Introducing the Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Today, we announced our highly anticipated mechanical keyboard – the Logitech® G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This new gaming keyboard combines high speed, quiet mechanical keys with dual-zone backlighting all in a performance-driven, no-nonsense design.

I’ve been using pre-production models of the G710+ for a while now and I think gamers will be really pleased with the attention to detail that we put in this keyboard. Honestly, keeping quiet and not telling anyone about this keyboard was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do at Logitech. We used premium mechanical switches that give both a tactile key-press feel but also reduce the typical clicking noise that some other mechanical switches have. Each key also has a built-in dampening ring to reduce noise distractions even more. And with an expected key cycle life of at least 50 million keystrokes, this keyboard will keep even the most serious gamers in the game for a long, long time.

Gaming has specific demands that you don’t have in day-to-day PC use, so we designed the keyboard with a full anti-ghosting matrix and 26-key rollover. This means you can press up to 26 keys simultaneously and all the keystrokes are fully reported to your computer. While almost no game would ever require 26 keys to be pressed simultaneously, it gives gamers the flexibility to press any key combination they want, when they want.

The adjustable dual-zone backlighting is another feature that’s targeted to give gamers the maximum use with minimal distraction. Gamers can adjust the backlight level of the WASD and arrow keys separately from the rest of the keyboard. In low light situations, this will give gamers another advantage by minimizing the chance of missing their gaming home row while playing.

Like our other G-Series keyboards, the keyboard has a full set of six programmable G-keys, convenient media controls, and our game mode switch that allows users to prevent accidentally pressing the Windows key. Plus, it looks just plain cool.

Check out the video below to learn more about how the new Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard can sharpen your game, and let us know what you think in the comments.



  • Looks like a very nice keyboard. I’m especially impressed with the dedicated media keys. Up until now, the only other option has been Corsair’s keyboards, but I really don’t like linear switches.

    I approve of the choice of backlighting also. It’s a gaming keyboard, so it has to be backlit (that’s not to say it doesn’t look nice anyway) but it’s not so outlandish as to dissuade, shall we say, the purist crowd.

    I have two gripes with the keyboard, as it stands however:
    1) The wrist rest. One thing I loved about Corsair’s K90/K60 was the screw-in wrist rest design. Too often I’m typing, and I get extra clackity-clack noises from the wrist rest bouncing slightly (I’m a fairly heavy typist) and this seemed like a wonderful thing. Very much as “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this already?” sort of thing.
    2) The orange trim on the G-keys, and grey on WASD. It’s minor, yes, and possibly down to personal preference, but I’m not a fan. I’d much rather plain black, or if you had to add colour, maybe grey G-keys instead or something. You’ve kept it quite colour neutral up until the orange, it seems a shame. If I buy this (and right now that’s a real possibility, currently using a QPad MK-80 with Brown switches) I’d just pop the trim off and repaint it, but then of course I wouldn’t be eligible for that wonderful Logitech support that I’ve come to love (seriously, I’m very impressed with your warranty service, hats off).

    Just my two cents. I’ll leave more detailed feedback if (read: when) I buy this. Hats off on a great keyboard. It’s about time Logitech produced a mechanical one!

    • Hi Richard, thank you for your honest feedback. We always appreciate hearing from our fans and take your thoughts into consideration. Once again, thank you and can’t wait to hear from you again.

  • Hi Logitech,
    When are you making a line of 100% mechanical keyboards that are more like … “command centre keyboards” : lots of macro keys on the side. Something like your G15 v1.0 but 100% mech.

    Here’s an inspiration. This one’s rubber dome unfortunately :|
    Cyborg Strike 7

    I had waited for Corsair K90 pretty much the last five months of 2011, got disappointed that its a hybrid mech and dome keyboard.

  • It’s great to see Logitech entering the mechanical keyboard market! Expanding the last comment further, can we expect a greek layout as well? Would love to replace my DiNovo with this.

    • Hi Niki, unfortunately we do not have plans for a Greek specific layout at this moment. We thank you for your interest in the Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and encourage you to check back in the future for updates.

  • Windows 8 has been released, but there is still no LGS 8.40, when will it be released ?!

    ALL G5x and G7x users on Windows 8 can’t properly use their mouse for gaming, since SetPoint 6.50 doesn’t include SetPointG anymore.

    • Hi there. The Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will be available in Europe beginning November 2012. Please check back then and let us know if you have any questions.

  • Will/when this be available in US retail outlets (in-store, not ship to store) like Best Buy or Microcenter?

  • Hi there,
    Just wondering if there have been any updates regarding the release of this keyboard in Australia? It would’ve been great if the release was prior to Christmas :(

  • Hello,

    Nice keyboard! The cherry mx brown is a great idea! I love it… But I cannot live without a lcd gamepanel…
    Do you think we’ll have a G910+ soon?
    “Unfortunately, we cannot … ”
    I know…
    Well, how long have we waited since the last keyboard? That will maybe give us a idea…

    Maybe you can think about more heavy stuff. More color for lights, a screen with some “touch” option? There is another keyboard I think about to change My G15. The very expensive one from the other brand. Unfortunatly it do not have cherry brown Mx, it’s not mechanical at all.
    Maybe you will make the perfect keyboard. Can’t wait to see!

