One Billion Logitech Mice

We’ve just done something that makes us all very proud at Logitech – we’ve shipped our one billionth mouse. How cool is that!?

When all of this started for Logitech back in the early ‘80s (PDF), the mouse was primarily a tool for CAD (computer-aided design applications). Since then, the mouse has become something much more – it is truly the key to the kingdom – the device that unlocked the power of the computer. The mouse opened up computing to the average person by providing a simple, intuitive way to interact with the computer.

As we look to the future and what it holds for the mouse, I’ve tasked our product-development team with continuing to assess new technologies and how they might enhance the human-computer interface. No idea is too far-fetched, from touch technology to mind control. If you take a look at some of our ideas that never made it to manufacturing (PDF), you’ll see that our engineers can be pretty creative. In conjunction with next Wednesday’s celebration of the 40th anniversary of the first public demonstration of the computer mouse, I’ll be blogging more about what the future holds for the mouse.

Until then, I want to thank you for your support. We couldn’t have reached this milestone without our customers, so to celebrate, we’re inviting you to follow the journey of our billionth mouse from the factory to its final destination for the chance to win some great prizes.

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  • So many Mices .. but where is a fullsize MX Revolution Bluetooth?

    Engatget Jan 31st 2008:
    Logitech’s MX Revolution goes Bluetooth at the FCC

  • I’d love to invite our readers to follow the mouse’s trail, but the link doesn’t appear to work. Does this mean he/she/it leaves the factory next Wednesday and the blog starts only then?

  • We actually met someone who was at the initial demonstration.

    It is interesting to see Douglas C. Engelbart reflect on the mouse in recent interviews he’s given

  • Great, I really appreaciate the quality of Logitech’s products and it’s wonderfull to see the prosperity of the Company. But please don’t forget trends and be inovative. I didn’t like the position Douglas C. Engelbart has taken in the interview with the BBC, may be that the mouse will alwayse be used, but I think it’s time for something new from Logitech, come up with something total stunning, what about a glove, after all you got the hang on it with the Air mouse.

    Greatings and again congratulation!

  • Please bring back the Trackman Marble FX! Could you guys do like a limited anniversary run on it or something? I’d buy at least 5 to stock up. That was the best trackball hands down.

  • Ditto on the Trackman Marble FX comment above. Have one. Love it. Afraid it will be irreplaceable.

  • Is this a million million mice or one thousand million, an important distinction.
    As in Europe one million million is a true billion and one thousand million is, well, just a thousand million or an American billion only.
    I currently and for years have been using the Microsoft Trackball Explorer, it is the best mouse/trackball device I have ever used.

    It would be great if you could develop a similar if not better device.
    I did purchase the Logitech wireless equivalent some years ago but found it too unresponsive to be a replacement.

  • I used to have a TRACKMAN MARBLE FX mouse and it was hands down the best trackball I have ever used. Please consider remanufacturing th FX in a wireless version.

  • Logitech would not have produced one billion mice, at this point in time, if the company had continued development of the Trackman Marble FX trackball. Maybe to include precision button switches and laser tracking optics, with a digital Blue Tooth wireless connection, for example.

    Instead, Logitech ignores the frequent requests and inquiries from loyal customers asking about if a new trackball device is in the works, to replace the Trackman Marble FX.. Both of my devices, are approaching 10 years old now.

    It would be help full if Logitech would acknowledge that there is considerable interest in the market place for a new Trackman Marble FX style trackball, OR respond by an official statement that Logitech is not planning a replacement trackball, and will not offer a similar trackball ever again. The continuing silence from Logitech not commenting at all, despite the frequent inquiries and interest, is frustrating at the minimum.
    I could not care less about small gaming keyboards and other novel devices, I know what I like and what works good for my needs, it’s unlikely that will change anytime soon.
    If Logitech won’t replace the Trackman Marble FX with an updated version, I won’t be happy with a lousy mouse for sure!

  • Quote: “I used to have a TRACKMAN MARBLE FX mouse and it was hands down the best trackball I have ever used. Please consider remanufacturing th FX in a wireless version”

    I have a cordless Trackman Marble FX, I am using it now. And I guess until it disintegrates completely. Until then it works great!

    • Hi John,

      I love trackballs. I was heavily involved in the development of the \”Marble\” technology in the early to mid-90\’s and the launch of the first Marble products is one of my most treasured memories at Logitech. Truly, it was a product ahead of its time and lit the spark that drove the ponting device category away from mechanical systems toward the optical and laser systems that we take for granted today. We continue to look at opportunities to do new products in the trackball space — it is on our radar collectively (and mine specifically) and we continue to offer three trackball models today. I can say that we have no plans today to offer an FX-like trackball, but I will also say that this is not a definitive, for-all-time statement.

      All the best,

  • I was a heavy trackball user and loved the Cordless TrackMan® Optical. I really miss it but the newest laser mice with high dpi killed my trackball for gaming. I would give anything to have a trackman that can compete in todays market or something of similar build. I have arthritis so trackballs with finger ball and lots of buttons help me out alot. Right now my gaming gets cut short due to mouse killing me. I just cant grip it well with out issues and need a stationary device. It has to be fingerball though for me as my thumb cant work a thumball. I am a very very loyal customer and it would be great to see improvements in this area.

