Logitech in the News: Thieves Nabbed on Logitech Video Security System (WiLife)

On Wednesday, a Logitech Video Security System customer, Jeanne Thomas, logged into her WiLife account while at work and was shocked to see thieves in the act of robbing her home. She quickly called the police and within minutes, 18 officers had arrived and surrounded the house before arresting the burglars. Her story was featured on CBS Early Show this morning – the video footage is pretty amazing. Jeanne’s story has also been featured in:

In other Logitech-related news:


Chief Product Officer, WiLife


  • Great info as usual, Thanks for your time and effort invested in writing great content to share with all.

  • Why isn’t there a version of WiLife remote video monitoring app for iPhone? You are missing out. Windows media phones suck and I ditched mine for iPhone like millions others. Please make wilife video app for iPhone in iPhone app store or at least update your website to allow iPhone supported streaming format of video.

  • I noticed in the 911 call the woman had trouble seeing the suspects because of darkness. Why don’t you build an infra red illuminator into the camera. Voila! Night vision.
    Gee whiz, what a novel idea for a “surveilance” camera.

    Other than the lack of night vision I think Logitech has a good start on a nice home security system. Albeit a little pricey for a webcam in a weather proof box. I can see paying the $374.00 for the master system because it comes with the software and a camera. But the additional cameras are way over priced for what they do @ $279.00 ea.. You’d make more money on the cameras by selling larger Quantities at lower prices rather than trying to make a mint of a few cameras. Comon now. Consumers these days are looking for a fair product at fair prices. We know webcams when we see them. fancy wraper or not.

    • Hi Jason,

      Night vision is a great feature and one that we have offered as an accessory to our indoor cameras for years. Learn more here. This is a great option for anyone looking to place an indoor camera in low light conditions. While I cannot comment on future Logitech products or release dates, rest assured that this exciting surveillance line will continue to grow with additional impressive products.

      Which leads me to your second comment. How nice it would be if these powerful surveillance cameras were simple webcams in a different shell. In fact, these cameras have significantly more processing power than the average webcam. This extra horsepower is required in order to provide superior video quality both locally and over the Internet, while maintaining small files for minimal storage space and low bandwidth requirements for quality online video delivery. They also include hassle free powerline networking which eliminates the cable. Remember, webcams are tethered to your PC with a short USB cable which is not very practical for most surveillance applications. Try setting a webcam up in the garage as a security system and you\’ll quickly appreciate the extra cost involved in making the Logitech Video Security System so powerful and simple to setup and use.

      Thanks for your comments.

      Cheers, Evan

  • Everyone has an app for iPhone. Why isn’t there a wilife video monitoring app for iPhone?

  • Me too – I love my wilife system – inexpensive, easy to set up – and agree with other comments above that an iphone App would cement the system as a no-brainer

  • Great technology that is easy to set-up and use.

    You need an IPhone application to make it complete

  • You need to make an Iphone app ASAP! It’s safe to say the iphone isn’t going anywhere and is the new standard this kind of technology. I agree with the poster who said the iphone app will solidify wilife as a product. I too love it, but need iphone support stat. When i called a wilife tech they said to check the internet for a workaround…one that I have yet to find. Also, while I am on the subject of product upgrades…audio is a key component missing from your product. You need to develop two key updates…iphone application, and audio…both are necessary and probably will help you double or triple your sales ASAP!

    • Hi iphone (and the rest of the iphone app commenters :-)),

      Trust me, we hear you loud and clear, but unfortunately, I\’m not at liberty to reveal information about our future plans with regard to products. I wish I could say more, but I can\’t. Sorry!

      Best, Evan

  • From Sydney, Australia:

    Another iPhone user who has just come home with two WiLife cameras only to discover that they ARE NOT viewable on the iPhone. Very disappointing, Logitech.

    Please listen to your customer base and get cracking on some iPhone compatibility, either a native app or a simple web portal. Thank you

  • iPhone iPhone iPhone. How could any product developer not be aware of the need for an iPhone app? Have you been living under a rock? Time to fire the current product genius and hire some new people that understand the marketplace

  • iPhone app could be nice, I bought four cams, and it works perfect, but I think I will return it in 30 days if there are no plans for iPhone support

  • Just another request for an iphone app. I bought a second windows mobile phone just to use to view my cams, what a waste of money and a hassle. I’ve been very dissapointed that an app has not been developed and or released as of yet. I’d even pay up to 25 dollars for the damn app! So frustrating to have such a great surveilance system and no support for the Best Phone out there. I’m starting to consider alternatives and just ebay ing my whole wilife system. : (

  • Evan,
    Just bought 3 wilife cams. Sweet product. I too would like iphone support. Please don’t only offer it with the next series wilife just to turn a buck from your customers who bought the first version. Thanks

  • I asked for built-in night-vision when I bought the camera almost a year ago. This technology has been around for many years, it should not take this long to release this type of camera. I have not purchased any add-on cameras as I keep waiting for the IR. Many other companies release their time tables for high-demand features, like IR and IPhone support, why be so secretive? We are mostly already customers, just tell us what to expect.

