Introducing the Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of our latest gaming mouse, the Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400. It is the successor to the MX518, our best-selling gaming mouse ever.

When we started working on the G400, we had only one goal in mind – to take everything that was right with the MX518 and make it even better.  We were very careful not to mess with the shape, tracking consistency, button layout, or legendary durability that millions of customers have grown to love and rely upon over the years – we even kept the suggested retail price the same.  All we wanted to do was make a legendary FPS gaming mouse work even better.

To accomplish this, we started by upgrading the 1800 DPI sensor to a higher-resolution 3600 DPI version.  This makes it possible to accomplish high-speed turns without wide hand sweeps or losing fidelity by turning up cursor speed in the Windows control panel.  DPI levels are still adjustable on the fly (to 400, 800, 1800, and now 3600 DPI) with no software required.  And since we’re using an upgraded version of the MX518 sensor, you still get the same tracking consistency (<0.5% cursor to hand movement variance at up to 140 IPS, depending on surface) you’ve come to expect from the current product.

Next, we increased the report rate from 125 to 1000 reports per second.  This is as fast as USB can communicate, and it means that all movement and button clicks are interpreted by the computer as close to real-time as is possible – so there’s never any lag between your hand movements and what you’re seeing on the screen.  And to help you move the mouse more easily, we also changed the USB cable – making it thinner and 25% lighter.

The last major change is to the optional button programming software.  Even though the mouse works great out of the box with no software whatsoever, we know that many of our users like the extra edge our button and tracking configuration capabilities can give them.  That’s why we’ve integrated the G400 into the same software used to program the G-Series keyboards and the Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard – so you can create a macro once and use it on either your G-Series keyboard or your G400 Mouse.  This change gives G400 users access to Logitech Gaming Software’s easy-to-use drag and drop interface, as well as its robust automatic game detection, macro, and scripting capabilities.  Logitech Gaming Software v8.0 includes profiles for 210 games, and creating new profiles for games that aren’t on our list is quick and easy.

The Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400 will retail for $49.99 and will be available in the US at Best Buy beginning June 19, elsewhere in the US in early to mid July, and in the rest of the world beginning in mid-July.   For more information, please visit the product page.  And feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section.


Global Product Marketing Manager


  • I see a lot of pretty mice around but never want to leave my 518 but now i see what will be next, if i ever feel the need to replace my 518 that is.

  • hawwwt! I’m sorry MX518 you just got benched. I’m liking the new colour scheme too.

  • Brilliant! I bought an MX518 many years ago and while I’ve bought many others since, every time I go back to it on the other computer I’m impressed. It’s still like new, and the cheapest I’ve ever bought. I will definitely buy one of these.

    • Hi Tony,

      The wheel on the G400 is the same as the one on the MX518. It is not a tilt wheel.


    • Hi aximon,

      Angle snapping is present in this sensor at the same level as the MX518.


  • See, the problem with the mice that you guys over at Logitech make is that they are way to good. They last for years, and so when an updated product comes out, people think “Hmm, looks promising. I guess that will be my next mouse when this one dies.” Problem is, they don’t die.

    You should look into making a system where the mouse automatically dies after 3-5 years. I’m no economist or business specialist, but it might increase your mouse sales. :)

    • Hi Gerald,

      I’m glad you’ve had such good experiences with our mice, because it’s important to us to create products that last. So I’m sad to say we probably won’t be taking your self-destruct feature idea into consideration for future products. :)


  • Finally there is a successor for the best gaming mouse ever made!
    Now I can put my second MX518 to a rest and hang it next to the MX510 MX500 and the MX310 :)
    I’m glad you sticked to the non-tilt wheel from the MX518, I’m just a little sad that you dropped the ‘MX’ from the name :(

