KGW News Report: Surveillance Video Shows Serial Burglar in SE Portland

Last week, KGW Northwest NewsChannel 8 (NBC’s Portland, Oregon affiliate) reported that video captured by a Logitech WiLife Video Security System has been turned over to police as evidence because it clearly shows a man suspected of being a serial burglar. In fact, in the interview, police say it’s some of the best surveillance video that they’ve ever seen. Check it out!


Chief Product Officer, WiLife


  • Today I became an investor in your company. Not a large one by any stretch of the imagination but one who certainly is very enthusiastic about your company and its very fine products. More then that, the whole dynamic of your firm especially in its attitudes is quite refreshing. I know times are tough but I am confident that your creativity and excellent products will weather out this terrible economic storm. Keep up the good work! I’ll be watching and cheering all of you on!

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