‘Host With the Most’ Top Nine Finalists Announced

Thanks to everyone for applying! The nine finalists are:

Congratulations to all!


Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications and Social Media


  • I am not talking about myself for this comment, but it is interesting that the top 9, were not the top in the voting at all. Why did people bother voting?

    • Hi Allison,
      In fact, roughly half of our finalists were in the top 5 in their cities with regards to vote count. So thanks to everyone who participated — it was a big help to us in the finalists selection process. Not that it was easy — there were SO many great entries. We hope to find ways for everyone to participate in our launch events when they kick off — stay tuned for updates.


  • Allison — I know Praneet was like, second in the votes on Monday. Bill was up there, too — as was Nixie and Ashley. Those are the names I specifically remember seeing up top… maybe people got DQ’d because of eligibility, location, or something else?

  • I’m so proud of Bill Guyther, he worked this contest day and night…..Small town people can come together to make big things happen….You go Bill…

  • It makes sense that (as per the rules) this is not a contest strictly on who can generate the most Facebook votes. The best host for this will be someone with charisma, a proven track record of on-screen presence in impromptu situations, a pioneer and first-adopter / beta-tester of social/internet technologies and an all around attractive person – physically and in personality. May the best qualified win: (PS – in New York, it’s looking like Mame McCutchin. Just google her name and you’ll see why)

  • Logitech, Thank you for this opportunity. This is a CLASSIC case of Preparedness meeting with Opportunity. I am your guy for NYC. You will see that when you pick me and you will be so glad you did. Thnx again!

  • Well lets just put it this way, anyone can host a party. You can either have a man/woman who has no experience in hosting large events or you can take the time tested Bill Guyther who has been hosting professional events and motivational seminars for the last few years with proven success. This man has the ability to positively influence a crowd just by his approach to the stage let alone him actually speaking. NYC get ready, the Guyther is coming.

  • So what you’re saying is that not all of the finalists you chose were the ones who received the most votes? Cool- nice of you to have a public voting contest, then not honor it.

  • Wow, I’m seriously disappointed in this company. Now you’re disregarding my comments? Lame. Guess I’ll bring this to the blogs. Peace out.

  • Congratulations Bill!!!! You are the Host with the Most!!!
    Most definitely!!!!!! Logitech will hugely benefit from your hosting of the parties :-) Our network is so large, they could launch their new gadget through us alone and we would jam them up on launch day sending them viral……lol

  • I’ve known Mr. Bill Guyther for the last ten years. We’ve worked various projects together. He has been a great partner and a valuable spokesman for my business.

  • Congratulations Bill!!!! You deserved this win . You are such a giver and now you have been rewarded.

    Go Bill Go

  • I didn’t enter this contest, but a friend of mine did—and it seems like it was misrepresented as a contest where the top vote-getters move on as finalists. While the technicalities may have been in fine print somewhere, I’m disappointed in the lack of transparency in the contest and the lack of respect for what the top vote-getters managed to do.

  • Bill Guyther is definitely the one for this gig! His excitement is so contagious! Up until a few days ago, I had never even talked to Bill, he is a friend of a friend. Let me rephrase that…He was a friend of a friend because I can tell you now, Bill is the kind of person that you absolutely cannot help but become a friend with. Our friend in common asked me to vote and I was more than glad to do it. Little did I know that Bill would have me all wrapped in the contest just by his enthusiasm and passion. I was working for those votes like it was me that was going to win! LOL! That’s how much I truly believed in him and what he was trying to accomplish! I was one of those that in Bill’s words, had the ‘I will not be denied” attitude when it came down to the wire in those last voting hours! It was truly a collaborative effort! I am proud to have had a small part in this process and will be even more proud when the rest of the world gets to experience the motivation and determination that Bill Guyther exhibits in abundance!!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all of the comments — glad to see so many people excited about our search for Logitech’s three ‘Hosts wth the Most.’ Lots of questions here about the finalists selection process, so I wanted to direct you to section 4 of the offical contest rules where the process is detailed: http://apps.facebook.com/logitechhost/contests/44461/rules.

    Thanks again — I’m looking forward to what the finalists will bring in the judging phase!


  • CONGRATULATIONS BILL GUYTHER-NY FINALIST! You deserve it! You are such a people person and a very passionate person. You will be a Great Host with the Most! Go Bill!!

  • This part is misleading:

    In the event two or more applicants are tied, Logitech will select the Logitech Host Finalist from among the tied applicants in its sole discretion.

  • How does Austin Craig not meet those requirements per section 4 of the official contest rules? He matches them almost perfectly AND got the most votes in LA by far. What a disappointment.

  • First, to those who did not make the final cut, best of luck. To your voters, thanks for supporting them, now encourage them to do something else and quit complaining…it will not fix the process, but actually makes your choice seems like a poor sport.

    To those who made the final cut, break a leg!!! I hope you each give your best!

    Ashley (who did happen to be in the top slots in voting), CONGRATS!!! Now go get ‘em girl!

  • Ha,

    Yeah we all read the rules and understood that, ultimately, it was up to Logitech to pick the finalists. Regardless, why was there a public vote if you were going to disregard the data accumulated from that. I’m actually disappointed to say I own Logitech products now, because your loci is flawed. People generating votes through technology, surely, should indicate their aptitude and charisma for a position like this.

    Bad form, Logitech.

