs and low-level tools is not trivial and Linux tools in particular need quite some architectural planning by us to ensure that user-created applets \”play fair\” together (and are forward-compatible with products we haven\’t yet told you about :-)) so it\’s still in our plans for G-Series products going forward.

      But again, I\’m sorry that I can\’t give you positive news on the G35 for Linux.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Some stockist like Overclockers, eBuyer and Scan have already had stock. I had mine delivered yesterday

  • Hi! I’m seriously pondering purchasing this headset, however I read that the surround sound features aren’t available in all games. I also read that it works in Call of Duty 4 (though you need to set it to 5.1), however I intend to play Call of Duty 5, is there any sort of input concerning the games that are fully compatible? (Appart from this review – http://www.everythingusb.com/logitech-g35-surround-sound-gaming-headset-15909.html – which doesn’t include Call of Duty 5).

    Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soon!


    • Hi Cyril,

      It looks like you\’re based in Canada. We offer an 866 number, which should be toll free, as well as e-mail support. Our customer-support team will certainly work with you to replace your defective headphones.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben, I’ve been tracking this product for a while now, and I’m definitely interested in buying it… But it appears it’s not yet out in Canada. Do you have any idea when the G35 will be released in Canada at retail stores such as BestBuy?

  • @Edgar

    The G35 does not support Call of Duty 5 as of version 1.4 in either XP or Vista; Surround sound can’t be initialized in-game. The game’s still under development (at least I think it is… right Mr. Kotick?!) so there’s still some hope for a patch.

    • Hi Darkwipe,

      We don\’t officially support or test G35 with Macs, but it should work with the latest version of OS X as a standard stereo headset with mic. One report on our forums confirms this.

  • Ordered this from Amazon last night and shipped out already, will be here Tuesday! This is actually the first pair of headphones I’ve ever purchased let alone something this cool looking and by the reviews, this cool sounding. Just got a G19 keyboard a couple days ago to and it ownz, can’t wait to hook these up too!

  • I must say that this headset is one of the best I have ever used. Even using two hundred dollar studio headphones, these are nearly indistinguishable in terms of audio quality, or comfort. The feature set is phenominal for such a device. The volume roller on the left earphone is a perfect feature, and the sound format selection makes it even better. The included headband cushions also, while they may seem like overkill, help a lot with comfort. The G-keys, while a little light on function and versatility, are wonderful for background applications while gaming, such as skipping tracks and pausing/playing music while playing games. The 7.1 surround sound is phenominal, and everything is easy to locate. The bass capabilities make it pretty fun to take a rocket to the face even. They’re skull-rattling if you set the bass high enough, but the sound never gets too muddy to hear the mids and highs. Many are saying the price of this headset is too much, but for the quality and the features they bring to the table, they’re worth exactly what they cost.

    And I also would just like to say that it’s fantastic to see that there are Logitech representatives involved in talking to customers, potential or veteran alike. It’s good to see that a company cares and is working their hardest to keep customer satisfaction at a maximum. Thank you for caring about us.

    Now aside from that sounding like a suck up session, these headphones absolutely dominate. GET THEM! They’re matte black so they just can’t get much more attractive. I look forward to more features and updates. Thanks guys.

  • Well I got my pair from Amazon finally and was hoping for better than what I got, The two optional headpads were completely misshaped and unusable (who’s in charge of quality inspection?), and they are not very comfortable after more than 30 minutes of use. I have to extend them as far as they go so they fit on my head and my head isn’t that big…..

    I love the bass on these headsets though.

    This is the 6th Logitech product I have purchased and it remains the only one in which I am truly dissapointed.

  • Hi,

    I just bought the G35’s today.

    I have to say, I was a bit antsy about them because are USB headphones, and pretty much all previous USB headphones I’ve had (both Logitech and other companies) had terrible audio processing, distortion, and lack of features. Most of them didn’t even have working microphones. But no more!

    Worried that I was going to have to take the G35’s back to Best Buy right after I bought them, I pulled out my laptop in the car and plugged the headphones in for a test drive. I started playing COD4 and was LITERALLY blown away by the quality of the headset (not that hard, considering I was expecting the worst of them) Crisp audio, extremely clean mic, and very comfortable fit.

    Not only are they comfortable (I did swap out the standard headband with the cushiest one) but they are very well built. Sure they’re a tad on the heavy side…but I’ve always liked heavy headsets. And they appear to be pretty robust for that weight too. My last headset that weighed this much (and wasn’t as well balanced) was a Razer Barracuda- it broke at one of the earpieces in 3 months- something I’ve heard they do fairly frequently. But as far as I can tell, the G35’s do not have the “breakable” flaw in their construction. I beat on my G5 and G15 every day…been going strong for the last year and a half. I expect the G35 will do as well.

    The G35’s do appear to be a studio-grade headset, my only regret is they don’t support 24bit audio. But they do a fantastic job at 16bits, they put to shame the sound output of the Barracudas at 24 bits. It’s clean and strong, but not blown out on the bass or treble like a few headsets I’ve tried. They also process MIDI files…a first…I have never encountered a USB headset previously that natively played MIDI files (albeit, some of them were cheaper Logitech variants).

