Welcome to Ultimate Ears by Logitech

Hi, I’m Todd Hernandez. I’ve been with Logitech for 12 years now and currently handle artist relations and sales for Ultimate Ears’ custom products. You’ll find me at a lot of concerts enjoying the show and talking to bands about our products. My favorite musicians are Blink-182, Rage Against the Machine, and Bob Marley. Outside of music, I love the sun and have a ridiculous amount of sneakers in my closet.

Whether watching a concert on TV or attending a show in person, you’ve no doubt noticed those unusual ear buds worn by your favorite artist and wondered what they are. Are they hearing aids? Ear plugs? Good guesses, but they are actually something commonly referred to as “in-ear monitors” and almost every touring musician uses them to help give you a better show.

Way back in 1995, a sound engineer for Van Halen developed the very first in-ear monitor; the idea took off and Ultimate Ears was born. Today, Ultimate Ears by Logitech serves more than 70 percent of all touring musicians. Not only do we provide valuable protection to artists’ ears (a pretty important tool in the musical profession), but our products also help musicians hear what they sound like to you in the audience.

When an artist comes to Ultimate Ears, we start by making an impression of his or her ear. This ensures that our product fits perfectly, is comfortable to wear, and provides a great deal of isolation from outside noise. Once this is done, we build each product by hand and can even spice things up with just about any custom color or artwork the musician wants. When complete, the custom in-ear monitor fits like a glove… even though it’s for your ear… but you get my point.

So just what does a musician have fed through their Ultimate Ears monitor? That’s top secret… OK, I’ll tell you. Most artists take a mix of the lead singer’s voice and their instrument. Some might also take a “click track,” which allows the band to time things. Most importantly, they want to hear you! All artists also want to hear the crowd; it gets them pumped up for the show and allows them to feed off your energy. This is most commonly done by placing a microphone on the crowd and then pumping some of this sound into the in-ear speakers. Best of all, each member of the band can take his or her own mix; customizing it to his or her specific needs.

So there you have it. Now you know what Ultimate Ears is all about. And in case you wondered, yes, you too can use our products with your iPod or any other device that uses headphones. Along with professional musicians, we also take orders for everyone from NBA superstars to local garage bands and those people who just plain love music. I use mine every day at the gym while I run and they are excellent on a plane. Crying babies are no match for my Ultimate Ears! Best of all, our MetroFi ear buds use a lot of the same technology that’s found in our custom products. Now you can listen to music the way the pros do.


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