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Greetings! I’m Andy Hengel, and I’m one of the Global Product Marketing Managers in Logitech’s retail mouse business. Mice consume my time Monday thru Friday, but on the weekends there isn’t much better than finding a long, twisty road that leads to a good restaurant. Live music and skiing rank right up there too.

If I’m honest with myself, it’s pretty odd that I spend the majority of my waking hours obsessively thinking about mice (the computer variety, of course). I’m also afflicted with a trait that affects product managers everywhere. Nosiness. We love to send out surveys and hold focus groups to learn what people think about our products. We pour over Amazon reviews to see what we’re doing right and what we could improve upon. We want to know if you really do use the function keys on your keyboard or if you reassign the extra buttons on your mouse to do something other than what we thought you’d do.

To feed our obsession, we recently launched the Logitech User Experience program. Logitech mouse and keyboard users can opt into this program by installing a small application that runs for a period of 30 days. The program collects information about how you use your mouse and keyboard and sends it (anonymously) to a Logitech database.

When we first came up with this idea, it sounded great, save for the obvious question: “Won’t people be nervous about installing an application that monitors what they do with their mouse and keyboard?” So, our first requirement was to design the program to collect a limited amount of information, namely anonymous data – no names, no e-mail addresses, no passwords, etc. Nor does it capture any letters or numbers you type, or the Web pages you visit. Plus, all the data we capture is combined with that from other users, so we only look at data in aggregate.

Many people who’ve been posting comments on this blog have suggested new product ideas and improvements. If you want to help us make even better mice and keyboards, there’s no better way to help than by participating in this program. Aside from a few minutes to sign up and taking an optional survey, the program runs in the background without any noticeable impact to system performance.

The data we’ll get from this program will really help lead to better products in the future. And participating is a whole lot easier than sitting in a focus group for an hour… J


Senior Product Manager, Logitech


  • novo edge: bought it a whle back, like it, but, tapping cannot be disabled, and it causes many accidents…i posted request for driver a long while back, pity, you should give us the option of disabling tapping

  • Hi Andy:
    I assume that your program can include actual trackball’s logitech users… since its my main pointing device from long time ago.
    Also instead load a new program why don’t offer send data files.. this app (ergonomic data app) can tell you keystrokes, mouse distance and effective mouse distance and more. Another idea is offer logitech points which can be used it later as discount bonus on logitech products bought from logitech e-store or selected e-retailers (such amazon.).
    To be honest I anxiously waiting from any news on trackball (thumb driven) dept… I feel envy of mice users…but keep faithful to my trackball.

  • Hi Andy:
    I assume that your program can include actual trackball’s logitech users… since its my main pointing device from long time ago.
    Also instead load a new program why don’t offer send data files.. this app (ergonomic data app) can tell you keystrokes, mouse distance and effective mouse distance and more. Another idea is offer logitech points which can be used it later as discount bonus on logitech products bought from logitech e-store or selected e-retailers (such amazon.).
    To be honest I anxiously waiting from any news on trackball (thumb driven) dept… I feel envy of mice users…but keep faithful to my trackball.
    Feel free to explore some ideas…
    Thanks a lot!

  • The hardware is wonderful. The software is not.

    While I have found many of my problems (either I knew it existed or not) solved through each advancement of mouse technology brought about by Logitech, only the opposite can be said about the included software. Failed installation, OS incompatibility (I use Windows 2003), resource hog, failed to recognize mouse, failed uninstallation, plus an unacceptable large file size (many new models do not come with an installation disk). There is a lot to be desired on the software front, and I often find myself resorting to the default Windows driver, and loosing many of the promised functionalities.

    Please, revise setpoint completly with your next product cycle. Don’t just pile upon what is already a leaning tower.