    My only complaint I have with them right now is the lack of configuration options for the headset. The 7.1 audio does sound fantastic…but as was said in one of Ruben’s posts earlier, it doesn’t work for everyone- me included. Actually, it works for my left ear, but not my right (which I am partially deaf in). My right ear hears the right rear sound the same as the right side, and the right front to some extent. I would be very happy if there was a way to set “virtual distance and location” for the Dolby processing- if I could have the right rear speaker simulated farther back and to the center-right I would hear it correctly (something I could adjust with my Barracudas).

    But overall, I am very much pleased with this headset.

  • For the previous Canadians looking for these (myself included). They appear to be for sale on the Dell Canada website.

  • I’m an audio engineer and the technical specifications listed on the website are vague. Do the G35’s have separate (discrete) drivers for each surround channel?


  • Okay so I have done some more research and figured out how these puppies work. They are not true 7.1 surround headphones and the fact that they are allowed to advertise these as such is crazy. They accept 7.1 yet they can only truly reproduce stereo (effectively 2.0).

    They use software to EMULATE surround by GUESSING how the shape of your head, shoulders and ears affect sound. All reviews conveniently neglect to mention this, I have read some reviews were people have asked this question in the comments section, only for the reviewers to respond incorrectly suggesting they are true surround (i.e. 7 full bandwidth discrete surround channels and 1 bandwidth limited low frequency effects channels). Its a digital emulation of the real thing; like shooting a gun in a game compared to shooting one in real life.

    Impressive software, disappointing hardware.

    • Hi Si,

      In the early stages of G35, we evaluated all types of surround sound solutions for headsets. From our listening tests, we felt that the Dolby psycoacoustic technology, when fed discrete surround sound channels like in G35, delivers the most convincing personal surround sound experience. I think this is reflected in early feedback from G35 customers on Logitech.com, Amazon, and Newegg. To your point, though, there are some products on the market today that employ the same or similar technologies as G35 and make surround sound claims even though they are designed to only expand or up-mix a stereo signal.

      Multi-driver headsets were also part of our evaluation. We were not impressed by this solution, as it could not meet the audio localization or overall acoustic performance we set out to achieve in G35.

  • Hi, i bought G35 and i have also Logitech Z-Cinema … and when i unplug the G35 the speakers don`t want to play. I have to turn on and off few times the z-cinema starting icon to make the speakers work 🙁 Would be nice if you could make all of your products compatible.

    Other thing is that my … head is hurting me after few hours of using G35 … i think the material which protects head is too shallow so i can fell the plastic on my head. I play a lot – 5 hours a day, sometimes 10 – and after that time i feel huge relief when i take the G35 off 🙁 Shouldn`t be like that.

    And a small tip – you should make the microphone with green light and option – “turn on light when microphone is on” – so when we are using the G35 and the micro is in on position so we see it. When we see no light – the micro is off. This solution is better because when micro is in off position – the light didn`t have to be on all the ime (as it is all the time now).

    • Hi e-tomek,

      Please contact customer support for help resolving your audio device management issue.

      For headband comfort, have you tried attaching one of the other headband pads included with the G35? Each pad has a unique shape and thickness that impacts not only the comfort on the top of the head, but also the pressure distribution on the ear pads.

      Thanks for submitting your idea for the mic light behavior. While I can\’t guarantee it will make it into a future software update, we definitely take customers\’ feedback into consideration.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Ah .. i re-think the tip and it`s better as it is now, because the G35 is used for playing – and voip, so when microphone is off – then the G35 is probably not needed, and when microphone is on so we don`t see the light all the time (during playing).

  • Hi, it`s me again 🙂 I changed the pad and it`s better. But i was wondering … they are named A,B,C. A is the thinest … but the thickest is B, however you could think that should be C.

    And i got 1 more tip, very often when i play people tells me that they hear squirrel … yes, i have a squirrel mode as G3. But i don`t know when it`s activated, and when not. I have to go very often to G35 control panel to check it. Would be nice if we could hear some voice, for egzample: “G1 activated”, “G1 deactived” or there should be light on each of those button, however voice message would be more friendly.

    And the G35 surround switch button … works really hard,

  • Hi,
    I was hoping to use the G35 for both gaming on the computer and also using it on other devices that have 3.5mm jacks. Is there a small converter available to convert the USB to the 3.5mm jack and if so will the headset provide at least the same/similar quality sound as a regular Headset?


    • Hi Smaf,

      Due to enumeration and power requirements of G35, USB is the only option for connecting the headset.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi Ruben,

    Well thanks for replying to my query so quickly. Its a pity i can’t use it in the way stated above but all the same i think its well worth my time, effort & money to purchase a set for PC gaming!

    Thanks again!


