Introducing the New diNovo Keyboard, Mac Edition

This morning, on the heels of the recently announced diNovo Edge, Mac Edition, we announced the second keyboard made specifically for the Mac — the diNovo Keyboard, Mac Edition.

This latest product is a favorite of mine. I use a relatively old iMac at home (it’s a G5 system) and I had the chance to attach this new keyboard to it a few weeks ago. It immediately gave the system a newer, cooler feel and the design language of the keyboard sits well with the Mac, as well as in my living room, which is where the system resides.

I imagine that some of you might ask why we chose 2.4 GHz instead of Bluetooth? The answer is simple — responsiveness. This keyboard has no perceptible lag and is always connected (and the battery life is an amazing 3 years!). We spend a lot of time and energy (no pun intended) trying to minimize the power requirement of our devices. This is better for the environment (fewer batteries) and makes it essentially maintenance-free for the customer. Our 2.4 GHz technology also uses many proprietary algorithms for trouble-free operation, even in the busiest wireless environments, and offers a range of up to 10 meters for those using a Mac Mini with a large-screen TV.

One of my tests these days when trying a new product is to measure the time it takes from the moment I open the box to having the product running on my system. In this case, it was impressively fast – 2 minutes to have the hardware up and running and 10 minutes total with all the software installed (more later on the need for software). The key here is that the 3 AAA batteries are preinstalled and the packaging is a piece of cake to open.

The layout of the keyboard matches the layout of the full sized iMac keyboards. It also has all of the expected Mac shortcut keys (Safari, iTunes, etc.), but you will need to install our LCC software in order to take advantage of those shortcuts. The reason for this is that the Apple OS only recognizes Apple-made keyboards in terms of supporting the shortcut keys.

In my opinion, the real beauty of this product is that it includes our Perfect Stroke key system. This is really the highlight from a usage perspective. I love the responsiveness of the keys and also the forgiveness for my more-than-occasional off-center key hits. The product also has a metallic palm rest that provides ample support for my wrists — it really is incredibly sleek and beautiful from a design perspective.

As far as I know, the DiNovo Keyboard, Mac Edition is the only wireless keyboard for Macs on the market today that offers all this functionality and a full-sized numeric keypad. I look forward to hearing what you think when units begin shipping later this month.


Senior Vice President, Music


  • I was happy to see that a version of the keyboard is coming out for the Mac. I actually picked up the Windows version and am using it with the Mac but unfortuntaely none of the short cut keys work and it is not recognized by the LCC (and when I use the keypad, my operating system makes some beeping noises that I’m not so sure on). Had I known that a Mac version was going to come out I probably would have waited on the purchase so my only disappointment is now that I will want the Mac version, I have to put aside the Windows version to collect dust (because returning it I lose 15% to a restocking fee from where I purchased it) and it’s a pretty expensive dust collector if you know what I mean. You would’t be able to share when this is going to be released in November so that I know whether I should return the one I have (and lose the 15%) or hang on to it? Thanks.

  • I recently purchased the di novo edge keyboard for mac because I have used the windows version on my friends computer and loved it. The keyboard worked for about an hour, then it started lagging, then it didn’t work at all. I turned off my computer and keyboard then rebooted, this time only the mouse worked, but was very slow. The keys on the keyboard were completely unresponsive. I called tech support and they said it was defective and transferred me to sales so I could get a replacement. So since friday I have been back and forth with sales because the last 2 shipping return labels they sent me to send in my defective keyboard had error codes. I just called in to try for the 3rd shipping label so I hope it comes soon and that it works, because so far the product and service have been less than satisfactory. I am sure the replacement keyboard will be excellent, it is just taking a lot of hassle to get it.

  • John, it definitely sounds like you ended up with a defective keyboard, so I’m glad you’re working with customer support to resolve the issue. You should be typing away happily soon!


  • Are you going to update windows version with normal delete key and insert ?
    I can’t live without insert key since shift-insert and ctrl-insert are very common combination.
    Not sure why you put that much love into delete button 🙁

    • Hi Chris and Philicious,

      We don’t have any plans to announce right now for either a Mac edition of the diNovo Mini or a European version of the diNovo Edge, Mac Edition.


  • Hi Rory,

    Just bought the cordless diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks yesterday, thinking it could be the perfect replacement for my long time favorite and now fifth set of diNovo Media Desktop for Notebooks (Cordless Ultra-Flat Keyboard w. the detachable Numeric Pad and accompanying mouse).

    The new keyboard both looks and performs to my utmost satisfaction, but one thing is missing: the option to securely encrypt your keystrokes – provided via the SetPoint software for the diNovo Media Desktop.

    I would like to know:
    a) the reason(s) why it’s not available in SetPoint for the new keyboard?
    b) if it IS an option in vs. 4.7? (got 4.6 with the purchase)

    Thank you in advance, and for awesome products!

    • Hi Lara,

      Glad you like the keyboard! Many of our new keyboards, including the diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks, are now encrypted at the factory. We did this to eliminate additional steps for our customers.