  • Ah, finally…I could not find an email address anywhere to contact you. At least, I know that you will be reading this. For years, despite being tempted by other mice, I have used the Logitech symmetrical wired Marble Mouse. Yes, there could be slight improvements but essentially it is still the best thing available for me (for all that I use it for). This is a plea….Please, please, please make the symmetrical Marble Mouse in a wireless BLUETOOTH version that is Mac compatible. Please! I have been holding off purchasing a competitor, but after a few years of wanting a bluetooth mouse, I am about to cave in…
    Like the current version, there would be nothing else like it on the market, yet, and I assume it would sell well.
    Thank you.

  • Just wanted to say I think you guys already reached the zenith with the TrackMan Wheel. I currently own three and hope you never stop producing them, and if you do let me know so I can stock up. 🙂

  • So here are the things I’d like to see in new mice:
    – I second the Bluetooth symmetrical Marble Mouse.
    – The track balls get pitted and scratched up, especially if I put them in my pack or accidentally drop them. I’d be happy if they were just a bit easier to polish, sand, or otherwise repair.
    – A locking mechanism would help with the dropping.

    The Marble Mouse is a great product, by the way. It is my pointing device of choice for my desktop computer and long stints on my lappy.

    Thank you for reading!

  • Andy,

    I am a physician/radiologist in a large radiology group in the U.S. Our practice, like many other large radiology practices in the US and World, consist of reading thousands of digitized x-ray, CT, MR, Ultrasound, etc. images with our image viewer software (PACS systems) each day. Currently ,we are using the MX 518 because it offers many buttons that allows each radiologist to customize to their preferences. However, we really could use more programmable buttons. We like the additional second side scroll wheel on the MX revolution. However, we really need a corded mouse because we found the corded mice to be a litte more precise and responsive to our specific needs when interpreting images, and we don’t have to worry about battery replacement. The more programmable buttons and wheels that you could “squeeze” onto the mice, the better for us. Do you have any interest in designing a mouse specifically for radiology (health care) imaging? A new “supermouse” would also probably be applicable and useful to others in non-healthcare related fields?


  • Andy,

    As a trackball addict for two decades I am now at a loss. I need a bluetooth trackball to use with my Mac Mini w/ 42″ HDTV monitor and wireless Apple keyboard and Mighty (mini) mouse. The itty bitty roller ball is not what this user needs. A Bluetooth based Marble Mouse trackball would be wonderful addition to living room computing.


  • New Mouse feature:

    Allow a mouse to work on an small incline without rolling backwards. It will be usefull for users who have a wireless Keyboard/Mouse that work on a table that do not have a flat surface. Most laptop tables have an incline.

  • I have used only 1 mouse in my computing lifetime, the logitech mouseman 4
    button w/thumb button ps/2, (model M-CV46) made in 1997. 12 years is quite a stretch for 1
    mouse, but it has served me well for my needs.
    This is a long shot, but I’m looking for a replacement. Perhaps in the back rooms or bowels
    of logitech there exists this mouse. I have tried ebay & amazon with no luck in located this mouse.
    Can you perhaps locate this remarkable mouse. I would appreciate any help.
    Thank you,

  • Surely you are aware that there is a big group of people that think the FX Trackball is the best mouse ever. Look on the Internet for blogs. There is nothing like it by you or anyone else. Why have you discontinued it? They go for $125 on ebay right now. You could charge more for them and I for one would pay it. You have an exclusive market. I am frustrated because I have a new computer and my FX does not work with a PS/2 to USB onverter. I have used this trackball for at least 6 years. Help!!!

  • As withe the others that have said it here and all kinds of forums on the net. The Engineer that designed the FX Marbel was a head above the average. I am a retired design Engineer and there is not and never has been any mouse to come close to the FX Marbel for ease of use and comfort How about some drivers to allow use to use these on The new OS, Vista 64bit.
    Good Luck
    You make like the FX Marbel I will buy it.

  • I am still waiting for a bluetooth Trackman. Still. Waiting. I also anticipate the release of a bluetooth ILLUMINATED keyboard w/numeric keypad (not detachable).

