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This week produced some great stories about some of our products, ranging from the popular omnidirectional Z-5 speakers to CNET’s review on the new Harmony 1100. Our Z-Cinema AND Z-5500 PC speakers made PC World’s “Top 5 PC speaker systems for watching movies” list. They say the Z-Cinema speakers “will transform your PC into a mini home entertainment setup.”

BLogitech’s reading list (week of February 23, 2009)


  • I have a Performance Laser mouse. I had moved the small usb item from the computer’s usb port to a Belkin Hub with 4 ports. Not long after I installed, I tried to see how much time I had left on the battery in the mouse. I could not access and the only thing that it would do was software upgrade items. Today, 3/3/2009, I remembered that I had moved the plugin from the computer to the hub. I removed from hub and re-installed in the computer usb ports. Tried to check time remaining and it came right up. Think you should either alert via instructions page that using a hub may change what can be accessed or make it compatible with a hub installed device.

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for this information and suggestion — I’ve passed it on to our mouse team.

      All the best,

  • Do you happen to know when your company will be releasing the next version of their Z-5500 (which i already own and love) speakers? Will they feature an hdmi input? 7.2 Surround sound? Please any hints?

  • I recently contacted Logitech about my mm50 ipod speaker system that I bought 18 months ago. The ac adaptor had stopped working and would not power the speakers anymore, I contacted Logitech custommer support in the hope of a replacement adaptor could be sent to me. The support person was very helpful and said that because I did not have the original receipt I would have to send them 3 photographs, one showing the system, 1 showing the serial and product numbers and the final one showing the entire system destroyed. Could not believe that in this day and age they were expecting me to destroy a working product. The tech support person was unable to send me a replacement adaptor even though I could purchase on line, he did not have access to the web supply.
    I feel we should be conserving resources, not destroying them. Bad show Logitech.

  • Hi, i recently bought the logitech Z-Cinema. I also tried it on the Windows 7 RTM (release to manufacturer), and the Z-Cinema failed to perform. It fails to even load up the software properly. Please make it work for w7 because a lot of people are switching over.


    • Hi Jimbo,

      Unfortunately, the Z-Cinema software will not work with Windows 7. You can use this product without the software and still have a good speaker system – however, you won’t get the virtual surround sound. Sorry – that’s probably not the answer you want to hear :(.


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