‘Host With the Most’ Top Nine Finalists Announced

Thanks to everyone for applying! The nine finalists are:

Congratulations to all!


Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications and Social Media


  • The size of the audience matters not, Bill’s personality is sure to deliver! He’s the right person for the NYC spot!

  • I’m glad that Bill Guyther ended up as one of the top 9. Bill is an astute businessman and good friend. The reason he is successful is simple–he does everything from the heart. You can bet that he truly believes in what he puts his ‘brand’ behind!

  • I have have worked with Mr Guyther thru out business and he has a great personality and brightens up a room where ever he enters ! He is your man and we here in Canada vote for Mr Guyther !

  • Good morning Logitech, Ha Thai, and others!! I am truly excited and not surprised that Bill Guyther has moved to the final round! Bill’s incredible versatility, leadership, and jovial spirit really make him an excellent choice! You will find during your interview process that he is tremendous amounts of fun, he loves helping people, and his impeccable dedication and work ethic make him not only the best choice, but the most logical choice. Make it a great day! Thank you in advance for your time, and consideration of one of “the Greats”!!! We eagerly anticipate your decision. Be well, Vote for Bill Will prevail!! Love & Light

  • Bill Guyther was Born to be “The Host with The Most.” He has the skill, the determination, the ability to unite very large groups of people of all ages and socio-economic groups. He is a Team Player in every sense. He is the Man with the Plan. Please, seriously consider my friend and colleague Bill Guyther for “The Host with The Most” for Logitech.

  • I have had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Guyther speak publicly on two occasions. His posture and energy are both professional and inspiring. What else would you want for such a position? Congrats Bill and good luck.

  • I am very proud of Bill, I have known and worked with him for 3 years. I know that he is a great person and deserves to win.

    I am glad to call you FRIEND!!!


  • Interview at 3pm today. Yay Bill! You ALWAYS make us proud. I have partied with you in Charlotte, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Cancun Mexico, Punta Cana Dominican Republic. And one thing I know for sure is that you know how to have good, clean fun. You rock Mr. Host with the Most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Having known Mr. Guyther for years and seeing him in action, from the perspective of one who leads seminars myself, I can confidently say he is the best person for the job!

  • Logitech deserves a leader like Bill Guyther… He is personable, fun, and I believe he can bring up a whole new customer base to Logitech. Plus everyone will have fun working alongside because he has fun working with everyone :)

  • I believe Bill would be the best man for the New York job. He is very dedicated in what he does. I hope you choose him to be the Host with the Most for New York!!!

  • It seems like yesterday that I met Bill Gyther but it has been more like fifteen years. He has always be a “constant” in my life in some way. He was fantastic at promoting himself when he entered my talent agency many years ago. He gave from his heart and his talent just came naturally. Logitech should be honored that he has placed himself in this position, promoted himself with such intensity and made so many friends aware of his new endeavor, therefore, making more people aware of Logitech. I am proud of you Bill, always will be, and will be there when you go to New York!

  • If I were an Executive at Logitech, I would definately consider Mr. Bill Guyther. I have worked with Great Leaders before, and Mr. Guyther stacks up with the best of them. His ability to work with others is amazing. He has often displayed the giving spirit that we all as great humans would love to emulate. But most of all Logitech, I think his ability to transcend seemingly insurmountable obstacles, makes him a great Choice as a Host for your great Company. It ‘s leaders like Mr. Guyther that brings out the best in the rest of us, and inspires us to do Great things with our futures. Great Job Mr. Guyther, I wish you well.

    Darrell Davis, High Point/NC

  • I Really hope Bill wins for NYC!!!
    I’ve known him for Many years now… and he’s definitely a guy I look up to!
    Not only is he very suave, but he’s a total geek when it comes to Social Media! He has almost 2,000 friends on Facebook. Such a following :)
    Bill would definitely be able to make Logitech become a house-hold name! No refining necessary for this guy!
    Yay Bill!!!!

  • Logitech, Bill Guyther is your man! He is articulate, funny, and knows how to a host a party. Having seen him lead, mentor, and encourage others – he is definitely The Host with the Most, (the most personality that is…)

  • My feed is going crazy with Logitech and Bill Guyther! I love it! He is definitely the person that you guys are looking for. For those of us, who have known Bill since our school years- it was always evident that he was destined for greatness. He is an outstanding public speaker and motivator- the perfect Host with the most. I anticipate he will bring a charisma like you folks have NEVER seen! Congratulations!

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