  • Hey – want to make yourself REALLY popular with some key customers????? How about a left-hand trackball? I was introduced to your trackball mouse by a client and it is a wonderful improvement – I absolutely adore it …… except that it is only made for right handers and totally forgets the South Paws. I know that you do a ‘uni-handed’ (?) one with the ball in the centre (which I currently use) but I have to say that it is no way as good as the one which allows you to scroll with your thumb. Couldn’t you consider adding this to your product range??

  • marble mouse with a scroll wheel just under the marble. Click the scroll wheel to change scrolling from horizontal to vertical.

  • I had a crappy Microsoft ball mouse from April 2002 to October 2008. I got an RX650 Cordless Optical with the new computer I got then, and it is a great mouse in it’s own right.

    I recently purchased a Logitech G5 on Amazon UK Marketplace for £27.99 though, and it is the best piece of computer art and design ever. It is perfect.

  • All I want in a mouse is:
    – BLUETOOTH connectibility
    – LASER sensing
    – RECHARGABILITY (in a Docking Station)
    – Customisable Forward/Back buttons on BOTH sides
    – Sideways Scrolling with the mousewheel

  • I like the idea of the Nano line of mice, particularly the size of the reciever. What I don’t like it the reduced size of the mouse.

    I use my laptop exclusively, I pack it everywhere and use it for everything. I spend many ours on my laptop almost every day and my hand aches when I use a “notebook” mouse, it’s too small. So I use a full size mouse, but Logitech does not make a full size mouse with the Nano reciever.

    Does Logitech have anything on the drawing board that would fit this order? Can I get a full size mouse custom paired with a Nano reciever?


  • I would like to see a mouse designed to work with finale 2009 Music Composiing. Something that could facilitate composing actions. Reach out to me for more details.

  • I am left handed and a linux user. (I will appreciate whatever you can do for lefties.)
    Linux is valuable, growing, OS that frees us from the terrors of netbots, keylogging and more. Just last week, I was talking to a friend whose neighbor had all their bank accounts emptied on line by some unknown thief. They will certainly turn to Linux if they can. It is the only safe way to get on the internet. The less need we all have for windows, the better. That is why I left – before it happened to me! Having all my savings stolen is a Windows risk I no longer have to live with. (I had Macafee, Norton,… everyone does – it is not enough!) Just making your drivers avaliable to RedHat, Ubunto etc. of the Linux world will go a long way to helping us all gain a little piece of mind and raise our regard for Logitech. I have bought Logitech for many years. Now, the world is changing and my appreciation for Logitech is diminished by the discovery that they cannot be ‘open’ about their drivers.
    If it is pride, let the world be impressed! Impress us all with your concern for our plight. We praise you for your hardware innovations, let us praise you as well, on this new front.
    Thank you.

  • Has anyone in product development reviewed the installation instructions prior to them being printed and included in the packaging. You can’t follow the instructions as they do not accurately illustrate how to connect the mouse. Try reading the instructions for the V220 and go to the web site to install and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Very frustrating.

  • I own two of your cameras and I like most of your stuff ,but not your track balls , I would like to see a trackball mouse that has funtions on bolth sides like my old microsoft trackball they dont make them no more, maybe even a wireless one would be nice I could use on a laptop (hate that pad) Id pay aliitle more for one .Man ,they’re getting 200 bucks for old microsoft trackballs. I think I paid less than 50 for mine years ago .Please make a copy of it.

  • I have 2 Cordless Trackman Wheels and 3 Trackman Marbles. Once you get used to the design, nothing else feels right. Recently I had to buy a bluetooth mouse for a work laptop. It’s very difficult to use compared to the trackball (I’ve used the logitech trackman design for many years). My wife uses one of the Cordless Trackman Wheels with her laptop. She likes to sit in her recliner and work on the laptop. A mouse just isn’t useable and she greatly dislikes the touchpad. The one thing that would make the Trackman Wheel more appealing … Bluetooth! I would buy 3 more if I could get them in a Bluetooth model. I installed an internal Blutooth module in my work laptop, and the new laptop I just ordered for my wife has integrated Bluetooth. Please consider a Bluetooth version of the Trackman Wheel. Thanks for your consideration.

