An Open Letter to Squeezebox Fans

Hello Squeezebox Fans,

I’m Ariel, director of products for Logitech UE, and I’d like to take a moment to provide some additional explanation about our transition from Logitech Squeezebox to Logitech UE Smart Radio.

First, we want you to know that Logitech values you, and we will actively support the service in its current form, so you can continue to enjoy the Squeezebox experience you love.

All of you who own a Logitech Squeezebox Radio will have the option to upgrade to the Logitech UE Smart Radio platform, and take advantage of the new and improved software and mobile apps. This upgrade is completely optional, and those that don’t want to alter their Logitech Squeezebox experience will not be required to. If you are a mixed Squeezebox household, I wanted to make sure you knew that while the Logitech UE Smart Radio can play alongside existing Logitech Squeezebox products, it will operate and be controlled separately.

Also, we will continue to provide troubleshooting and support for Logitech Squeezebox users at The current website and Squeezebox Controller Mobile App will continue to work with existing Logitech Squeezebox devices.  The new website and Logitech UE Smart Radio Controller App is designed for Logitech UE Smart Radios, as well as those who upgrade from a Logitech Squeezebox Radio.

If you have additional questions we encourage you to visit the Logitech forums and pose the question there.  We actively monitor this site and respond to questions as they arise there.

We appreciate your passion for this platform, and hope you continue to love Squeezebox.   We are hopeful that once people experience the Logitech UE Smart Radio for themselves, they will love it as much as you love your Squeezebox.

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  • I was about to buy a third touch when the end came. Since then I’m searching for a replacement.
    My requests are:
    1. working independent with my lms. Internet is very slow at my place and I won’t waste any speed for unnecessary transfers.
    2. I didn’t read the user terms but I’m generally not willing to let anybody know what I’m listening. Again no connection to the Internet. My boxes are blocked by the firewall!
    3. Digital out. I want to connect it to my new surround system.

    My solution so far:
    Raspberry-PI with squeezplayer connected via HDMI + old Android WiFi device as controller

    But I’m still looking for a BOOM! I can place in the bathroom!
    Have you ever checked the ebay price since the end of squeezebox?

    Again my alternative solution so far:
    A nice Wireless analog Audio solution + Raspberry-Pi with sqeezeplay + old Android WiFi device as remote

    • I have been reading all of your comments and sharing them with the team. While we appreciate your feedback, we do not have plans to change our stated course with regards to the Squeezebox line.

      If you do still have questions regarding ongoing support for Squeezebox or features and functionality of the new Logitech UE Smart Radio, I encourage you to visit our support forums.

  • As the owner of two Touches and two Booms, I am very disappointed at this decision. The SBTs aren’t even very old, I bought them just a year ago. Please consider updating at least the Touch to the latest software so it has at least a 6-7y or longer lifespan. Or maybe opensource the hardware specs so someone else can step in and maintain this.

  • A disappointing change in direction. Why kill off a product that worked so well and was so flexible?

    As many have already said the SB line was interesting, versatile, and good value. My two SB Touches and the Logitech SB server on my NAS provide an incredible choice of music – either on my own network (without internet connection) or from the internet – both at hi fi quality through either coax, TOSLINK, RCA or headphones, with inputs from other storage devices.
    The interface is simple, configurable and effective – controlled either via a remote, my phone or by touching the screen. There are almost infinite presets in the favourites.

    I was contemplating another SB Touch – but sadly that is not to be.

    In comparison, the UE Radio serves its music through a 3.5mm audio jack or a basic speaker – hmmmm – basically a kitchen radio (many of us abandoned that decades ago) attached to the internet (all the time).
    Just like a kitchen radio, it can be moved around the house – not sure if thats any better than the earbuds I can attach to my smart phone and stream from my NAS via wifi.
    The interface here appears to be a step back in time – a bunch of push buttons and dials. In the world of touch interfaces, thats very retro.

    I confess I have not physically seen the UE Radio device (we get things very late here in the antipodes), but from the rather vague specifications, images, product quick start, FAQs on the web site, and reading what little material I can find, its not ground breaking or of a similar standard to what I’ve become used to with the SB devices.

    It may have been a more productive step to make UE Radio downward compatible with SB, therefore allowing interoperability, and not alienating a large community of users. Even Microsoft has downward compatibilty in their applications.

    Hopefully Logitech will not totally abandon the mysqueezebox web site (I keep reading Ariel’s comment thats not to happen, but can one trust a company that has effectively killed off the product and its development?) – or at least pass it to the slim devices community or another manufacturer with greater vision.

  • Real shame your abandoning a product line that many are completely happy with and replacing with something completely different aimed at a different demographic.

    It really shows that you don’t care at all for your customers – you could so easily have added support for “legacy” players, not just a recent single player that just happens to share a common hardware as your UE line.

    Please hurry up and sell the IP rights to another company who cares about quality audio products before the brilliant product that is squeezebox disappears.

    I will be seriously re-considering any future Logitech product purchase. Why should I buy logitech if I always have to think in the back of my mind – will they abandon the platform at any stage. Continuing to support the software isn’t good enough if you can’t buy any of the old devices.

    You need to re-think your migration strategy and add support for the squeezebox platform into your UE platform or people will simply buy another product.

  • For those of you looking for an open source solution (who
    may be Linux users) check out MPD (Music Player Daemon).