  • Hi,
    I’d like to know what sensor the mouse features. Is it an AVAGO ADNS-3090 or its logitech exclusive version ? Or a totally new one ?
    Thanks in advance
    Anyway the mouse looks good, like the old mx500 (no glossy top like the mx518!). Angle snapping should be desactivable (like on the adns-3090 mice) even tho it doesn’t bother me much. Those large mousefeet might be too slow one some surfaces with high static friction but I guess we can still change the basis/under part with the one from old mx500-518′s with smaller feet (assuming the screws and the sensor hole are still located at the same place). So i guess i’ll buy one since it’s the mouse shape i’m the most used to :)

    • Hi Alex,

      It is an upgraded version of the same sensor we used in the 1800 DPI MX518. The top and bottom case are the same as the 1800 DPI MX518, and therefore the screw bosses are in the same place.


    • Hi fotov,

      The G500, G700, and G9x all have tilt wheel functionality, so we have you covered there.


  • So…

    The wheel is the same, the sensor is the same (with all its shortcomings), the DPI are doubled (meh), the cable is weaker

    What’s the point?

    • Hi Max,

      The vast majority of people we talked to and consumer reviews we read indicated that the non-tilt wheel was preferable for this product. While the cable is thinner and lighter, it is absolutely not weaker. It passes all of our very rigorous bend, pull, and wear tests, plus we did quite a bit of work to reinforce the cable at its entry point into the mouse so that it will be more durable. Finally, the G400 is full-speed USB (up to 1ms report rate) as opposed to the low-speed USB (8ms report rate) MX518 – which is an important change to the functionality of the product.


    • Hi Anjexu,

      As I mentioned before, like with the MX518 angle snapping cannot be disabled.


  • As happy as I am to have something new to buy when this mx518 breaks, if ever, it really doesn’t offer anything that could make me change to it with a working mx518 in my hand.
    This is coming from someone who is NOT some super-serious FPS gamer who needs the tiniest bits of speed, so most of these upgrades are lost on me, like on many others.

    Also no DENTS just how do you expect to sell this as a successor?

  • Still no ambidextrous/left handed gaming mice? I acknowledge that we are in the minority but I’m still very disappointed.

  • Addendum to my previous comment because it was a bit vague:

    I think it’s noteworthy that your last ambidextrous gaming mouse, G3 never had a “successor”. Surely you know the numbers better than I do thanks to your surveys and actual sale numbers, but the demand for such a model cannot be THAT low, seeing that many companies (except our beloved Logitech) offer such “claw grip” mice.

    Why not create a new model, with the name G300 or whatever, with the shape of G3 with an improved sensor and high DPI?

    Many apologies for this random rant instead of commenting on G400, which I’m sure will be a well received product.

    • Hi Kan,

      I completely understood what you were getting at, which is why I promoted your previous comment to the live page. It is commentary like this that helps us to determine what new products to develop. And the discussion is healthy – we recognize not all of our products are right for all gamers, so we try to make things that make as many people happy as possible. So thanks for giving us your feedback – it really is helpful.


  • That’s excellent. I have been a loyal mx-518 and G5 user (I have owned maybe 6 logitech gaming mice).
    Sometimes I play intense FPS and have a tendancy to slamm my mouse, it’s really a reflex, I wish I didn’t.
    My original 518 handled it for years but subsequent ones break the instant I give them a hit.

    Can you guys please develop a G400 ultra tough that can handle foolish ragers like me?

  • Ooh Logitech Gaming Software v8.0. Where can we get that?

    Version 7 is a bit feature poor.

    • Hi CaffeinatedTech,

      LGS 8.0 is available for download now. You can either manually select your device from the downloads page or run our automatic detection software.


    • Hi fishker,

      Out of the box, the mouse will start at 800 DPI – just like the MX518. The DPI up/down buttons will allow you to select 400, 800, 1800, or 3600 DPI without installing any software.


  • Not ecstatic, but it’s good to see the MX5xx slowly improving. Personally I find not only is it my preferred mouse for gaming, but also for work thanks to the 8 buttons (works beautifully for expose and dashboard on a mac!).