  • I have been using a trackman for years, I wouldn’t use anything else. I’m using one now on my laptop and the receiver is annoying (being on a cord). I’d like to have either blue tooth capability or maybe a nano type receiver. Preferably a stand alone receiver for the mouse I have.

  • I have a MX Revolution and I really enjoy the automatic switch between the ratcheted and the free mode of the scrolling wheel.
    I am really disappointed that Logitech stopped producing mice with this feature.
    I also bought a VX Nano for my laptop because I thought it had that feature too. I was very disappointed to find out that not only did it lack the automatic mode switching, but also that the mode switch was hard-wired to the scroll-wheel button and could not be redefined to another button, i.e. there was no middle button!
    I would gladly replace my VX Nano with a mouse that would have a nano receiver and automatic mode switching for the scroll wheel (ala MX Revolution).
    Another nice-to-have feature would be a rechargeable (via USB) battery and maybe an option to function as either a wireless or a wired mouse (when charging).

  • User of symmetrical Marble Mouse USB. Happy with it.
    –Some programs want a “Center Key” like on mouses. Might be useful.
    –Add a data- readout for the device to complement a worn label.
    –I would like the bluetooth option on the ball, but would never go for a (only) device that can not be plugged in – BlueTooth is simply not reliable enough in the overall system. Sure a device connector might be a source of problems, it needs to be a better design than the mini USB. It could be retracted on the bottom side, taking the stress of the connector.
    –Right / left – handed: A switch on the device bottom would make it easier than mousing about a setup many people can not find on all the different computers with Administrator barriers.

    –Some application wants an Escape Key; I would recommend 2 small keys pressed at the same time. See videos full screen

    Major ball users
    All those with Carpal Tunnel syndrom are far better off using a large trackball in place of any mouse. A mouse type device with the 2 sloping buttons are the most hurtful. “Vertical Down” horizontal buttons are a little better, don’t look modern but operate much better. (Just think of it: Why has never anyone designed a piano keyboard with sloping buttons / keys ?)

    98 W15, Wed, 2009.04.8, 11:13:46

  • I only recently started using a computer (2007) and I started out using the MX3000 cordless desktop. The wireless mouse that came with it was nice, I became addicted to the forward and back buttons for web browsing. The main problem I had was with joint pain from my wrist to my shoulder. I ended up trying out an old Microsoft trackball (the 5 button thumb ball one) that I got 3rd hand from a friend and in short order my pain went away. When I got a laptop, I wanted a track ball to go with it so I could use it in school to take notes. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a cordless trackball with a small receiver as a conventional mouse is utterly useless in 99% of the situations I use my laptop in. I ended up buying a corded trackman thumball and tying up the cord with twist ties to keep the cord short. I love the trackman – it is comfortable and responsive. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t have forward and back browser buttons on it, but for my laptop that doesn’t matter. For my desktop I am still using a 8+ year old 3rd hand Microsoft corded trackball because there isn’t a cordless thumball on the market with forward and back browser buttons on it. For the Desktop model trackball I like the long cord on the wireless reciever, but for a laptop where a cordless model would be perfect – the long cord is a deal breaker. If you made your current model cordless trackman wheel with a laptop nub receiver I would buy it in a heartbeat. If you made a desktop cordless trackman wheel with the long cord reciever and forward and back browser buttons I would buy it in a heartbeat. If you made a model of cordless trackman wheel with the forward and back browser buttons and two included receivers, a long cord one and a laptop nub and set the price at $100 U.S. I would buy THREE. One desktop, one laptop and one spare. As it is I won’t be buying another trackman unless one of my trackballs breaks and I won’t be spending the money on a cordless. You offer almost 30 different types of mice on your website and only list 3 trackballs and you don’t even show the marble mouse. While the trackball market isn’t as big as the mouse one it still exists. You list the MX Air rechargeable at $149 you sell others at $100. The mouse market is highly competitive and you still seem to make money at these high prices. THERE IS EFFECTIVELY NO COMPETITION in the trackball market and there is a small but significant market for high quality feature rich trackballs. I am currently using a 8+ year old trackball because new ones don’t have the features I want. The discontinued Microsoft D67-00001 Trackball Optical Mouse is going for $200 new and $99 used on Amazon. If mine broke I would pay that for a replacement with the features I use. I would much prefer to to buy a new model with the latest technology, but until someone makes a new product with the features I use I will be going with what is available and that is 90’s technology. A 5 Button cordless thumb ball with scroll wheel would get my attention and my money, include the option of long cord receiver and laptop nub and I would pay top dollar. You wanted mouse ideas, thats mine.

