Logitech Customer Support Complemented by Star Logitech Enthusiasts

With more than 100 new-product launches each year and an average product life cycle of 18 months, our customer-support team certainly has its hands full. However, it may surprise you to learn that many of the questions submitted on Logitech Support Community are answered not by our customer-support team, but by Logitech users like yourselves.

While we have many active contributors on our forums, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge our star contributors – those technical whizzes and enthusiasts who are seemingly omnipresent on our forums.

In November, we rolled out Kudos, a new feature that empowers our forum users to vote on the most useful answers to their questions. In conjunction with the rollout, we launched a contest to determine the top-five Kudos recipients. In November alone, 500 Kudos were awarded to 200 contributions. The top-five Kudos recipients (and winners of the contest) were:

  • WannabeActuary and hhatkin worked together to field inquiries from the U.S. and U.K. and are particularly valued for their ability to answer questions about Logitech Harmony advanced universal remotes.
  • Patboy’s generous contributions from Canada helped many customers connect and control their audio systems.
  • KachiWachi’s advice about the best ways to use video and audio equipment for seeing and talking to friends and family members received an enormous number of Kudos.
  • And it was no surprise that rlowens used his exceptional computer knowledge to advise our customers on making the best choice of Logitech keyboards and mice, as well as to provide tips for using them.

On behalf of Logitech, and in particular our Technical Support group, we would like to thank these members for their continuous feedback and advocacy on our forums. Keep up the great work, and happy holidays.


Community Manager at Logitech

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  • Hi LaylaS,

    Nice to see you have taken the time to mention the community in your blog. I work for a semiconductor in the LED and Infrared business…so everything Logitech does is kind of fun to follow–I specially like all the improvements on the forums lately. One suggestion, can you add Wilife to your forums? It would be nice to get support on the fourms regarding wilife.

    • Hi Henrietta,

      It\’s nice to hear from you as I have not seen you posting on the forums lately. Indeed, we are working on adding a Wilife category — this might not happen until January. If you have any additional questions in the meantime, feel free to send them to me either on the blog or the forums and we\’ll find the answers for you. Happy Holidays.


  • It is great that logitech is finally taking a step in recognizing it’s active community members. Most companies offer a lot for their power users, and it seems like you are finally taking a step in that direction. One recommendation though: while your blog looks very up to date, your forums could really use some UI work. The page looks cluttered, the text is small and hard to read, some features like ‘Kudos’ aren’t very intuitive, and other features like tags seem completely pointless. With a little extra effort I think the forums could be a lot more user friendly and attract a much larger audience.

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for your helpful feedback. I couldn\’t agree with you more, and am working hard toward an improved user interface. You may have noticed that we\’ve made some small, but important, changes in the past few months, including consolidating the number of categories. Please feel free to contact me directly on the forums with additional suggestions for improving our forums. After all, they are there for you and all our customers.

  • The first month of Kudos demonstrated the value of the forums in the fact that over 200 contributions had been sufficiently valued to be awarded by those they had assisted. Some of us do seem to be omnipresent though and it was good to see that each of the forum areas had a representative in the top five. Harmony remotes appear to call up the most enquries so it is always a pleasure for me to share some of them with WannabeActuary, and now to find him with me as a recipient of a Kudos award. I was surprised to realise how many posts I have actually made since joining the forums, and it is good to know that Logitech – particularly in the form of Layla! – take time to recognise our efforts. My award adds further value to my set of Logitech products and is much appreciated. Layla has already put a great deal of effort into developing the forums, in the short time since she joined the community. The good effect of that is very evident, and I am sure that in the New Year we shall all continue to benefit from her good work.

  • I have to ditto much of what hhatkin has said. It’s been a pleasure to help out where I can and it’s been a blessing to have some posters like hhatkin on the other side of the pond that can field some region specific problems like ‘scart’ related problems that leave me baffled. Layla and the Harmony team have done a fantastic job with the forums and I look forward to many more opportunities to help out and continue working with them.

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