    I would have liked a braided cord, and a better surface texture (a la G5), but hey :P

  • You should make a mx300/g1/g3 shaped mouse with the same sensor and use the same mouse wheel mechanism as on the mx518 (microscroll blows in my opinion) as it feels very and feels like a proper mouse button

    also you do with hz switch like on the razer salmosa below the mouse of like 250 500 1000 hz

    • Hi Essa,

      There is not a physical switch to change the report rate. It is modifiable through software to 125, 250, 500, or 1000 Hz.


  • Hi

    sorry for the misunderstanding I was implying that it would be a good idea for an ambidextrous mouse to be made with the a similar shape to the g3/g1/mx300
    and that it would be a nice idea to take a tip from razer with the hz toggle at the bottom of the mouse as so PC’s can’t take 1000hz ( mind you they’re quite old but still ) and add that to the mouse I’m suggesting
    also the mouse wheel as I said in my previous post


    • Hi Essa,

      I see. Do you post on ESReality as well?

      Thanks for the suggestions – we will keep them in mind as we develop future products.


  • Hello Chris,

    Lovely to see a true successor to the 518. If that mouse had gone EOL without this, I would have been in trouble.

    The G500 had the right idea with the bean shape, but was unfortunately ruined by that horrid wheel.

    I am so glad to see Logitech resisted the urge to ruin the G400 with a rediculously multifunctional wheel. The simple durable nature of the 518 scrollwheel was perfect for FPS gaming. I use the middle click for melee attacks, and it has withstood years of violent smashing.

    I also aprove of the paint scheme, matches nicely with the gunmetal of the G15 v2.

    You say the 518 is Logitechs most sold gaming mouse, what is the most sold gaming keyboard?

    • Hi Shalashaska,

      Thanks for your very kind remarks! When you’re working on updating a product as beloved as the MX518, it’s always nerve-wracking deciding which features to change and which to leave alone. I’m happy to hear that we made the right decisions in your view.

      The best-selling Logitech gaming keyboard is the orange G15.


  • You’re most welcome chris haven’t had any problems with logitech mice as of yet ( had some with other products) but I’d like to keep logitech up there with the mice at least.


  • Hi, just to say i was always Logitech loyal customer, and all my peripheral devices are Logitech. I think that this is just another excellent product !
    I wonder why dont u start makeing USB 3.0 products?

    • Hi Viper,

      USB 3.0 is great for high-volume data transfer, like for hard drives, but is not at all useful for a low-bandwidth device like a mouse or keyboard. Even a USB 1.1 microcontroller is capable of higher data transfer rates than are needed for a mouse or keyboard. There is no benefit to using a USB 3.0 chip in a gaming mouse – only higher costs.


  • Hi Chris,

    I’ve had over half a dozen of your gaming mice over the years, and my absolute favorite is the MX518, I’m on my 2nd one now, and it’s an almost faultless mouse with the absolute best shape ever, so congratulations to you on that.

    What I wonder is this: have you addressed the lift off heigh in any way? After trying a competitor’s (overpriced yet decent, I’m sure you’ll guess) mouse with a specially adapted lens to reduce lift off height I’ve had trouble going back to my Mx518, it’s just not comfortable wathing the pointer dance, and this remains an issue on all my eight different gaming mats.

    I’d buy two G400s this instant if I knew this sensor performs better with lift off!

  • Hi Chris!

    Is the surface more like the G5 one or is it glitchy like the original mx518?
    I really liked the feeling on the G5 a lot… the mx518 one not so much.

    • Hi Spike,

      I don’t know what you mean by glitchy. The keyplate surface has a matte texture that is different from the gloss texture on the MX518. The grip areas are the same soft-touch material as on the MX518. It does not have the dry-grip texture of the G5/G500/G700.


  • Thanks Chris!