  • At work, in the late ’90s, I became alarmed about wrist/arm strain (I was using the mouse almost all day) and was offered a Trackman marble FX. I had some experience with 2″ trackballs on control dispays so accepted and immediately loved it. I have just built a new PC with, of course, no ps2. Having used the FX for 10ish years (and dissected both micro-switches) I bought a new Cordless Optical trackman. So far I am well pleased and think it is a significantly better trackball. It is as easy on the (right) hand as the FX. The ball mount is way ahead – makes the FX feel very heavy. I am sad that you have shrunk the ball slightly, but the lightness of the ball the extra keys more than compensate (they work in Linux as well). To Mr. Dooley, I have two main beefs:
    1. A niggle; It has a healthy appetite for AAAs. An inbuilt modern rechargeable battery charged through a USB-B connector would be welcome and esy to add (and seems an odd omission).
    2. A serious design flaw is the left button. Whilst it looks pretty and sits very comfortably to the thumb, it is activated almost horizontally. This makes the trackball prone to skidding during left-click drag-and-drop unless the housing is held hard and in an uncomfortable position. (Or blue-tacking the beast to the desk, rather obviating the advantage of a wireless!!) Moving the flare up or the button down so that the clicking force was mostly vertical (as is the case for the right button) would obviate this.
    To Logitech sales, two more:
    3. You have to go looking for a trackball – mice by the million on display in all the shops but narry a trackball. They need promoting – my kids can’t use mine. Like riding a bicycle, it has to be learned, but the learning is equally useful. The reduction in arm-strain alone MUST be a major selling-point, beside the fact that using a mouse is a relative nightmare.
    4. Why, in this day and age are you not making your full software availble for Linux? (The good Linux folk will even do the programming for you which you can then sell back to them!) In fairness, the Linux community defaults allow most functionality, but I would like it ALL! Oficially!!
    Keep up the good work.

  • I will add my name to the list of people that would like to see the Trackman Marble FX revived. I still use mine. The ultimate controller for me would be to have a bluetooth Marble FX for my laptop. (Why does no one make a decent bluetooth trackball?)

  • It is encouraging for me that there are so many sisters and brothers that miss the great Trackman Marble FX too. I hope that one day soon Logitech will decide to create a true successor device.

    In my opinion there is a significant demand for it:
    a) have a look at for the prices people pay for old and used models. You can be lucky to get one below 60$.
    b) it seems to be requested frequently; as soon as you have put the string “logitech t” in the searchbox at the suggestion list contains the full sting “logitech trackman marble fx”
    c) I have seen many, many comments in forum posts related to trackballs that the Trackman Marble FX is one of the greatest trackballs ever

    What I like about it is the very mature design. I have a kid and stopped counting how often he had thrown the device onto the floor or used the marble for playing – and the device still works (around 10 years now). The only necessary change for a second-generation model (in my personal opinion) would be a USB connector. It does not need to be cordless as it is moved seldom (in contrast to mice). Honestly I think that a cabled trackball is better as you don’t need batteries. The T-CJ12 is almost perfect – except the fact you can’t get a new device for a reasonable price anymore.

  • I still use the marble FX and continue to hold out hope I will see it agian in the future. I also tried the one that was suggested to me the cordless trackman optical was no where nears as nice or as comfortable as the FX. By the looks of things logitech is in no hurry to make this again so guess I will hope it holds our another 10 years.

  • I and a lot of others agree with Patricia above. It would have been quite an event if you had reconstuted the FX Marbel, the best yet for procesion and comfort.
    Try again Logitech

  • I have to agree with the other Marble FX users here. If Logitech brings it back I’ll get at least 3. I’m currently using my last (working) one while trolling eBay for decent used ones. Please bring it back, even if for a limited “anniversary” or “special edition” series.

  • I’d like to chime in and say I am a true fan of the Marble Trackball FX. I was quite shocked to see that “new” ones go for over $100. I’m glad I hung on to mine after all these years.

  • Hi! I’am temporaly working in CA – USA and carry my oldiest confortably mouse MouseMan CR32 … Yes ! it still works good!!… so congratulations and thanks for making good quality and hi.-tech products, and of course with magnificent designs. I’m watching what Logitech’s product take to my country (Chile).

  • Wake up LogiTech!

    Bring back the Trackman Marble FX!
    Bring back the Trackman Marble FX!
    Bring back the Trackman Marble FX!

    Bring back the Trackman Marble FX!
    ad infinitum

  • I absolutely agree with bringing the TrackBall Marble FX back in an updated, Mac compatible version (cordless not necessary). How do we influence Logitech marketing?

  • Mr. Rory Doley,


    Thanks for you comments in reply, that is the most info I have seen regarding the development of the TrackMan Marble FX, and the current situation that a updated Track Man Marble FX type device is not now being planned. You stated that there are three trackballs now being marketed by Logitech, but in my experience using those trackballs, the three devices available are practically unusable.For example, the TrackMan Marble with the small ball cannot achieve the precise and smooth cursor control that the Marble FX excels at providing. In comparison, the current TrackMan Marble with the 1 in ball, is jerky, and lacks the inertia of the 2 inch ball device, causing poor cursor control that is a hassle to use. It’s just not pleasant to use at all, instead it is very frustrating trying to position the cursor without hunting around as the cursor shoots off in the general direction desired but zigs and zags with very little control of the cursor. As a devoted track ball user, Logitech’s current devices are unsuitable and therefore do not constitute an option for the TrackMan Marble FX type trackball devices offered for sale before being canceled.

    Finally, it truly mystifies me why Logitech has abandoned the really advanced and class leading device exemplified by the TrackMan Marble FX. It should be evident that an updated trackball having laser tracking and USB connectivity, as well as several user configurable buttons would be a winner. I would by several even if the pricing was set at a premium.

    My only hope here is to nag Logitech with enough compelling reasoning to eventually influence the possibility that a new updated TrackMan Marble FX style device will be reconsidered as seriously viable and worth renewed marketing efforts by Logitech in the near future..

  • I’m another die-hard fan of the TrackMan Marble FX. NOTHING ELSE is as comfortable and accurate. When the left-click sub-miniture snap switch on my FX wore out, I SCAVENGED one from another mouse to REPAIR my FX. BRING IT BACK!

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