  • Congrats Bill!!!!!! You’re truly the host with the most…. it’s been a pleasure serving with you over the past 10 years. I’m rooting for you!! May God continue to bless all that you put your hands to! ;)

  • As Bill stated previously, preparedness… On that note, with a little perseverance, hard work, and determination doused with a burning desire to succeed and BAM! Here we are going to New York! Congratulations to all of the finalist and the ones who didn’t make it too, Good job Everyone! I am ready to see what’s next. How about something out of mission impossible with 3d and being interactive??? The best is yet to come!

  • Congratulations to all the winners. WE are backing Bill guyther ALL THE WAY. He is the VERY best

  • Your Loss Logitech.
    Great contest idea hijacked by shady execution. Whatever your reasoning was for overlooking some of the most qualified entrants, you’ll be kicking yourself in due-time. You’re clueless & classless.

  • What a misleading contest! Wow, I can’t believe how much of Austin Craig’s time and effort you wasted. I am very disappointed in Logitech, as I have been every time I have bought something of theirs. It just makes me all the more excited for the new Apple iTV. I hereby cast the first pretend vote for Austin Craig as iTV’s official spokesperson!

  • Really… why bother with the vote? Not going with the top pick for those cities alienates all those who’ve supported this and has yielded great distaste for your company. I will actively encourage others to avoid any of your products.

    Since you seem to feel entirely justified please explain your reasoning… assuming you have any and please stop answering only the comments you choose; although, such behavior is very similar to your disregard of the vote so i ought not to be surprised.

    And with regard to the ‘poor sports’ comment… our frustration stems from the ignorance of Logitech and has nothing to do with those we support but nice attempt to displace responsibility.. next time try logic rather than name calling.

    Former Logitech customer

  • I voted for Austin Craig everyday and now I feel confused. Shouldn’t he automatically get to go to the next round since he was 1st for LA? Seems like you guys just got a lot of free advertising and promotional videos on youtube from him and just passed the reward to someone else. What a waste of everyone’s time. The campaign was a really great idea! The ending just failed miserably. No more Logitech for me

  • WooHoo!!!! Way to Go Bill!!! Just jazzed that you are going forward “as always”. Let’s get Rockin’ and Get It done. Definately the Man … AND… The Host with the Most/NYC.

  • Wow. Way to go Logitech. Have a very public voting process and then disregard the votes? At least make that extremely transparent. Something along the lines of “Your votes don’t matter, we just want the publicity.”

    I know how contests work. I know you want to make sure you get the right guy. That’s why you get the final say on who to pick. Makes sense. But don’t involve the public and then ignore them.

    I actually thought that Logitech was kind of cool again running this sweet contest. Now my opinion is much much worse than before.

    If your going to take our time, make it worthwhile. I am extremely disappointed. I’m not going to say boycott Logitech or whatever but when ever I see your logo, I will think of this. And forget about me participating in social media with this company again. (sent from my iPhone, excuse the errors)

  • PROPS TO MY friend AUSTIN CRAIG who was the top vote getter the ENTIRE TIME in Los Angeles, aka the City of Angeles.

    Boo to Logitech who calls their customers poor sports for being disappointed with a contest that encourages voting, and then disregards any concern for the actual voting.

    Yay to never buying Logitech again.

  • This contest is absolutely ridiculous. Where is Austin Craig? How is your TOP LA vote-getter not in the list of finalists?

    Logitech is pathetic.

    Your management and judgment of this contest is questionable at best, and at worst, straight-up incompetent. You set up a social media contest that relies on public votes, and then proceeded to completely disregard those votes and your own rules.

    Hmm let me guess… are you making this up as you go along?

    Thanks for wasting all our time.

    Austin would never throw you under the bus, but you deserve it.


  • Logitech, there are no words to describe the depths of your deceptions. Austin Craig should have been a finalist. You have lost the support of many today.

  • I am so delighted to see Bill Guyther in the finals for the host in NYC. He has hosted events and phone calls for our company for years and is extremely good at it. He makes everyone feel welcome and important, keeps things on track and on time, is very enthusiastic and always positive. He will make a fabulous LogiTech Host!

  • Way to go Bill.. We are so proud of you.! Keep pushing and, just like always, you seem to make it happen. We are proud of you. Tim

  • Go Bill, We knew you could do this, such a go getter. Great guy, doesn’t stop until he goes all the way to the top. Way to go Bill…….

    Sandra Diggs/ Wilmington NC

  • Who is Bill Guyther? I have worked with Bill Guyther (host for NYC) for many years now and have many stories I could share, but I think this best to shows his integrity and ability to host: A few years ago Bill made a six month commitment to host a 7:00 a.m. accountability call to help others improve their businesses. Every morning, whether he was traveling, partying the night before or looking after his ailing mom, Bill was on that call helping us, motivating us and making us laugh. And he continued it long after his six month commitment had passed. He believes that the disposition of every person entering a room either brightens it or dims it, and Bill makes sure he brightens it. He is motivational, a man of his word and leads by example. He gets the job done. If you want the host with the most, Bill is your man!

  • NYC – the BIG APPLE needs Bill Guyther from the Tar Heel State – He is “the man” – Not just votes but personality PLUS- Take it from a Yankee transplant of 37 years ago who knows him up close and personal ! – He will not disappoint – I know the man and he has his act together!!!!! Go Bill, Go!

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