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Hi! I’m Layla Sabourian, a community maverick who cogitates on everything online and social, including the Logitech Technical Support Forums. I love Web-based global knowledge-sharing platforms, and when not at work, I like to cook and play tennis.

If you’re non-technical like me, you’ve likely experienced a lot of frustrating moments when trying to get your uncooperative computer peripherals to, well, cooperate. These frustrations can be dealt with in a variety of highly productive ways like, screaming at them. Sometimes I pound. Sometimes I just need to vent.

Luckily for us, Logitech provides dedicated communities where we can tap the collective intelligence of more than 94,000 registered users (including passionate members like our control devices enthusiast, rlowens, and Harmony aficionado, WannabeActuary) via the Logitech Community. You can also sign up to be a part of our online community, where you can interact and engage with our internal subject matter experts, as well as with other Logitech enthusiasts and users, or you can tap into Logitech Technical Support.

We’re consistently looking for ways to improve not only our own customer support, but the ways in which our customers can support each other. With that in mind, we launched Accepted Solutions, a new feature that allows you to differentiate a helpful answer to a troubleshooting question from others that may not be as good, whether the answer comes from another Logitech customer or someone from our staff. Over the next couple of months, we will be introducing other exciting features and enhancements, and would love to have your input. Participate in our survey for a chance to win a Logitech product, and share your knowledge and experiences with us.

I look forward to receiving your feedback through the survey and interacting with you directly on our blog and within our online community.


Community Manager at Logitech


  • Hi Layla, I could totally identify with your post. My Internet 1500 Laser Cordless Logitech keyboard and mouse causes lots of jealousy amongst my colleagues who all have Dell, but I bummed by the fact that the keyboard needs AAA batteries and the mouse needs AA as replacement. This means I need to buy 2 different sets of batteries :(. So I appreciate having self-help tools on the site to tell give you my feedback.

  • Hi The forum looks interesting. I would also recommend Wiki-like knowledge base for your products and troubleshooting. This way your support staff would not have to answer the same questions over and over again. Sorry if this already exists but I am not aware of one.

  • I am part of the Logitech support community. It’s simple enough to use, and the information is useful. But I feel like I am in the 1980’s when I use your site. You need to improve the look and feel of it specially since you claim to be an innovation company and your website and in particular the forums are not well representative of that. Logitech products are well designed and practical, you should carry that spirit over to your site.

  • @ Yas, I love your screen name, I am sorry about the batteries, that is great feedback and we’ll be sure to forward them to our Design team. The holidays are coming and in case you want to stop your colleague’s jealousy, I would highly suggest the MX3200 desktop as a gift. Also keep in mind that the mice are more battery efficient on a light colored surface, (you can always put your mouse to sleep on a white piece of paper to help the life of the battery).

    @ KK Sung and Henrietta: Great suggestions for our community. We are currently working on improving the look and feel of the site, and a Wiki is in the works as well.

    Thank you all for your support and be sure to voice your opinions through our Survey as well.

  • Can we get a suggestions forum up and running? I’m sure a lot of us have some great ideas, hopes and dreams to share with the company. First and foremost, let’s get somebody working on a Harmony One / Dinovo Mini Hybrid. Should be easy peasey for you geniuses. 😉

  • Thanks Craig for your suggestions. We actually have a forum for Harmony products in place already and you are welcome to add your input, here is the link:

    You will be pleased to find that our Harmony Subject Matter experts respond regularly. We are also looking at ways to faciliate idea submission from our passionate members such as yourself. Keep sending us your feedback, we appreciate it.

  • Hi Layla,

    I laughed when I read your post, because like you I work for a technical company…but I have found it’s difficult to find a good cordless mouse. I ordered a Logitech cordless mouse last year and I was pretty excited about it because I’d like to keep my desk clean. Unfortunately the Logitech mouse didn’t work well: it’s difficult to point to the accurate spot on my computer screen. After a couple of months’ frustration, I gave up and went back to the old wired mouse. I work for a wireless chip design company. Clearly wireless/cordless is the future trend of consumer electronics. Right now my Logitech mouse in sitting in my drawer. I am hoping there will be a better mouse on the market in the near future.


  • Kerry, thanks for your post. I agree with you that wireless is the future trend for consumer electronics, so it’s great that we work in this indsustry, although I do miss my discounts from the fashion days, but then again, Logitech is sort of the Gucci and Prada of Consumer Electronics. 🙂 Sorry to hear about the mouse in your closet. Are you aware that all of our products come with a warranty? Find out more by clicking here:

    Also I would highly recomend you purchase a laser mouse, the VX Nano is highly popular, but look out for our upcoming community survey, as the first 25 respondents might be eligible for receiving a V450 Nano Laser Mouse, and even ordered a few in red.

  • i’m deeply sorry to write this here, but i need to contact logitech and i simply can not find a single email address nor email form in any country site.
    i would like to get the photo of the “logitech cordless keyboard for wii” german edition.
    please help me!

  • After one month without a remote I am still trying to work out how to get it fixed under warranty. It is frustrating to not be able to use what is a great remote; because the support team cannot provide a solution. I have phoned support 6 times and got a different story each time. Every time they have lost my details, the remote PIN and Serial number; Not hard these days to record in a data base. The last time I called I was promised a new remote under warranty to be sent to me via courier. I waited over Christmas and even today no remote arrived. I called support once again and they had no record of this resolution….they were going to call back… no call. Today I called them and they were going to try and work what to do. I was then advised by Logitech support to call consumer affairs to complain as they cannot provide support. At least the support team knows what customer support really is at Logitech.

  • Layla
    Simply need to know how to Temp. disungage our anti-virus and spyware while installing Pro 9000 QuickCam. Running Windows XP Home on a Dell Vostro 200 with a Foxfire browser. Thanks, D&S

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