Notification of Change to Logitech Vid Video Calling

This is Joerg Tewes, vice president of the digital home business group at Logitech, here to let you
know that as of July 1, 2013 Logitech Vid video calling will no longer be available.

We launched Logitech Vid to make video calling easier and more approachable for our
customers. We recognize that video calling has come a long way since then and there are now
more widely used video calling solutions available, such as Skype. Our focus remains on seeing
that our customers have the best video calling experience possible.

We recommend that people using Logitech webcams switch to an alternative video calling service
such as Skype. Logitech webcam customers can learn more here.

If you are a Logitech TV Cam for Revue customer you can also learn more about available
solutions here.

We greatly appreciate those of you who use our webcams and TV cams to stay in touch, and we
know how important a high-quality video conversation can be.

Thank you.


  • Stop sending the pop up message reminder that service is ending. I got it like 100 times already. There is no way to click to let you know I got it and I understand and I will decide what service to use. I do not need your advice. i used that before and where has it gotten me? I finished first grade many years ago. I do not need to be reminded everyday. Stop it already. i am sick of you.

  • I wrote to Logitech and their press department weeks ago about this, left a personal comment here (not published) and then wrote a stinking syndicated piece about Logitech’s contempt for its customers (for anyone reading between the lines). I’ve still had no reply for follow-up from anyone at Logitech, which says it all.

    Logitech web cams are still being sold with the promise of Vid HD so on the 1st July, if it’s not running, there’ll be a complaint to Training Standards (in the UK) – Logitech needs to recall and modify all its packaging, as far as I’m concerned, and buy back kit sold with this false promise.

  • STOP THE NOTICES NOW!! (or at least tell us how to stop them)

    I’m normally a Logitech fan, but had I known I’d be getting these popup messages I would never have bought this web cam. It’s interrupted numerous gaming, video, et al scenarios and I’m at the point I’ll stop being a Logitech customer if they don’t stop after July 1st. Let Skype do their own advertising. If I want Skype I’ll get it (fact is they’ve already chased away my business& I don’t need you to pester me about it).

    You’re losing what once were faithful patrons… just stop it! PLEASE!

  • This really sucks . I don’t know the real reason for pulling the plug on Logitech bt the bull shit they are trying to feed us stinks.i’ll bet that they arn’t using Skype for their business because it sucks and they know how bad it is

  • I just found out about Logitech Vid being unavailable a couple of days ago. Needless to say, I’m very disappointed. I use it to do video piano lessons. Before we used it, we tried both Skype and ooVoo and had frustrating problems with both. Tonight, we tried each and were reminded why we switched. ooVoo consistently freezes and Skype’s audio is horrible—out of sync with the video and echoing. Both are harder to see than Logitech, and on Skype, my external camera is mirrored to me (though fine to the other person).

    Does anyone have suggestions for something else? Logitech Vid was great—there was next to no delay in video-audio and I could make the screen full screen and still have a good-sized picture-in-picture to see my own image. I’m disappointed that it’s no longer available. Skype just isn’t cutting it for what we need.

  • I used Skype and did not care for it. My entire family uses Logitech. Thank God I just purchased an IPAD, now i can use facetime with everyone. If i did not have that option, i would be stuck. They don’t use Skype. This really sucks..

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