Ultimate Ears Artists to Watch Program

Every once in a while, we come across a new artist who we think is the cat’s pajamas, the bee’s knees, or – in other words – super duper. Take Ryan Star. He’s just released a new album and it’s currently burning up my iPod.

We’ve decided to share these new-found gold nuggets of sound with people who come to visit our site. After all, we know that you love music just as much as we do and don’t want you to get stuck in the rut of listening to the same artists again and again, which we know happens far too easily. The Artists to Watch program at Ultimate Ears features an eclectic mix of musicians from all over the world in just about any genre you can imagine. For each artist that we add, we’ll include a biography, links to the artist’s Web site, as well as a sample of some of their music via our online UE boom box. So check it out – you’re bound to find at least one new artist whose sound is perfect for you.

Oh, and if you know a band that you think we should check out, post a comment here!


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  • Hey guys, nice to be here today.
    I highly am recomending everyone out there who likes Rock/soul/R&B to buy the Welsh singer, Duffy’s Album, Rockferry. It encludes the hit song, Mercy. It is available from the Amazon website.
    Thanks for your support xxx

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