Pandora Signature Series Squeezebox Boom

I consider myself a pretty heavy radio listener. I am not a TV person, so I rely on radio to keep me informed and to help me discover new music. Playing and re-playing my own music collection can get me into a rut, not to mention that it annoys my 16-year-old daughter.

One of the greatest revolutions that is quietly happening on the Internet is the transformation of radio. Radio can now be listened to on your terms. You create the channels and you decide when and where to listen. The Squeezebox has dozens of fabulous music partners – Slacker, Rhapsody,, RadioTime, RadioIO, Shoutcast, Live365, and Sirius, to name a few.

I have latched onto Pandora as my station of choice for parties and social occasions, using the variety of Pandora channels within different genres (for example, a Bob Dylan channel, David Bowie channel, Luce channel and Johnny Cash channel). I use the Johnny Cash channel when my father is visiting and it never fails to impress him. The great thing about Pandora is that it keeps serving up songs similar to your artist of choice and adjusts the playlist when you provide feedback about whether you like the song or not. Pandora has millions of fans and, for them, we’ve teamed up with Pandora to offer a signature series of Squeezebox Booms that have been personally signed by Tim Westergren (the founder of Pandora) and Sean Adams (the founder of Slim Devices. Yes, Tim and Sean sat down and personally signed 50 Squeezebox Booms.

We hope you enjoy them and I’ll be back here, on the blog, again soon. In the meantime, log onto an Internet Radio site and start listening. You will never think of radio in the same way again.


Vice President and General Manager, Streaming Media Systems

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