    I’ve waited for 3 years for Logitec to put out the diNovo Edge for the Mac. When they finally do it, the make the same dumb design decisions Apple made with it’s wireless keyboard – no 10 key pad! Sure, I could get the standard diNovo with RF wireless, but then I have to use up a USB port to plug in a wireless keyboard. It’s maddening! I just want a great, low profile, BLUETOOTH keyboard for my Mac. This is a bummer.

    • Hi Jason,

      You can purchase the diNovo Edge, Mac Edition on the U.S. site and have it shipped to the U.K. And yes, it will work in the U.K.

      All the best, Kate

  • Hi Rory,

    Thank you very much for a swift and highly satisfying reply! – definitely a wise decision to embed the feature. So it’s safe, actually, to say I’m one happily relieved camper now!

    – Let the creative department know it’s an added sales point, to include a notice of the encryption-benefit on the packaging, manual and website product page… 😉

    Thanks again Rory.

  • With regards to Kate Brinks reply to Jason – I live in the UK and just went to the (US) website. Amazon US will not ship this item to the UK, giving the following error message –

    “*** We’re sorry. This item can’t be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order by changing its quantity to 0 and clicking the update button below. ( See geographical restrictions.) ***”

    Looks like UK customers are out of luck unless there’s another US supplier who will ship to the UK.

    I did notice that the diNovo Edge Mac Edition actually lacks the ‘Fn’ key option of the Windows version, so you don’t get the illuminated orange symbols above the F keys. Aside from the TouchDisk and volume slider, this makes the diNovo Edge Mac Edition more like the ‘diNovo Keyboard Mac Edition’ rather than the original Windows version of the diNovo Edge. Given that the ‘diNovo Keyboard Mac Edition’ is substantially cheaper than the diNovo Edge Mac Edition, then that seems like the better bet.

    Confusing names by the way!

    • Hi Robin,

      Thanks for the updated shipping information and suggestion for an alternative.

      All the best, Kate

  • Hi
    i buy diNovoMini to use with mac but of corse i know is not for mac for that i want to ask if logitech have a program to make for mac too. I love it so much, little, nice design and for someone use macmini like mediacenter (like me) i think diNovoMini are the best.


    • Hi Diego,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any Mac software for the diNovo Mini. Thank you for the compliments on the design though!


  • We own two diNovo for notebooks but now switched from Windows to Macintosh. I would love to re-use the keyboards, but unfortunately the LCC downloaded from your website only seems to support the cordless optical mouse for notebooks but neither the numeric pad nor the keyboard itself.

    Did I do something wrong?

    Many thanks for feedback and best regards, Gerhard.

    • Hi Gerhard,

      You should have basic functionality without any software installed, although you need to buy the diNovo Keyboard, Mac Edition for full functionality. I recommend contacting customer support if you are having trouble with the basic functionality (


  • Hi Rory thank you for your answer, hope for the future Logitech do it for mac too 😉

    ciao ciao

  • if use both mac osx and windows machines, which keyboard should i get? are either/both cross-platform compatible?

    • Hi Augustine,

      If you want full compatibility on both machines, you should purchase both the diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks and the diNovo Edge, Mac Edition. If you are okay with limited functionality on the Mac (no shortcut keys), you should purchase the diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks.


  • I’m struggling to find logic (it’s in your name so I should be able to find some?) in the descision to only make the diNovo Edge Mac Edition available in the US.

    Logitech invests money in designing a specific Mac product but don’t use the full market potential? Lot’s of Mac users worldwide are screaming to get their hands on this keyboard.

    It really is a mystery to me…..

    I’m using the diNovo (not Edge) Mac Edition right now (this was available from my local shop) and like to VERY VERY much. Don’t really need the keypad, would like something bit smaller and on BT, so would like to spend money on one of your products again.

    Why won’t you let me???

    The Netherlands

  • I agree with all the previous posts about availability in Europe.

    Why is this keyboard out for a year in the US and Europe (not a small market) are still waiting to get it.

    I would buy the keyboard this very second but of course I can’t.
    A bit inconsiderate to the whole of the world except the US I think.

    And why Logitech NOT replied to even 1 comment regarding Europe. There is a lot for people looking for this keyboard. Of course in this downturn who wants to sell to people already waiting and willing to buy your product.

  • Nice to finally read at least information as to why the diNovo Edge Mac edition cannot be bought in Europe.

    Strange though since apparently plenty of people are willing to buy this keyboard.

    Personally I prefer a US international keyboard lay-out. However even if amazon cannot ship this product outside the US then this is still no option for me. Well i guess i have to come up with a different solution.

    Another thing which is strange is that some mice are also not supported by LCC in MAC OS X. If you are happy customer using Logitech Hardware, bought a considerable number of windows mice, then supporting another OS would be useful to continue using your favorite hardware.

    Bought a MX518 gaming mouse and replaced it by the G9, wanted to use the ‘old’ one on a macbook pro but only the most basic functions are supported.

    Seems like Logitech misses out on an opportunity to sell more products.

    Will surely make some kind of strange sense i guess, however i do not get it.

  • I have two Mac keyboards – one at home and one at work. At work it functions fine, but at home i started up with apple’s wireless keayboard and now the logitechs software seems not to be able to surpass the apple software. It does not function – i may write but none of the special features work. What is wrong?

    • Hi Thorkild,

      I recommend that you contact customer support with this issue (


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