Day 9 — Billie Visits Paris

Q: What is the name of the painting I’m viewing?

Q: Welches Gemälde sehe ich mir gerade an?

Q: Quel tableau suis-je en train d’admirer?

Q: Quale quadro sto osservando?

Q: ¿Qué pintura estoy mirando?

Today’s prize is: V550 Nano Laser Cordless Mouse for Notebooks and diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks

The answer to yesterday’s question (What is the name of the historic site I’m visiting, which is near the site of Logitech’s manufacturing plant from 1988 to 1995?) is: Drombeg Stone Circle in County Cork, Ireland

Congratulations to the winner for yesterday’s question: Brent M.


The Billionth Mouse

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