Logitech: Using Flickr to Learn About Workspace Evolution

Hi!  I’m Erik Charlton the director of Product Marketing for Logitech’s Retail Mouse business.  When I am not dreaming about mice, I am running, biking or flying high-power rockets.

I have to start off by admitting that I love Flickr. I regularly post my photos and enjoy looking at other people’s photos. Not only is it a great way of staying in touch with friends all over the world, but I find that it is a great way of finding others who share my passion for high-power rocketry.

Lately, I have been exploring Flickr for images that show how the laptop has totally redefined what we once thought of as a static workspace. It is impressive how quickly the traditional workspace has changed, and my team is working hard to develop mice that complement this new-found freedom with innovations like the Plug-and-Forget Nano-receiver and the Clip-and-Go Dock. Anyway, back to my Flickr search …

I was (pleasantly) surprised to find that there are more than 19,000 images that are tagged with “Logitech.” It is great to see so many people photographing Logitech products. Some of the photos are incredibly artistic, while others generate valuable feedback about our products – both positive and negative. Since we often spend 2+ years developing each mouse, it’s a lot of fun to see our babies in action out in the real world. And, seeing how people use our mice is one of many inputs that help us create features like the Nano-receiver and Clip-and-Go Dock. So, keep on Flickr’n. You never know – your next post might spark an idea that could help define the next-generation gaming mouse, the ultimate notebook mouse, or something even more radical!


Director of Product Marketing, Mice


  • Hi Erik – I bought a Logitech MX Revolution in April ’06 for my husband – who loved it – until we discovered that it’s disposable!!! = ( WHAT!!! Throw the whole thing away??? Come on! There’s got to be a better way…….can’t Logitech make it so that we just replace the Li-ion battery instead of trashing the whole shebang? Or does it cost just as much to replace the battery as it does to buy a new mouse? Is there logic in Logitech’s thinking? Thanks for your time, and think peace. gwen barnick

  • I have a Performance Laser mouse. I had moved the small usb item from the computer’s usb port to a Belkin Hub with 4 ports. Not long after I installed, I tried to see how much time I had left on the battery in the mouse. I could not access and the only thing that it would do was software upgrade items. Today, 3/3/2009, I remembered that I had moved the plugin from the computer to the hub. I removed from hub and re-installed in the computer usb ports. Tried to check time remaining and it came right up. Think you should either alert via instructions page that using a hub may change what can be accessed or make it compatible with a hub installed device.

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