  • Please bring back the TrackMan Marble FX with a few updates. 1) give it a USB connection. 2) give it updated software which works with current operating systems. 3) Reduce the height of the ball by making the base a little thinner, bringing the ball a little closer to the desk, but retain the ball’s original size. There is simply nothing better and more pain free to operate than this unit.

  • BLUETOOTH for Cordless Trackman Wheel!

    Or at least a USB receiver that is small like the ones for the mouse pointers. I don’t need a wireless receiver with a 3 foot cord. There have been no enhancements or upgrades to this products in the last 10 years.

  • I have used nothing but Logitech trackball mice since I found them. However, I as several others have stated use a “LAP”top computer at home and I use a Trackman FX with the USB connection. However, it would be nice to have it be “wireless” as the wireless version you have is not really wireless. It has that thing to receive the signal…..I have not got a surface on which to put a mouse and really want my Trackball in a truly cordless way. I hate having to chase that mouse. You have the little USB hook ups or go bluetooth. I don’t care what it cost at this point. I have been calling and asking for this for about 4 years. I am so glad someone is finally asking the customers. I love your products. PLEASE….PLEASE….PLEASE a truly wireless trackball for us would be heaven……Thanks

  • Please, listen to your loyal customers and update the wireless Trackman Wheel to either universal bluetooth or a nano USB receiver. This fingerpad thing on my new laptop is giving me carpal tunnel. HELP!

  • Hi,
    Actually this idea is not related to mouse…
    But I have an idea. (maybe some one already thought of it, anyhow..)
    I wasn’t able to post this idea anywhere else so I’m posting here…
    So.. title of my idea is “Paperless receipt device”
    Nowadays, everybody carry cell phone and phone has blue tooth capability built in..
    So if your company make a device that working with a cash register, send receipt to person’s cell phone instead print’em. And also make a program for cell phones, where phone can categorize receipts by date, store name, product type…….
    I’m sure there are many details to think about…
    This device will save so much money for companys(SafeWay, Lucky, Longs Drugs…..)
    Inks and printer paper cost….
    And also Consumers don’t have to struggle with papers and easily download to computer and organize them…

  • Will asking for Bluetooth one more time convince Logitech to improve their Bluetooth mice line of products?

    If so, then please create a bluetooth mouse that matches the standards of the rest of your top selling mice!

    Biggest reason: I only have 2 USB ports on my laptop.

  • I have to say the bias toward wireless mice bothers me. The only high end wired mice any more are “gaming mice”. I have a G5 at the moment, not because I’m a gamer, but because I want a decent mouse that isn’t three times as heavy and 50% more expensive than it needs to be. I’d love to upgrade to something like an MX 1100 or MX Revolution that didn’t have batteries weighing it down and cranking up the price.

    Also, you don’t even have to make/maintain Linux (or BSD) drivers yourselves, provide the information and the kernel hackers will write them for you. Things like LCDs in keyboards would be a lot more tempting if they actually worked.

  • I second the person who likes the M-CV46 Mouseman. I too would like a replacement.
    Three button mice are essential in my line of drafting work, and that model has the most comfortable hand position of any mouse ever designed, and the buttons have “effortless clicking action” The mouse was replaced at one point by another model, but it had a scoll wheel for the middle clicker which totally gets in the way. All mice are designed this way now, unfortunatley. You guys had it right when you designed the M-CV46. Bring it back in optical form! 🙂 Please… (I also sent a request to logitech asking for a replacement some time ago, which was never answered.)