  • Hi,

    Do you have a release date of the keyboard in Denmark? I saw that you have already answered this question on the 9th October, but I was hoping you had come out with a release date by now :) . But If you don’t, do you then have a rough idea of when it will be out (maybe before the end of november? :D )

  • When is it going to be available in Malaysia? I need a new keyboard soon and I don’t know how long can I wait.

  • Two Questions:
    1. What date will the G710+ be launched in Australia? I’ve heard both January and March from Logitech Reps. Which one is it? Is it definitely January as previously mentioned?

    2. Is it possible to get the weight / dimensions of the package/box it comes in? Trying to calculate international shipping costs from a US Supplier and I’d like to know specs on the package/box it comes with if possible.

    Thanking you

    • Hi, We’re hoping to ship them there as soon as we can, but we don’t have any further update on the dates. Please continue to check back for availability updates. To answer your other questions about the dimensions of the box, it is roughly 230mm x 530 mm x 60mm and the keyboard weighs around 1.5Kg.

  • In a review of the G710+ on, the author points out that the keyboard he tested did not have o-ring dampers on two of the space bar’s, three, circle sockets. And, as a result, the space bar was noisier than other keys. By “borrowing” two additional dampers for the space bar from other, infrequently-used keys, he was able to reduce its noise level.

    Does the G710+ normally have only one damper for its space bar? If so, are extra, o-ring dampers available for purchase?

    I’m planning to buy a G710+ and would like for it to have a “quiet” space bar.


  • Boy have I been waiting for a mechanical keyboard from you guys. I mean not that your previous products were bad, far from it (every peripheral I own is a logitech – keyboard, mouse, camera, headset, 2.1 thx speakers – love them), but this…this is truly a gem. And it looks so perfect, so clean, not too shiny and not packed with unnecesary stuff. And to use the mx brown keys – great decision, they’re the perfect combination for people like me who do a lot of typing for work and then relax in the evening with some gaming.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it (literally) when it comes to Slovenia (which will be soon if i read correctly =)).

    • We are glad to see how excited you are for this. It is expected to be available in Europe beginning in December 2012 so keep a look out for it!

  • This new keyboard is very awesome, this is good idea when gaming on turn all the led lights off just WDSA etc, i would love to get one and wondering when it would be my xmas pressie lol

  • This new keyboard looks awsome, does it work on Mac OSX ? I want to buy it but I want to be sure before.

  • I am glad to see it has finally arrived to the EU (Slovenia).

    I am, however, quite shocked at the price. Why is there such a price difference between the one sold in USA and the one sold here in EU? The keyboard costs 149.99 USD in the States, which is about 115 EUR. Why then the price tag of 159 EUR (almost 210 USD) in the EU? That’s almost 40% more expensive!

    • We apologize for the delay in our response, Zeus. Please get in touch with our support team at +385-1 5535 050 to discuss this price difference. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • As a fan of Logitech’s products, I’m very excited that you’re finally moving in on mechanical keyboards.
    This is a feature that I have really been missing (hand problems make regular keyboards uncomfortable to say the least).
    I have no use for macro keys and such a WIDE keyboard, but will definitely keep an eye on your products for, say, an “Illuminated”-type mechanical keyboard in cherry mx blue or brown!

  • Excuse me, but why did you not publish my comment (or answer my question) regarding the price difference in USA and EU? All I did was mention that the price is 40 % higher in EU than in USA. This information is freely available on the internet so I don’t see anything wrong with my comment pointing that out. I was simply asking for an explanation. Thank you.

  • Yet another mechanical keyboard with macro keys that’s not Mac compatible?

    Razer is the only company with a product in this niche on the Mac (the Razer Black Widow).

    Surely Logitech has the resources & expertise to support Mac OS X.

  • As a loyal Logitech customer I must say I’m very impressed by this product. It looks like it would serve my every need, and I definitely plan to get it. Though I wonder, when (if?) will it be available in Israel? I don’t need an exact date, a rough estimate (e.g Q1 2013) will suffice.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer. (assuming you will)

  • I was wondering if you have any plans to do any other variants on this keyboard?

    A premium ‘black’ edition with all black keys / chassis colour which included USB 3 pass through and supported headphone / microphone ports scheme would be amazing.

    • Hey there, Rob. Unfortunately we can’t comment on unannounced products or updates but please stay tuned by reading here and checking our website. We appreciate your thought on the keyboard variation and will pass it along to our team!

  • I have seen reviews about this keyboard and the showcase video from LinusTechTips and I have decided to get this keyboard. The main problem I have is that I cannot find the G710+ anywhere in Singapore and I would have no choice but to ship it from Canada/USA from a retailer from NCIX. I hope you can update me on this =)

  • Hi again Logitech, would you happen to have any updates on the release of the G710+ in Australia? Thanks

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