    With glitchy I meant those slippery gloss on the MX518. (my bad english ;) )
    Will definitely get a G400 now thanks allot!

  • Hi

    Sorry I forgot to ask in my previous post does the new sensor have any form of positive or negative accel?

    and what’s the perfect control speed of it or rather malfunction speed in m/s.



    • Hi Essa,

      The sensor in the G400 has the same tracking characteristics as the MX518 – so there is <0.5% cursor movement distance variance at any hand speed up to 140 inches per second (~3.55 meters/sec). 0.5% pretty small – many of the sensors you probably categorize as having positive or negative acceleration have as much as 5% or more.


  • I am still wondering what sensor is inside. Chris, from your previous statement I conclude that it is not ADNS-3090 but ADNS-3080 with some upgrades. If it is ADNS-3080, what are those upgrades? Higher dpi – I hope its not interpolation. Am I right? Why mouse sensor is such a secret? After mouse premiere I will buy it (no matter what is inside), look inside and I will know what there is and send that info in the internet.
    I still hope that there will be ADNS-3090 :D, its great sensor and i would be a shot in the leg if you use old (still good) sensor.
    Anyway, mouse is great but for people who like higher dpi that 1600 (you cant get much more from ADNS-3080) and shape of MX518 it would be better if you put there 3090 (which is good for low and high sense players).

    • Hi George,

      While we greatly appreciate your interest in and enthusiasm for our gaming mice, it is our policy not to discuss the individual components that we use to manufacture them.


  • Hi

    Well thats very nice to hear since I tend to hit about 1.5 m/s with my wrist and 2 m/s with my arm.

    Thank you very much and I guess I’ll wait for an ambidextrous version.


  • Any plans for an Ambidextrous mouse with either the Avago ADNS3080 or ADNS3090?

    Early thanks.

    • Hi Skylit,

      It is our policy not to discuss products that are not currently or that have not in the past been listed on our website.


  • This looks good! Looking for a successor for my MX 600 mouse as I think the laser sensor has some trouble with the wood surface I’m using now – hope optical will be a bit more forgiving. Also my next mouse must have game features and a reasonable price, and I think you covered that with the G400. The only thing missing is wireless functionality. I’ve seen the mouse can be pre-ordered now. When will I get one when I order it these days? I’m located in Germany. Thanks!

    • Hi Thomas,

      The G400 will be available in Europe starting in mid-July. Due to the way importing and distribution works, I cannot give a more specific date than that. Products typically have an easier time making their way through the channel in Germany than in many other countries, though.


  • A bit out of subject but do you guys have any plans for a wired g700 ? That mouse is great but for those who don’t like wireless mouse, the wire is just too rigid.
    Also can the rubberized coating be improved or removed, that isn’t very nice when that rubs off.


    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your commentary. While it is our policy not to discuss products that are not currently or that have not in the past been listed on our website, we do keep requests like this in mind as we develop new products.


    • Hi Douglas,

      There is only one color for the G400 – the one you see on the website. Its report rate out of the box is 1000 Hz with no software or drivers required, but this can be changed with the optional Logitech Gaming Software.


  • This kind of makes me sad for replacing my old mx518 (still working despite having worn 1.5mm off the bottom of it and .25mm off my desk) with a G700 as I love the indestructible simplicity and perfect fit of the mx518/G400.

    I do think the dry grip of the G700 is better than the soft side grip or the gloss top of the mx518 though; it didn’t really bother me except when it collected grime.

  • WIll angle snapping/prediction be an option to turn off an on in the software? Or is it always on?

  • Hi

    What is the weight of this mouse?
    I want to use it play starcraft2.

    And,is it true that it can change the rate to 125hz from software?My computer is too old..


    • Hi Andy,

      The G400 is approximately 133 grams, or 105 grams without accounting for the cable. The USB report rate is 1000 Hz by default but can be reduced to 125Hz using the optional Logitech Gaming Software.


