Logitech Acquires SightSpeed

I am very excited about the announcement we made today that Logitech has agreed to acquire SightSpeed of Berkeley, California. The great team at SightSpeed will be joining my business unit to help us drive the next wave of video communications technology.

They bring incredible passion and dedication around video communications and we are happy to welcome them to the Logitech family.

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Vice President, Internet Communications

One comment

  • You wrote in a previous blog post “My job requires me to travel a lot and without video-calling I’m not sure I’d survive the distance from my family. It still amazes me that I can be in China and celebrate my husband’s birthday over a video call even though he is in the U.S.”
    I am still amazed how complicated video chat has to be. You need a PC, an operating system which supports the video chat software, different kind of hardware and all appropriate drivers and also have to be aware of keeping everything up to date.

    I wish Logitech would use the newly acquired technology to build a set top box for TVs, which would allow high quality video chat. The best and biggest display in each household is in the living room, nevertheless, if you want to video chat with you family, they have to go to some workplace or home office. Also some people are just not tech-savy enough to maintain a PC.
    The inPerson approach of Creative was a start, but why this stupid little display and no hookup capabilities to a monitor or a TV?
    Logitech has all the hardware, e.g. the Logitech Speakerphone, a good camera and now the right software – please: put it all in one box and combine it with a Sightspeed client in a firmware that does automatic updates, so that living room to living room and PC Sightspeed client to living room video calls are possible.

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