  • Still no iPhone app?? Come on….

    I was so dissapointed several months ago when I found out I couldn’t see the video on my iPhone. My initial though was to return the product, the only reason I didn’t was that I figured maybe I could find some way to make it work. Well I couldn’t, and I’m somewhat dissapointed I didn’t return the product. Haven’t used it in months, but would love to dust it off and get some use out of it. If there were an iPhone app, I would probably buy one or two additional cameras.

    Hopefully we’ll see something soon, or else I just have to go buy something that supports the iPhone…

  • iPhone app.

    I have WiLife at home and business and am now looking for iPhone compatible alternatives. I’m not suggesting developing a good app is as simple as the other posters are suggesting, but the lack of one is becoming a significant competitive disadvantage for an otherwise excellent product.

    Get cracking!

  • I’m really glad I saw this page. I’m curently in the market for a security cam setup and ihone support is a deal breaker for me. The fact that requests having been pouring in since June and now in October things still haven’t changed, logitech helped me decide not to buy their product. A friend of mine who owns a prominent mercedez repair shop was also recently asking me about sec cam ihone monitoring as well. Guess I’ll be advising him against logitrch as well.

  • Hello, I just made the switch from an AT&T tilt (htc kaiser) to an iPhone as well. Wilife is a great system. I was broken into twice before purchasing it. I would also like to ask for an iPhone application or I too will need to replace my system with a more costly, less effective surveillance system. I just could not suffer with the rest of the problems with a wm6 phone.

  • Guys don’t waste your time here. They will not develop an app for the iphone. Simply they don’t care about their customers. Back years ago when Windows x64 was released, people begged in the Planet64 forum for an x64 driver be released in order to view they webcams. Logitech never released a driver but rather made them purchase new webcams almost a year later. What a company. I’ve been boycotting them ever since.

  • Just another voice for Iphone support. I’m in the market to purchase several cameras for my home and Iphone support is a must. I absolutely will not purchase a product that does not play nice with my IPhone. As I read this forum its clear that you are just flat not listing to the resounding chant for supporting for what has become the staple device for communication. Too bad cause it looks like you’ve got a good product.

  • hey just a few suggestions.
    make your cameras night vision, and make sure they have auto switch over from normal to night vision. Also i don’t know if it is the software that limits the max number of camera’s to 6. but if so then you need to upgrade it. people would pay the extra money to have 9-12 camera’s if they really needed it. Also u gotta have an ipod/iphone app. it is a must.

  • Evan,

    Your PR skills leave much to be desired. Your customers want an iPhone app. Stating that you’re not at liberty to reveal future product information is not good PR, nor is saying “we hear you loud and clear about an iPhone app.”

    The WiLife system is ahead of the curve in every way except for mobile remote monitoring. That is an area where your product severely lacks. If Logitech “hears us loud and clear” then address the issue by releasing an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Best regards,
    D. Slye

  • For the money, WiLife is great. I am sure I will be able to prosecute my protangonists using the recording features. I have my cameras next to flood lights with motion sensors so night vision is not an issue. If only passing car headlights didnt set off the recording…

    Who cares about iPhone, are all these comments from iPhone employees?

    I want RII (retina implant imaging) support because I dont have an iPhone. I want it for under $9.99 including the implant surgery.

  • Get with it guy’s! I cannot believe you do not have an app in production. I have a business that needs a camera upgrade. You need to add expandability to your system and an Iphone app. These are two serious detractors to your system. I have been using the maxed out 6 camera system for years but WILL scrap it by the end of the year for a new SV system unless there is come REAL value changes made.

  • I’ve bought your system @$Logitech! I work far away from my home and I spent much time outside my hometown. Not always I can take my Notebook/Netbook with me, just only my iphone. I’ve spent a lot of time to find out an apps to see, what is going on in my home. But………… 🙁 huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu………………… 🙁 No Solution! No Help, nothing!

    Please, release an app for the iphone and also IF nightvision for the cam. Ok, I can install a small LED lamp ….. but app for the iphone is a MUST! 🙁

    Thx to Logitech
    Best regards Toshi

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