  • Hello Chris,

    The G400 definitely looks good. In India, the MX518 has been #1 in its segment, No doubt over it. Users still prefer the MX518 over its competition. Pricing of the MX518 has been ideal for the Indian Market. Full Credits to your team.

    2. Any launch date available for the Indian market ?

    3. I run a Tech Blog here in India, basically to create awareness of new technology & IT Products available in India. I don’t see a press release available for the G400 yet. Can you link me to it ?

  • That’s nice Logitech, however where is Logitech G3 remake, damn it!? G3 is way better than MX518 shape.

    Make Logitech G300.

    Also make a wireless version of Logitech G3, please!

    • Hi George,

      Thanks for your feedback. We will keep it in mind as we develop future products.


  • Awesome to get a nice gaming mouse from Logitech that DOESN’T have a tilt wheel. I don’t know how people can possibly tolerate tolerate them on a gaming mouse. I gave up my Logitech G5 many years ago because that irritating tilt wheel made is so hard to accurately middle click. I might have to switch back to Logitech mice now.

    • Hi Isaac,

      Thanks for your feedback – we were very concerned about keeping users of the existing product happy. I’m glad to hear so many people agree with our design decisions. :)


  • Hi Chris,

    YES. The upgrade I’ve been waiting for, for a long time. I use the MX518 at work and at home and a non-shiny/bullet hole version would definitely fit better at work. Has the issue with the skin peeling off been completely resolved? My newer 1800 dpi MX518 seems to be ok in the 1.5 years i’ve used it but my older 1600 dpi one is a mess. Are you going to ever make this a wireless or bluetooth mouse? I would pay double for that, especially since this seems to be the only mouse on the current market with a button above the scroll wheel (+ button), which I very much prefer over putting buttons on the far left of the left-click button (which is not very ergonomic IMO).

    Michael F

  • Is there a possibility you will be releasing Mac drivers for this mouse? This is my very favorite mouse (the 518), and having to download 3rd party drivers is kind of a bummer on OSX. Please please please convince your engineers to build some official drivers!

    • Hi Jimmy,

      The G400 does not have Mac software support. We do understand that many of our customers wish to use our gaming products on Mac, though, so your request will absolutely be passed on to the development team.


  • How come Logitech is not coming out with OS X drivers? Mac users would love this so much, the Apple Magic Mouse cannot hold a candle to this, it does have the touch surface for use with OS X, but its a weak mouse especially for gaming.

    iMacs now for example can be pre-configured with a trackpads instead of their mouse, personally I think that is what people will want to do, it is what I did when I ordered my iMac recently, I’m eyeing the MX518 but I have to spend another US30 on 3rd party drivers, the Apple mouse drivers don’t cut it, their tracking is very annoying.

    Anyway, this will no doubt be a hit among gamers and anyone who wants a solid mouse, have a great day everyone!

  • Looks awesome, can’t wait for it to come out! I’ve had the MX518 for 6 years now, bought it back in 2005 and has been going strong since then.

    I don’t dig what the other guys are trying to do with their mice which is why I love the MX518 so much and never upgraded despite trying newer mice from Logitech & its competitors.

    I do have one question though, the Logitech logo that sits on the bottom 2/3 on top of the mouse, has it been improved not to fade over time? The logo faded more than halfway for me a couple years ago and I took a knife to remove the remaining paint.

  • Very, very exited about the new g400. The only thing I wish they would do is give us the option to disable angle snapping, why you would force users to use it on a gaming mouse is beyond me, although, I will still probably buy the mouse. Still very exited!

  • What is the disadventage of using this mouse on a Macbook Pro?
    I think it will perfectly fine, except for the programmable buttons maybe?
    Or will there be other problems when using this mouse on OSx?

    • Hi Kris,

      The mouse should work with the standard Mac mouse driver just like any other mouse, but we do not have a custom driver for it. You will not be able to reprogram the buttons either, as there is no Mac button programming software.


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