  • I use both a desktop & a laptop, and I like to keep the same keyboard and mouse, no matter if I’m using one or the other. as a result, I constantly move the receiver of my MX3200 keyboard/mouse combo between these two machines. It’s annoying, and might wear the USB connectors fast.

    I would like to be able to buy an additional receiver for my MX3200 keyboard/mouse combo.

    The ability to use a special key combination to switch from one receiver to the other (like a KVM) would be needed to switch between the machines.

    Additional receivers should be priced around 20$, not just slightly below the price of a complete set.

  • A NANO USB receiver for the Trackman line. I don’t need a wireless receiver with a 3 foot cord. I’ve been using a Trackman marble on all my systems since it was first introduced. Just seconding several other replies.

  • I was recently given a LX8… it’s great…I am however broken…lol…

    Was born with mirror vision so when I use a factory mouse i must invert it. As what may eyes see up motion on the screen is converted to pulling the mouse toward me so up is down and down is up…it also works the left is right and right is left… this defeats the mouse design a you can well imagin… is there some way to modify the software in the mouse program to over come this handicap. It would make my life far easier.

    Thanks for any help you might have for me.

    • Hi Skip,

      I\’m so sorry for the delay in responding to your question — I had to consult with our gaming team. One of the product marketing managers on the team said that he used to be able to do this with console commands in Quake, but he has no idea if it can be done with any modern FPS. Inverting Y is pretty standard but he\’s never seen a game that will invert X in their menu setup. Most likely, you ned a custom driver.

      Best, Andy

  • Does anyone know where i could locate setpoint 3.3 drivers on a CD-ROM???
    this will be installed on XP sp3 with di_Novo destk top.
    Thank you very much for your precious time and understanding.
    Happy blogging…….

  • Is it possible to pair the Nano reciever to the wireless trackman? Bonus points: under Linux?
    Thanks, Matt E.

  • Why is it that when the batteries die in my bluetooth mouse, I have to re-establish the connection after putting in fresh batteries? Kind of a pain in the ass navigating in Windows without a mouse.

  • I am relaying a second to the motion from Travis Dugan and anther poster to bring back the Logitech M-CV46. Travis used it for graphics. My brother swears by the M-CV46 as the best GAMING mouse after 10 years of use. He said they are very popular among gamers and go for big bucks on Ebay.

    Logitech Decision Makers – Google Ebay Logitech M-CV46 and watch what your 12 year old mouse goes for USED on Ebay! – you could make a lot of money bringing it back.

  • So, how about a wireless finger ring (or glove) devices that uses the current laser, scroll wheel, and bluetooth technology of today. The index ring should be easy to “flip” out of the way so users can type and “flip” back and use the mouse again. It would be similar to today’s graphics pens except users will use their index finger for the laser and thumb for the wheel. Since users are not holding a device like a bulky mouse or pen, this should be a more natural / ergonomic way of interacting with PC hardware. Come logitech – give it a try – the mouse is dead!

  • Please, please bring back the Trackman Marble Wheel – M/N T-BB13. It is the most comfortable mouse ever made. I have the newer version for my PC, but it makes my hand hurt after about 3 minutes of use. The older one, which is starting to wear out after years of use, can be used all day long with no pain at all. Don’t know why it was discontinued.

    Only found one on ebay and they thought it was gold plated.

  • I would also like to request revival of the M-CV46 (wheelless version). I am a more than avid gamer and this mouse is the only one I will use. Shape is perfect, placement of thumbbutton perfect and no wheel. Whenever I need to replace one I go into a panic trying to find one. If you Logitech people want to make a killer gaming mouse……….. bring back the M-cv46 shape and button layout and give it innards with todays tech.