    MPD is the server component available for all major
    distributions. It can play most major formats and is *very*
    low overhead (ideal for an older machine) with none of the
    bloat of a full UPnP server. Pulse Audio on Ubuntu, for
    example, can synchronize an MPD stream in different rooms.

    There are lots of compatible MPD clients, everything from
    MPOD on the iPhone to ncmpcpp, an ncurses command line
    player for Linux. Check out the Wiki.

    It sounds like this is another Apple casualty. I for one am
    not a fan of iTunes or any other closed systems. Very sorry
    to see SB falling by the wayside, but glad to hear of the
    commitment to keep the website running, at least.

  • To clarify only squeezebox radio can run the new UE system therefore no upgrades for other products

    The system will always require an Internet connection to play music stored on computer

    Please confirm the above

  • I am running LMS on my Vortexbox filled with 350gb or Flac files which I currently play through my high end hi-fi system via a USB DAC. Sound quality and functionality is amazing.

    I was considering buying a whole host of touches to go in my other rooms when we move house, so am astonished you have taken the decision to stop production and development of this product line.

    I chose the Squeezebox route over Sonos and hi-fi streamers from the likes of Cyrus, Cambridge Audio and Pioneer for three main reasons
    1 – hi-fi quality at a great price
    2 – multi room capability
    3 – the peace of mind given by a company the size of Logitech, and the future innovation that would SURELY come from them.

    Looks like I was wrong on point 3 – you are going backwards and away from the audiophile community that have supported, purchased and endorsed your squeezebox range for years.

    What now happens to my LMS? Presumably the version I have is now the last version ever to be produced, which at some point will mean it gets out of date as other technology moves on around it? Am I reduced to buying second hand touches and classics from ebay when I want to expand my system?

    Please also let me know how I can buy the Squeezebox rights and intellectual property, so I can go about making a mint and supplying audiophiles with the product range that they so obviously and vocally love and desire. Do you not read the forums! Where did you do your market research for all of this – the local high school?!

    I feel genuinely baffled, disappointed and let down by your seemingly incomprehensible decision to move away from Squeezebox. I will have to look elsewhere and will struggle to buy or recommend a Logitech product ever again.


  • I’m tri-lingual and I use my SQBs (2 Booms & 2 Duets/Controllers) to listen on the Logitech to a series of broadcasts in those languages (English, Spanish & French) through the web-link where I usually have at least 50 stations memorized, a few plug-ins installed, etc. I also listen to a handful of radio stations from my country…Cuba, music mainly. On the other hand, I also depend on the 4 SQB units to reproduce the thousands of songs I’ve recorded in FLAC format in either our music room, family room or master bedroom. Just imagine the intellectual damage you guys will be causing to me and so many other loyal SQB users if you abandon the squeezeboxes in ‘an ill relatively short period of time” and… You got the idea, right? Thanks and good luck with your ‘UE’ plans but please, KEEP AT LEAST THE BASIC SQB SYSTEM RUNNING for…YEARS?! to come, until the last SQB bites the dust, he he, hopefully, optimistically. I read a great number of the postings prior to mine but didn’t see anybody ask you if 7.7.2 is the last planned formal upgrade to the SQB core system. Please address that point. I have that in the server and in my two controllers with everything seemingly working fine, perfectly at this time, fortunately (which hasn’t always been the case in the past). Thank you.

  • I was directed here by another SB fan, and thought I’d like to weigh-in.

    I have 19 SB devices. 9 Booms, 6 Radios, 3 v3/classics, and 1 Touch, all connected to a 6TB QNAP NAS also acting as the LMS. I also have iPeng as both a player and controller on 2 iPhones and an iPad. I use them as a way to provide ambient music and streaming Internet audio to all portions of my home, my office, and workshop; it is an alternative to what SONOS would offer. Needless to say, I have an interest in the future of the platform.

    There is definitely a market for people who want quality distributed audio — intelligent wireless speaker systems. I, like my peers, have a combination of locally stored media, use of Internet streamed media, a/v systems, and computer audio. We will continue to want a way to access all applicable media in as flexible and powerful a way possible.

    I think it is a mistake to consume too much cloud cool-aid, and believe people want cloud EVERYTHING. People will continue to want local control of their devices. Local control of their user experience. Access to all media available, which is a mixture of local, remote, and various clouds. And an integrated and extensible product offering.

    I would rather see the product grow in more useful directions. To me, this would include:

    –> Better SONOS alternative. If Logitech stumbles here, SONOS will be the clear audio innovation leader. Sony is also-ran at best, especially with their crippled DRM mindset.

    –> Less quirky and more capable (easier to use) sync. I find it buggy.

    –> Better use of bandwidth and protocol handling — the product should support multicast. With the product’s unicast implementation, it is easy to saturate the Wifi spectrum, and get induced delays, jitter, sync-loss, and negatively affect other network use.

    –> Low latency capability to allow usage as an audio destination for video, game systems, and computers. Pulse has proved this possible in the Linux world. Why not also allow these to be part of an integrated computer audio system? Wouldn’t this be a natural integration in the Logitech product line? You could even provide bridging to logi-branded bluetooth speakers.

    –> Stronger and more transparent bridging technologies to other media streaming capabilities, even if those might be pay-to-play (possibly due to licensing – i.e. Airplay).

    –> Ability to run the LMS on a device and point it to a NAS. Home NAS systems are incredibly common. Why not run LMS on the Touch (or similar product, ARM chips are cheap) and point to the NAS?

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