Logitech in the News

Our Logitech Harmony PS3 Blu-ray Control announcement from last week is still buzzing this week, with articles from IGN, Ubergizmo and SlashGear!

In other news, Boxwish’s gadget spot of the week is the Logitech Quickcam Sphere (known for its cameo in Tropic Thunder!). For some tips on creating a more ergonomic laptop, check out this Herald Tribune article, which includes Logitech’s wireless keyboard and lapdesk.


  • To whom it may concern.

    I recently purchased one of your products, from Argos, in the City of Plymouth, and must say that I have been let down by the below standard of the prduct purchased.

    In fact I would go as far as to say, that it is the worst piece of P.C equipment that I have ever aquired.

    To make this even worst this item was a birhday gift from may elderly mother. Who was most upset by the simple fact that her gift was totally as much use as a chocalate bloody fire-guard.

    Needless to say this thing will be ruturn to the whole-saler.

    Along with my dissatifaction, and with the promise that I will never recommend your products to any person again.

    In short I am totally displeased with the very poor item that was purchased.

    Yours Sincerely.


  • To the above poster:-
    You don’t even mention what you bought, what you were trying to do with it, or the fact that Argos has a replacement no quibble guarantee, which means you can replace your product without any hassle for 28 days.

    You can take it back to any argos, or send it back via ordinary mail.
    I’m really suprised you’ve gone to all the effort of writing a complaint without going to the Argos website, or returning the item first. Your post doesn’t help logitech to assist you in solving your problem (no, I don’t work for logitech, I’m just sure Logitech or Argos would help you if you told them what was wrong)

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