  • As a graphic designer, I find the new frictionless scroll wheels to be unusable. It’s a neat idea, but it’s just too inaccurate. It allows for way too much accidental scrolling, and switching to the mechanical mode is not much better–since it doesn’t actually function like a mechanical wheel–you can make pages scroll a bit without moving the wheel to the next notch. The wheel on the MX1000 was adequate, though I’d say the best implementation is the microsoft wheel that scrolls without notches, yet still has some friction to allow for better precision and reduce accidental scrolling. I use the MX1000 daily, and have a VX revolution that i use occasionally, but the scroll wheel kills me. Also tried the MX1100 and couldn’t get past the scroll wheel. Feel free to email me if you’d like to discuss further.



  • I have been using the M/N TBB13 virtually since it came out, so much so that I now find a ‘normal’ mouse extremely difficult to use. I have found the TBB13 to be the most comfortable and easiest to use, but I have a problem, and it is that the mouse much like myself is a little worse for wear and wont allways pick up and drop.
    So do you know where I could purchase a new one (TBB13 that is) if not any chance of a refurb?
    I would like to agree with one other person who said:
    Please, please bring back the Trackman Marble Wheel – M/N T-BB13. It is the most comfortable mouse ever made. I have the newer version for my PC, but it makes my hand hurt after about 3 minutes of use. The older one, which is starting to wear out after years of use, can be used all day long with no pain at all. Don’t know why it was discontinued.

    Hear Hear

  • Logitech offered the best input device i’ve ever used, the Trackman FX. However, I have since moved to Apple computers and, as far as I’ve been able to find out, Logitech never offered an Apple driver for the FX trackball.

    I’d buy a new WIRED trackball exactly like the FX, with drivers for Mac OS X immediately if Logitech offered it.

    Also, Logitech desperately needs to advertise the important ergonomic advantages of trackballs. The FX is by far the best I’ve ever used to alleviate wrist strain. Doctors should be prescribing the FX!

  • I would have to agree. The T-Logitech T-CL13 or the T-BB13 (USB) were your absolute best mice you have EVER produced. Microsoft made a similar model but added 2 more buttons to each side. While I found that one as a convient substatute I hate the extra buttons. I now find Im searching ebay to get replacements of your model types. You will find people on ebay hunting these mice down. This isnt just a couple people. There is a fan group that loves these series of mice and the hand model you used to make them was just right. Your new ones the person testing them has a small hand and when I tried using them it makes my hand have to concave to much and is extremely uncomfortable. Please bring this model back.

  • [Please, please bring back the Trackman Marble Wheel – M/N T-BB13. It is the most comfortable mouse ever made. I have the newer version for my PC, but it makes my hand hurt after about 3 minutes of use.]

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with this. I say “unfortunately,” because I tried to replace my T-BB13 with its successor, the T-BB18. Alas, the higher arch of the trackball body of the newer model resulted in hand pain. I thought it was just me, but a thread in the Logitech forums confirms that other T-BB13 users have noted this exact same problem when they try switching to a newer model with a higher arch to it. The “gentle” angle of the models with the T-CH11/T-BB13 form factor distributed the weight of the user’s hand over a broader area, with the result that the older models are far more comfortable to use (especially for extended periods).

    At any rate, if you guys were to bring back the T-BB13, you can put me down for a case (I’m entirely serious here). Please believe me when I tell you that it’s no fun having to scrounge around on eBay for used ones to stockpile as spares. I invite you to take a look around eBay sometime, and see what used T-BB13s typically go for: if you think a market for these devices doesn’t exist, the prices people are willing to pay for *used* ones ($70-$100…and sometimes more) indicates otherwise.

    If you’re not interested in mass-producing it again, fine: put out a special “Limited Edition” of them. If the build quality of such a Limited Edition were comparable to that of the older models, (and this is an important point; manufacture it to today’s typical El Cheapo standards and I won’t purchase a single one) I would have no problem with buying a case of them, if only to obviate the need to constantly check eBay in the hopes that someone happens to be selling a decade-old T-BB13 that hasn’t been bid through the roof.

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