The New Version of Google TV Coming Soon to Logitech Revue

As you may have heard, the new version of Google TV was announced today. And now, we are excited to announce that the free automatic update for Logitech Revue™ with Google TV™ is coming soon. Some key developments will include access to the Android Market, faster and more comprehensive search capabilities, a simplified user interface and improvements to the Logitech Media Player. We look forward to sharing this update with you, so stay tuned!


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  • This is outstanding news and I for one look forward to updating my Revue – I just hope there is SMB support and ways to toggle ADR tracks

  • Great! But how can i buy the revue??? is out of stock and i live in Perú. If u could help me ill be greatfull


  • Ashish, thanks for this great update.
    Will the improvements to the Logitech media player result in Revue being able to play .MKV with DTS sound ?
    i sure hope it does …

  • When the update is ready will it be detected, downloaded and installed automatically or are there any manual steps we need to take? Thanks!

  • I am looking forward to the new version of Google TV to Logitech Revue so that I can have access to the Android Market. I have been using Logitech Revue daily to watch Netflix movies. I have just ordered another one for another TV for $99.99. It is a great deal, and great product.

  • Hi I am new to Logitech Revue. I was wondering with the new update will this include the latest Google web browser and security updates?

  • What are some of the new features? Hope there will be more internet contents available through the Revue after the update.

  • I have not been able to stream videos from sites such as ESPN 3. Will this update help?
    I understand that Google Chrome will have the updated version of Flashplayer.

  • WOW finally !! When are you releasing it . Nov 8th?
    I’m using the product in India and purchased it through Amazon.

    Will there be any problem/restriction when upgrading the box.
    Please let me know . Thankyou .

    Thanks for the great device and for reducing the cost to $99.99 :) .

  • I paid $299 for a piece of junk, it’s about time it’s getting updated. Even the $99 is a high price, no wonder Intel stopped the whole effort.

  • Thanks for the update can’t wait,I hope every one brings more content to the revue.

    Thanks Again.

  • ok. but how soon? us Revueist.. are seeing fellow Sonyites get their GTV this week.. so is soon like a few days? weeks? months? or is it just soon.. we dont know how soon or when,,
    but soon.. i really dig my revue,, im typing this on it… but.. I think something a little less then soon,, would be quite helpfull… if xmass arrived and there were no presents,, but my parents told me… your presents will get here soon.. well thats kinda what the wait is like..

    im all grown up.. but soon.. is just well mean… lol..

  • Mr Ashish,

    I bought the revue back in the day for $300 and returned it within a week for reasons we are all well aware of. Last week my wife heard from a coworker that the revue is getting the update so she went and bought me one for our anniversary. Im afraid im going to have to return this one aswell since I have a 15 day return policy and no definite answer on the update. Which i would like to add, has been promised for well over a couple of minutes.

    I would also like to add that promises you make do increase sales, like in my wifes case. But even naive consumers learn their lessons sooner or later….

    Yours sicerely,

    Logitech fan…

  • Soon? This honestly, has been a big kicker with Google. This was like their Google Voice product (which of course, I own). When they bought out Grand Central Station they announced it, but then you heard nothing. No updates…and if you did, the dates were missed.

    I’m a HUGE supporter of Google, and I’m a SW analyst so I, better than most, understand not putting out a product that’s not ready. My frustration (along with millions of others) is the lack of expectations. I hear “Soon” and I saw a post (with pics) showing devices in stores with this update, but what about the people who’ve been using it with the current software. Why can’t we get some kinda info on this as far as “This month” or “Next Month” or “Weeks’ etc. Soon is something you tell your kid when you want to put them off :)

    I’ve read where some people are saying they’re going to guy buy a new one (with the update already on it) , swap them in the box and return it so they have the updated one, and the store gets the non updated one back. I don’t support this, but I kind of understand it.

    I had (and still have) Really high expectations for this thing, but I’d just like to know when to expect those expectations :(

  • Will there be another announcement when the roll out begins? Right now I’m torn between checking my news feeds for the update, and checking the actual update option under the Revue settings. Help me pick which one to stare at please! :)

    Looking forward to this release so very very much. I’ve had a Revue since I think December 2010. it’s been a long wait, but It really looks to be worth it.

  • We are truly excited about GTV 2.0 hitting the Revue. Well done Logitech. Any chance we can get an ETA for the OTA push?

  • Can’t wait for the update! I’m hoping for it relatively soon as I am anxious to see how well Plex will function. If it works well I will be buying more of them to stream my library to all my Tv’s in the house.

  • I bought the Revue due to the reduction in price and anticipated honeycomb update. Being in the Digital Media industry, I get to contribute to it’s future. I consider the Revue a great purchase and investment in my entertainment future.

    Like all of you, can’t wait until the update happens.

  • Wow I hope this happens soon – purchased the Revue with this update in mind several months ago and really want to get my hands on Marketplace – that is the change Google TV really needed – the free market has spoken! :)

  • I am dying to get this update, hopefully it will be soon. While you are at it please fix the page up and page down butttons, and let me add custom buttons/commands on your mobile app. Thx

  • i been waiting for this update for a long time.. please let it happen today. november 8th.. i already check @ 5am pacific time and there was nothing yet. i’ll keep checking w/ you guys here see if anything new.. thanks keep up the good u guys are doing..

  • It’s a very nice device to surf on the big screen with, but it sure would be nice if the Revue updates like the Sony devices to Honeycomb. Great job on the box and the keyboard that comes with the box is very light and responsive. Easy set up also. One more thank you to Logitech for having wireless included and going down on the price to $99.

    • Logitech Revue with Google TV with Android 3.1 will include an improved Logitech Media Player experience, which will deliver smooth access to your personal content, including photos, downloaded music files and home videos that are stored on a USB drive or a DLNA-compatible media server on your home network.

      Turning your PC or Mac into a media server will be made even easier with our free Logitech Media Server software.
      Just download and install this server software onto your computer, and you will make it simple for Revue to access your stored media over a wireless or wired network.
      The software will also help organize your media – making it searchable through the Quick Search Box on Google TV. Then, your libraries of music, movies and photos will only be a few keystrokes away.
      Revue also works with many other popular third-party DLNA media servers to access networked media content.

  • Waiting is fine. But I hope the update will solve the WMP plugin requirement otherwise there is no use of the update. Also i expect that it will support .mkv audio.

    Is it possible to install the vlc media player once we get the update?

  • That’s what we have been hearing for weeks/months. Sony was able to release why can’t you? Looking forward to the release but also now looking for alternatives as it has been so long promised without delivery.

  • I’m using my Revue in the UK…

    “Can’t find any other similar product in the UK to match this brilliant piece of kit”

    Looking forward to the update.

  • I think Logitech is jerking us around, WHERE THE HELL IS THE UPDATE! I guess it will be here December 2012, by then Sony Google TV will have Ice Cream Sandwich on their Google TV boxes. I think we’ve all been tooken for a ride. I’m trading my Logitech box for an apple tv.
    At least I know when it will update.

  • Any word on when the update is actually coming? I work for Dish Network and I am asked every day at work. I also happen to have a Revue at home as well. thanks


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