  • I must say these headphones for the home pc user are awsome. The feel and look are great but the mic foldback is just terrible. When playing a game I like to have foldback to hear how clear my speech is coming through and it gets really annoying with the half a second delay. Still trying to search for a way to hopefully fix this but I’m starting to feel it’s just the design. Is there a way to correct this issue? As my only gripe with these headphones is the foldback.

    • Hi Matthew,

      The Voice Preview feature in the G35 software is designed with a half-second delay to make it easy to hear the level of your voice and the voice morphing effects (if activated). If you want a live preview of your voice, try adjusting the sidetone in the OS. Logitech customer support has created instructions to adjust sidetone in both XP and Vista. If you’re still having problems achieving the effect you want, post a note on our support forums and be sure to include your basic computer specs.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Sounds like pretty cool headphones, unfortunately, I’d never pay $120 for headphones without a replaceable cable (Ideally cuffs as well). I go through at least one headphone cable a year because either the right or left channel ends up dead. While I suspect the USB cable is a bit sturdier than standard headphone cables, I worry about a broken cable rendering the whole thing useless.

  • I’m here only to say that i got one of these, here in brazil (were i live) and its absolutely amazing sound quality, and i’m now really considering get the logitech G19 keyboard, i’m just a litle afraid because i drink when playing so my keyboard right now is waterproof (A4 Tech) and now i’m trying to find somewhere i can put my coke when playing where its imposible to hit so my keyboard will survive, then i will buy the keyboard, my mouse is a logitech G5 and is absolutely amazing too, thank you logitech =D

  • For those asking about using the G35 headset in Linux – I just got mine today, and am please to report that in Fedora 11, the G35 works flawlessly as a stereo headset and microphone, with the possible exception of the maximum volume being a tad on the low side, but i haven’t verified that yet as that could be completely caused by the sound hardware on the box i was using at the time, without any work on my part, the G buttons on her left side mapped as follows (only tested in rhythmbox):

    G1 = Next track
    G2 = Play/Pause
    G3 = Previous track

    (i may have G1 and G3 switched, minor detail)

    Also the volume knob worked just fine and although i didn’t try the mute button, i have no reason, given the rest of the results, to doubt that it works and does something reasonable.

    I would certainly recommend this headset to a fellow Linux user who is willing to accept it “only” working as a stereo headset and mic

  • Hi. I would like to thank Logitech for making such a fantastic headset! The Turtle Beach HPA2 with the Montego DDL isn’t too great. The G35 offers better surround, seriously. Thank you Logitech driver development team and hardware engineering crew!!

  • I’m looking into buying the G35, as I’ve been told that it has awesome quality. Though I’m very keen on playing WOW, I’m mostly interested in the performance of the G35’s mic, and it’s voice recording quality. All the mics I’ve had, have given me problems when recording, as there is always a noise (probably due to the 3.5 connection- though connected to a Soundblaster Audigy). I would like to know whether the G35 allows to record voice cleanly and without that sybillant and annoying background noise. Thanks in advance and congratulations for making this headset that has achieved world wide popularity.


  • Well, i’ve read all the stuff about G35 on the web and I it seems to be a real nice headphones. The only thing I didn’t find a lot of info about – is listening to the music. Everyone’s talking about gaming, but I care about bass depth and high quality mp3 music equally much. And the obvious disadvantage of this headset is surely disability to connect it to iPod or some other music device without standard USB port.

    Therefore, I would appreciate your comments on music quality, but doubt that I’m gonna read it, cause this headset will be mine in less than six hours, adding to my G5 mouse and G19 keyboard (this device cost me over 300$ in Moscow – that’s insane!)/

    Thank you, Logitech! You are the best!

  • Ouch, I was too fast with my excited post :P.

    There’s one more thing I came across, and I really need an advice here. As I understood, G35 has it’s own audio card? The fact is that I got a Creative X-Fi installed on my PC, and people generally say that such audio card + average headphones are better than G35 in terms of sounding. Like G35 is really awesome for systems with built-in audio (motherboards), notebooks and stuff, but not so good comparing to good audio card + average headset. Can you give an honest advice (as you always do) in this respect? Thank you beforehand.

  • Hi all,

    Just wondering about the build quality, ive seen people complain about the velcro backing peeling off. also people have had hissing or static noises, what could cause this


  • Great headset but seriously if it doesn’t work on PS3, it’s useless. Maybe you guys should convince Sony to change their ways.

  • I have used it the headset for some time now. and found it annoying that it minimizes my game every hour. and the 7.1 surround . is very annoying because if it were directly just set to Headphones the quality of the sound would be better. i also think the bass is great, when there acturly is some, because to get some of the bass i have to set the diktant all the way down. and then the overall quality becomes worse, because it sound like your just setting your fingers for your ears.

    i hope there will be an update that will make the driver stop minimizing. and that there is a bass boost in it also. my other headset i had the bass and quality were VERY good. but unfortunatly the wire broke.

  • btw. Gergory, i have the same “problem” i also have an Creative X-Fi gamer sound card, and the quality is better than on the G35, so im also woundering about it is able to get sound from the soundcard into the headset insted of using the headsets driver.

    hopefully that will be in an update.

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