PAX East Wraps Up

A lot changes in a couple days. Sunday, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center was bursting at the seams with tens of thousands of gamers and all the things gamers love, from old-school arcade games to AAA blockbuster games to unreleased indie titles to the newest released hardware and accessories. But now, we’re all back to our normal activities.

Throughout the weekend, we saw thousands of gaming enthusiasts drop by the Logitech G booth to check out our new line of PC gaming accessories and to play prerelease versions of Warface, Wildstar, Outlast and Contrast as well as compete for gold in World of Tanks.

Once we wrapped for the day on Saturday, we headed over to the jam-packed Curse | Wildstar PAX East After Party, where we were an official sponsor. If you didn’t get there early, there’s a good chance you had to wait it out in line for a quite a bit of time, but I think everyone can agree that the wait was worth it.

Overall, it was a jam-packed weekend for the Logitech G team. We loved getting to meet you, the gamers we create our products for. It’s great to talk to you about what gear you’re using today, what you like in the new product line, and what you hope to see in future models. PAX East may be over, but we already can’t wait to see everyone again at PAX Prime.

Take a look at some of our pictures from the weekend. Maybe we’ll meet at an event near you!

View of the Logitech G booth at PAX East Batman visited the Logitech G booth at PAX East! One of our Twitter winners with the Logitech G510s Gaming                                   Keyboard he won! Curse Wildstar PAX East After Party