Day 16: Billie and Jerry Are Reunited

This morning, after a little misunderstanding with customs they put me in quarantine with some unlucky cousins of mine), I was finally released and reunited with Jerry at Logitech’s office in Fremont, California!!!!

I want to thank all of you who accompanied me through my travels and participated in the contest. It was a lot of fun.

Congratulations to our grand prize winner: Michael Ross! Michael figured out that based on a manufacturing rate of 376,000 mice per day (as stated in Logitech’s Dec. 3 press release), Logitech will reach its two-billionth mouse milestone in the year 2016. Michael wins a collection of Logitech products with a total value of approximately $1000 USD.

I hope that 2009 brings you much happiness,


The Billionth Mouse

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  • Congratulations, Michael Ross.

    However, in that same press release, in the same sentence, it’s stated Logitech manufactures 7.8 million mice a month. At that rate Logitech will reach the 2 billionth mice milestone in the middle of 2019. There’s also a number of sources(I used the Logitech billionth mouse press kit for most of the contest answers) that state Logitech manufactures 94 million mice a year, which lines up with the 7.8 million mice a month figure at the billionth mouse coming in mid-2019.

    • Hi ebo,

      You are right — there are many different ways to calculate when Logitech will ship its billionth mouse. However, the question asked people to determine the year based on the number we manufacture each day (376,000). For the record, your name was submitted in the drawing for the grand prize because you provided the correct year in your answer. 🙂

  • Hi


    376000 mice per day.
    21 days working per month (in rate of 7800000 per month).
    93600000 per year.
    10 years and 9 months to next billion.

    I writed the estimated time, but not the year. Any chance?

    Congratulations anyway…


  • Thanks Logitech! This was a great contest, I would just really like to thank you all for giving me the z-5 speakers. Hoping to find more of these contest soon!

    -Willie Ha

  • Thanks Bille for very interesting weeks that I’ve spend following you and playing your rewarding games! It was a blast… Thanks and for some ideas that I saw on this blog – some will implement on my own website!

    Wish all the best to you and to Logitech!

  • I wish I had the first correct entry on the list – maybe I would have won?

    I like that you can see the answers – you can see people having multiple entries!

    Thanks Logitech.

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